Adding Another Dog To Your Household

September 21st, 2008 by Dan

So you think it’s time to add a second dog into your family, but you’re just not sure what will be the best dynamic in your household? Here are some tips to keep in mind when you begin to think about adding a new puppy or adopting a second dog.

If your current dog is female, the best second dog to add into the mix is a younger, smaller male. This combo is usually the most harmonious. This is not to imply that all pairs of females will fight if they live under the same roof. What it does mean is that if 2 female dogs are having issues, these fights are usually the most serious and the problems are the hardest to solve. If your current dog is male, adding a female into the home is your best bet for peace within your household.

Photo by Paulie Clemens

If you feel that you must add a dog of the same gender into your family, the dog you own currently should be older and larger than the dog that you bring into the house. You can be taking a risk if you bring in a full grown female dog into a home with another full grown female dog. While it can work, it mostly depends on the personalities of the individual dogs. If you plan on taking such a step and there is any question in your mind, contact a professional behaviorist to come and evaluate your current canine and the potential family member before you take the plunge.

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