Product Review: Water Bottle Cruncher

August 5th, 2008 by Dan

I have an order in which I review products, however Lucian threw off my schedule today when I spotted him with the Water Bottle Cruncher – tags still on- crunching away. He’d removed it from the box and settled in on the rug for a good chewing. I knew right then that this toy was going to be a hit.

The Water Bottle Cruncher is made by Fat Cat Inc (who also makes the Big Mean Kitty) and is basically a strong canvas sleeve (with a tail and a head) that can hold an empty plastic water bottle (up to 20 oz). What you then have is a cute toy that has a really satisfying crunch *and* a great use for all those empty water bottles! Lucian loved the crunchy “body” and he also liked how the tail was separated from the bottle, so he could swing it around a bit.

This toy is built for bigger dogs – it seems like a sturdy one and we’re happy about the “green” twist this product has taken!

You can order a Water Bottle Cruncher here.

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