If Only We Could Vote! 15 Photos Of Dogs That Support Obama!

September 6th, 2008 by Dan

It seems that there are a lot of canines in support of Barack Obama for president (did you see the Boxer who “barked for Barack“?). In the nature of bipartisanship, I tried to find some photos of Dogs for McCain, but I wasn’t able to gather enough to form an entire post. So what does this say about the upcoming election and the candidates? Do dog owners gravitate towards Obama and his platform?

There was one dog in Washington that was registered to Vote! Read more about his story here and then check out these images of political pooches:

This Dachshund Has Visions Of Obama:

Photo by Doxieone

Distinguished Dog With Obama Mural:

Photo by pbredow

Giant Airedale Is Excited About the Campaign!:

Photo by Why Tuesday?

Trio Of Huskies For Obama:

Photo by Barack Obama

Pug In Obama Cap:

Photo by pug freak

Pup Sporting “Barack’s How I Roll” Shirt:

Photo by pupscale

Well Outfitted Obama Supporter:

Photo by di_the_huntress

“Bark Obama” Puggle:

Photo by djwhelan

Are These Stickers On The Dog’s Bumpers?:

Photo by jnoc

Pit Bull Says “I’m Voting For Obama”:

Photo by MAKSTER

Dog Outside the DNC:

Photo by Moonwater Designs

Pit Bull Wearing Obama Collar:

Photo by angela n.

Pomeranian For Barack:

Photo by tkruiter

Campaigning Basenji:

Photo by jenchung

A Herd Of Obama Supporting Golden Retrievers:

Photo by stlcitylife

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  1. Deborah Says:

    My American Staffordshire Terrier likes her McCain ’08 dog collar best…but she’s a dog and doesn’t know any better! Picture and article at http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20081009.wstyle100908/BNStory/lifeStyle/

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