Washington Woman Registered Her Dog To Vote

August 26th, 2008 by Dan

Jane Balogh of Federal Way, WA registered her dog, Duncan, to vote as a sign of protest – she believed it would prove a point that the standards to prove citizenship and identity were not high enough when it came to the voting process. The Australian Shepherd-terrier mix had a utility bill in “his name” – “Duncan M. MacDonald” as the identification needed to register.

Photo by The Seattle Times

Balogh, age 67, didn’t hide the fact that she registered her pooch to vote – she actually was quite vocal about the whole process and contacted politicians to prove her point. She did not try to have her dog vote.

Criminal charges were brought against Balogh, but dismissed this Monday. She did have to serve 10 hours of community service and pay $240 in court costs.

When Duncan did receive his absentee ballots Balogh returned them with his paw print on the signature line, and the word “void” written through the ballot.

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