Product Review: Mountainsmith Dog Pack

August 31st, 2008 by Dan

Dog backpacks aren’t just for those lucky dogs who get to go camping and hiking. Did you know that fitting your healthy, active pooch with one of these packs is a great way to burn off excessive energy in a productive and healthy manner. Sometimes it takes a little while to get your dog used to wearing a backpack, but with a bit of positive reinforcement (read- treats and praise), you’ll have a dog that can carry his own water (and maybe some other items) when you go for a walk around the neighborhood or on a trek on the trails.

I’ve been using backpacks with Reef, my Pit Bull, for years. She’s used to wearing them and gets very excited when she sees a pack coming out. Lucian, my 1.5 year old Dogue De Bordeaux, is full of energy and is an extremely muscular dog. We decided he would be the perfect tester for the Mountainsmith Dog Pack. When the pack arrived I noticed a few things about it that stood out from other canine packs I have seen in the past:

* Big sturdy hardware – The zippers are heavy and feel well constructed – there are no flimsy seams on this pack.

* Soft Fleece Lining – The Mountainsmith Dog Pack has soft fleece lining in all of the areas that might be chafed by the straps rubbing on your dog when he or she wears the pack. This is especially good for breeds with short hair or hair that could be broken with friction.

* Large Pockets with More pockets – The big side pockets can hold 1830 cu in. Inside there is also a little internal valuables pocket so you can stash your keys or cash in the bag without it falling to the bottom of the pack.

The only feature I wouldn’t use on the Large pack was the built in plastic “D” ring for a leash – I don’t trust the nylon to be secure enough to hold the weight of my mastiff.

Overall, I think this is one of the best made packs I have seen. It has a great deal of space and adjusts easily once it is on the dog. Mountainsmith Dog Packs are known to run large, so be sure to get the size that would best fit your pooch!

I got Lucian used to wearing the Dog Pack by taking him for a stroll with it empty at first – he was a bit confused by the strange item fastened around his chest at first, but a few Wagatha’s got him over it quickly! After a few “empty” walks, I added 2 water bottles – one on each side. You want to make sure that the weight in the pack is evenly distributed on both sides. Remember that walking your dog with a full pack increases the intensity of any activity – it makes a 10 minute walk feel like a 30 minute walk! Building up to longer walks gradually is the best way to go when working with a backpack. Your dog should only carry between 10-20% of his or her body weight when wearing a backpack. Watch your pooch for any signs of fatigue and remove the pack immediately if your dog becomes too tired. Happy Trecking!

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  1. Luigi Says:

    I love the features and quality of this pack but every time I take Joey backpacking he ends up with severe abrasions in his underarm area. Any ideas on how to prevent this?

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