Taking Your Dog For A Bike Ride – Track’r Pet Bicycle Trailer

August 4th, 2008 by Micah

dog bike trailer
Track’r Dog Bicycle Trailer – Easily take your dog for a bike ride

If you are like me, then you like to make sure that your dog gets plenty of daily entertainment. Most days, that includes some combination of walks, a romp in the yard, a car ride to do quick errands, a free-run at the park (ssssshhh don’t tell the municipality) and some inside play with dog toys like the kong.

The sad thing is that there are many things that we like to do on a daily basis that our dogs can’t participate in. For the longest time, I’ve been taking a daily bike ride for about one hour and have felt bad for leaving my dog behind, in boredom. Then, one day while I was out biking on a trail beside the Delaware river, I saw one woman who had brought her dog along for the bike ride … the dog was sitting in a trailer that was connected to the back of the bike…. and she was as happy as could be.

That convinced me. I rushed out, did some online research, and ordered the large Track’r Pet Bicycle Trailer from Amazon.com. It got to my house in about 1 week, and it has been the perfect solution. It’s easy to setup. It’s spacious. It seems extremely durable and well made. Plus, my dog now rushes to get inside the trailer she likes it so much. And best of all, my daily biking now serves more than one purpose: to get me in shape and to keep my dog entertained.

Click here to buy the Large Track’r Dog Bicycle Trailer
Click here to buy the Large Track’r Dog Bicycle Trailer

4 Responses to “Taking Your Dog For A Bike Ride – Track’r Pet Bicycle Trailer”

  1. runner Says:

    WTF? why can’t the dog just simply run near bike?

  2. amber Says:

    ummm… ya my dog ran with me for 11 years( 3-4 miles a day 5 days per week ).. He is 12 and cannot do it anymore, but would love too.. Why not??

  3. Kristine Says:

    To answer runner:
    Not all dogs are mobile. Mine, a 60lb 2yr old, can not walk w/out assistance as she is handicapped from nerve damage. Bike trailers are an excellent way for her to get out & about.

  4. jules Says:

    Dogs are sprinters, not long distance runners. While some dogs have no problem running every day, other dogs would die.

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