Sacks Of Dog. 13 Photos Capturing The Trend Of Carrying Canines In Bags.

August 8th, 2008 by Dan

Living in Philadelphia, I often catch fleeting glimpses of canines brushing by me on the street during the busiest times of the day. However, it takes some getting used to, seeing these dogs carried on the hip in a fashionable satchel – or even on the backs of their human companions. Pet carriers used to be reserved for transporting small pets to and from the veterinarian’s office. Now there are entire collections of canine couture targeted at owners who want to carry their vogue pups around in only the most stylish of items. Here is a collection of photos of dogs in bags – from fashionable to functional – we have it all!

Disgruntled Looking Shih Tzu In Pack:

Photo by Justintimetoeat

That Must Be Some BIG Bag!:

Photo by tjroberts79

This Chihuahua Seems To Be At Home In This Fancy Bag:

Photo by //egan

This Is What I Think Of Your Stinkin’ Bag!:

Photo by fee-ach

Oh The Humanity:

Photo by tanjatiziana

Golf Anyone?:

Photo by joshuanmiller

Bundle Of Pup:

Photo by showbizsuperstar

Look At That Little Reindeer Glare:

Photo by Bill A

Peeking Pekingese:

Photo by armstrks

Backpack Dog:

Photo by fumipeli

Dachshund In Purple:

Photo by smalleraperture

I’d Like An Everything:

Photo by Runs With Scissors

Does This Bag Make My Head Look Big?:

Photo by Christiana1986

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