Canines Celebrating The First Day Of Fall – 14 Autumnal Photos

September 22nd, 2008 by Dan

It’s the first day of Fall! My favorite time of year (and not just because of the Canine Costume Photo Contest!) for spending time outside with the dogs. The heat of the summer is almost gone and it isn’t chilly enough yet to have to bundle up before a stroll. Dogs look great hiking amongst leaves when they’re changing colors or leaping into piles of them when they’ve been raked.

Enjoy these photos of dogs with a Fall theme!

Australian Cattle Dog/Jack Russell Mix Celebrates The Coming Of Fall:

Photo by ATIS547

Alaskan Huskies Training On A Fall Morning:

Photo by magali99760

Vizsla Surrounded By Fall Leaves:

Photo by neha.manoka

Dog On Bright Red Leaves:

Photo by dogperson2007

Shih Tzu Rolling In Fall Leaves:

Photo by Brit.

Weimaraner Holds Fall Leaves:

Photo by CaptPiper

White Dog In Autumn:

Photo by stacynowicki

Chocolate Lab Puppy In Fallen Leaves:

Photo by Voorhees

Goldendoodle Puppy Romping Through Leaves:

Photo by cerulean_blue

Autumn Airedale:

Photo by anne makaske

Pit Bull Amongst Foliage:

Photo by Precious Roy

Pug Wearing Fall Gear:

Photo by angiemckaig

Fall Dog:

Photo by GammaBlog

Happy First Day Of Fall!

Photo by !♥! Terri Viltrakis

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  1. cc Says:

    theese dogs are so cute i love them !!

  2. Megan Says:

    I love the white dog with the brown and blue eye. SO CUTE!!

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