Did You Know? Worlds Oldest Lived Dogs!

August 9th, 2008 by Dan

Bluey was an Australian Cattle Dog who lived to the ripe old age of 29 years and 5 months! Bluey was born in 1910 and was put to sleep in 1939. He was a working dog for much of his life, but retired after 20 years of herding. Australian Cattle Dogs are a hardy breed – maybe his stamina kept him youthful!

Apparently there is a Lab named Bella in the UK who is close to breaking Bluey’s record! Bella was adopted at an RSPCA by owners David Richardson and Daisy Cooper in 1982 when she was 3 years old – that places Bella right around 29 years of age! Unfortunately the shelter is now closed and Bella’s paperwork is no more – this means there is no formal documentation what could be her record breaking age. Unless proof magically appears, it looks like Bluey will keep his title.

Photo by the Dailymail UK

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6 Responses to “Did You Know? Worlds Oldest Lived Dogs!”

  1. gary Says:

    Poor dog had to be put to sleep. He could have lived longer. He was 203 years old in dog years. Now that is very old

  2. eward274 Says:

    Wow! That is one old dog! I’m really bad about know ing how old animals are, but if i just saw that dog in walking my block on a leash, I’d thing he wasn’t a day older then 10 years old! As i said before, I’m very bad at guessing ages!:)

  3. channy Says:

    Arr what a sweet dog but how sad that he had to bo put to sleep i love dogs!

  4. Sophia Says:

    I have a 14 year old old english xxx she has really aged though

  5. Esme Says:

    DIllon my old English sheepdog was 13 yesterday. Has undergone a twisted gut operation at eleven and major throat surgery last year but is still here and happy. We have no money left after so many vets bills but DIllon. Doesn’t care. Ha ha. We don’t mind because we love hi m to bits.

  6. Phibbsc Says:

    My old English sheepdog will be 16 next month. Not sure how much longer she will as she is starting to have hip issues.but you believe she is now the oldest on KC records

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