Like Humans, Chihuahuas Have A “Soft Spot” At Birth

September 12th, 2008 by Dan

Chihuahua puppies, like human infants, are born with what is commonly referred to as a “soft spot” on their skulls where the bone plates have yet to fuse. This area is actually called the fontanel. In most dogs the plates close and the area becomes calcified within the first year of life. However some Chihuahuas have what is known as an “open fontanel”, meaning the plates never came together completely. While these little dogs can live a completely normal life, care must be taken to prevent head injuries at all cost. These dogs should not be allowed to jump from heights and they should not be placed in homes with small children in order to keep them safe.

Photo by urbandecayxsugar

Because it is believed that open fontanels are hereditary, dogs who have them should not be bred. If you find your dog has this condition make sure you notify your breeder (if your dog came from a breeder). A reputable breeder will remove the parent who carries the gene from their breeding program.

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