Fruits and Veggies As Treats – A List Of Healthy Snacks For Your Dog.

September 4th, 2008 by Dan

My dogs love bananas. In fact, if I am peeling a banana, they rush up to me and sit, thinking it is automatically for them. If a banana gets too ripe in our household, it goes into their breakfast – the same goes for a tomato if we have an extra or a handful of blueberries. Fruits and veggies are healthy treats for your dog and can be fed in moderation. If you feed too many of these foods, some dogs may experience an upset stomach. This could include loose stools – the whole yucky deal. However, if your dog is used to a varied diet that includes fruits and vegetables as a regular treat, their digestive system should be used to it and should have little problem. You can introduce these foods slowly, a small bit at a time in order to get your dogs digestive system used to the new arrivals.

Many of these foods offer an extra nutritional boost and provide various health benefits.

Here is a list of safe fruits and veggies you can feed your dog as a snack:

*Apples – make sure you do not feed the seeds. They contain a natural form of cyanide and can be toxic to your dog.

Photo by MacAllenBrothers

*Broccoli – too much can cause excess gas. No one wants that!
*Green Beans

Photo by cursedthing

*Mango – feed in small amounts due to the acidity to see how your dogs stomach can tolerate it at first.
*Pears – no seeds please!

*Pumpkin – cooked or raw

Photo by MissMarnie


Photo by Amy125

*Sweet Potato – cooked or raw

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20 Responses to “Fruits and Veggies As Treats – A List Of Healthy Snacks For Your Dog.”

  1. codi Says:

    this well help me so much !

  2. elaine Says:

    They may be feeding healthy snacks, but look at those toenails. They need some serious attention.

  3. Gina Says:

    WOW elaine, that was a really negative thing to say.
    Thank you for sharing this information and the adorable pics. Do you know if it is safe to feed grapes to dogs? I’ve heard otherwise, but can’t seem to find out for sure.

  4. Dan Says:

    Hi Gina,
    Both grapes and raisins can be toxic to dogs and have been known to cause acute renal (kidney) failure. 1.1oz of grapes per kg of dog is the level considered toxic. So save those snacks for people!

  5. Kim Says:

    Regarding Elaine’s comment–I think the dog’s toenails appear longer because of the way the dog is gripping the fruit in its paws.

  6. Kristie Says:

    Elaine is right!!

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    I am a new dog owner. First dog ever! This was very helpful. Thanks, Elizabeth and Oliver :-)

  8. cat Says:

    the dogs toenails are fine. my dog gets his professionally trimmed once a month or as needed. they can extend their nails a bit like cats meaning they look a lot longer when they do that. its how they grip things. but ty for the list. my room mate and i are making up a list of fruits and veggies cause her dog has a a vitamin issue she isn’t getting whats needed and my dog has allergies so we are trying to boost both of their immune systems a bit. again thanks for the list and adorable babies you have there. they look happy :D

  9. cat Says:

    and last thing elaine if you were to look at the pic of the dogs standing and the pics of them gripping the fruits and such you will see that its the way they are holding their paws. those dogs look perfect weight and very well taken care of.

  10. Lydia Granda Says:

    I have 2 Chinese Cresteds, the hairless has severe allergies, so I have to cook his food. He is allergic to Chicken and corn to mention the 2 most common found in pet food. He loves raw vegetables, has always eaten them, I cook a package of hamburger with a can of drained black beans, 1 bag frozen mixed vegetables (no corn) and a sweet potato, veggies go through the food processor. He loves a variety of fruits also. Vet says he is one of the healthiest dogs out there.

  11. Rachel Says:

    Elaine, it’s because he’s gripping the fruit. And as we all know, dogs with black nails tend to have slightly longer nails because we are worried about hitting their quick.

    Great list of healthy snacks!! Thank you!!!

  12. sbaker Says:

    Just took one of our our three dogs to vet and they told me to look online for food good for dogs and food not to give cause we have a chi/dausccan dog weighing in at 22lbs our fault. So jumped on here and right away saw the carrots and one of the dogs would eat them the small chic
    which is our sons. But my husband has a finish spitz about 11 he would not touch it.
    thanks again for the info

  13. Connie M. Says:

    Those pics. are super cute!

  14. Beth S Says:

    One of my dogs is a severe epileptic, and most dog treats trigger seizures. As a result, her fav treats are carrots, tomatoes… and heaven forbid we don’t share our watermelon with her! She hates green beans with a passion.

    I think we’ll let her try strawberries next. Thanks for the list!

  15. Claire Says:

    My dog absolutely loves watermelon! He stares longingly at us whenever we are eating it

  16. Bobby Says:

    Go easy on the sweet potatoes. My Mini-Dachshund loves them. He developed bladder stones (calcium oxalate) and we learned that sweet potatoes are high in oxalates.

  17. Sheila Cannon Says:

    We have a yellow lab that absolutely love his fruits and veggies. He has been known to eat a whole apple including seeds but has never had any issues from eating the seeds as we don’t give him apples on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, he hasn’t had a whole on it I don’t know when the last time he had one. Since he doesn’t eat apples regularly is he at risk for toxicity issues from apples? Another thing, as well all know, the larger breed dogs have hip issues. He has had them since he was 3 and now he will soon be 9ys. He is still active, act’s like a young puppy. So I am just wondering what fruits/veggies are good for him that contain glucosomine and congroitan (sp) in them, if there is any such a food out there with those in them?
    Thank you for the list, and Thank You for the page you’ve made. Our dog is our life, love our CHILD :D We love him so much! Thanks again

  18. Cathy Says:

    This link on the aspca gives a list of human food that is bad for pets and explains why.

  19. rose Says:

    i like to have a lisof furits and vegables that my doxie can have he is fat and im trying to get his wight down ,and also hat would be the best dry food for him to eat and not gain weighthe is almost 50 lbs andhe needs to lose ,we have been taking him out 2x a day for walks ,how much should he walk is hard for him his belly scra on the grod his nails go down to almost nothing ,i want to be able to help him loose he is 5 yrs old
    can you plese give me some help thank you

    sincerly rose

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