Classic Dog Article: Choosing A Leash

September 29th, 2008 by Dan

Choosing a leash for your dog is not as simple as it looks! There are advantages and disadvantages to many of the materials and types of leashes on the market today. In today’s classic article, I focus on the pros and cons of the most popular types of leash materials. Check out Choosing The Perfect Leash. (Also here is an older blog about Retractable Leashes)

Photo by .imelda

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  1. Imelda Says:

    Thanks for using my photo in this post! It was nice to see this photo of my son so young since he is 3 now. He loved to walk the dogs around in the house.

  2. Dog Breed Bank Checks Says:

    Your right about that, we bought one, our dog bit through it so quickly, we have gone with a retractable so the dog doesnt pull our arm out of the socket lol.. and its thick cord

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