Simple Housebreaking Tips

August 6th, 2008 by Dan

Having a new puppy in the house brings about many changes in your daily routine. It will seem like you are constantly headed out the door to make sure that your pup is going to go to the right spot to pee, not the living room rug! Here are a few simple and easy to remember “rules” to follow so you and your pup will succeed in housebreaking!

1) Timing is EVERYTHING!
These events trigger your pup’s need to eliminate: Waking up from a nap, eating a meal, active playtime, drinking, and chewing on a toy for any amount of time – so almost everything! During housebreaking take your dog right outside as soon as he is done with ANY of these events! Even if he doesn’t go every time, you will prevent quite a few accidents by being diligent. It’s better safe than sorry!

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2) Playtime after!
When you bring your puppy outside, do not play with him until *after* he does his business. This will help him stay focused on the task at hand. As soon as he goes- PRAISE!! Lots of fun, pets and treats!

Photo by goldnflat

3) High quality = less quantity!
The higher the quality of the food you feed, the less your puppy poops; it is as simple as that! The more digestible your diet is, the less waste it will produce. Foods with corn, soy or other fillers will cause your puppy to have to go more.

Photo by This Year’s Love

4) Success is in your hands!
Set your puppy up to succeed! Don’t allow him to roam all over the house. If you do he is certain to make a mess when you aren’t watching him. Know that any accidents he has are not his fault, and vow to watch him closer and take him out more. A pup should never be punished for eliminating in the house. It can cause him to fear the prospect of “going” as a whole and he may try to avoid eliminating around you all the time. This can cause hidden messes (under beds, couches, etc.)! Instead, if you catch him in the act, pick him up and carry him outside. If you don’t catch him, chalk it up as a message to watch him even closer than you already are!

Good luck! Grab your paper towels, Nature’s Miracle and a hefty dose of patience! Your pup is well worth it!

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