Lost Jack Russell Returns Home on Ferry

August 19th, 2008 by Dan

Jarvis the Jack Russell Terrier chased a rabbit while being walked by owner Vivienne Oxley and disappeared from view. Oxley searched for the dog for an hour, but finally returned to her home on the other side of Plymouth Sound.

Shortly after Vivienne returned home, Jarvis apparently boarded a passenger ferry crossing the Plymouth Sound. The local warden, to whom Ms. Oxley had reported the loss of her dog, put two and two together upon hearing that a terrier was sighted unaccompanied on the Cremyll ferry, and called Oxley to tell her that her dog had been spotted. Jarvis disembarked from the ferry on his own and walked the half-mile home.

Vivienne Oxley holds Jarvis, her Jack Russell Terrier.

Vivienne Oxley holds Jarvis, her Jack Russell Terrier.

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Jarvis returned unhurt, but Oxley was prepared for the worst. She told the Telegraph, “I didn’t expect to see him again. I thought he would get run over. It’s lucky it was a quiet day.”

Jarvis was lucky, but many pets that disappear while being walked are less fortunate. Cars, predators, poisons, and malicious humans endanger lost dogs, and most don’t know how to board the ferry and get a ride home! Jarvis’s adventure illustrates the importance of walking dogs on a leash at all times.

Keep your dog safe by leashing him or her and using a properly fitted collar or harness on all walks. Terriers are particularly prone to chase smaller animals and fail to respond to a recall command, but any dog can easily become lost if walked off-leash. Dogs should also always wear some kind of identification, preferably a microchip as well as an ID tag on the collar.

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