Most Destructive Breeds To Have In Your Home? It Might Surprise You!

September 9th, 2008 by Dan

A survey of 3000 dog owners in the United Kingdom came up with some astonishing results about the destructive nature of specific breeds. Number 1 on the list? You might not be shocked – Great Danes. These gentle giants proved to cost their owners an average of $1180 worth of damages in their lifetimes (which are sadly, quite short). Number 2 on the list of destructive doggies? Chihuahuas! The tallest meets the smallest! Chihuahua owners said their pint-sized pups cost them an average of $1074 in damages over their lifetime(granted that is much longer than that of a Great Dane).

Photo by radiator.gummi

Most of the pet owners surveyed said that the majority of the damage occurred while their dogs were puppies (maybe they should have invested some time in crate training!).

The breeds that got points for being the least destructive? The Saint Bernard and the Pug!

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