Clothing Isn’t Just For Little Dogs….Pit Bull Owners Dress Their Dogs Up Too! (Proof in These 12 Photos)

August 14th, 2008 by Dan

I’ll admit – Reef has a jacket – she actually has 2 of them. However, she also has very little fur and shivers uncontrollably when we go out during the snowy months of the winter. It makes it very hard for us to actually get any “business” done on our walks. When she wears her jackets, she’s warmer and we spend less time outside. She does get excited when she sees the coats coming out (I’m sure she associates them with a walk), and people always compliment her on how “pretty” she looks (they’re pink). However, Reef doesn’t have summery dresses or evening gowns. That isn’t to say she wouldn’t like dressing up in them. She loves being fawned over, and if wearing clothes is what it takes – she’d wear anything you put on her!

While most of the public doesn’t picture Pit Bulls to be clothes wearing type dogs (I know I usually have thoughts of Chihuahuas, Pugs, Pomeranians and other toy breeds, as most dog clothes are made in “wee dog” sizes), some Pit Bull owners like to dress up their dogs too! Check out this collection of photos:

Everyone Loves A Hoodie:

Photo by This Year’s Love

Princess Pit Bull:

Photo by pessimisaurus

Pit Bull In Red Winter Coat:

Photo by Precious Roy

Pit Bull Puppy In Dress:

Photo by Bella’s Mommy

One Tough Dog:

Photo by Birdman of Hell Paso

Pit Bull In Pink Sundress

Photo by This Year’s Love

I Dare You To Say Something About My Sweater!:

Photo by geoggirl08

Hawaiian Shirt Pit:

Photo by literarycyanide

And then we have those special occasions where costumes come into play….

Pit Bull Dressed as “Mr. T”:

Photo by goldenpeacock

“Look Kids! It’s The Easter Bully!!”:

Photo by biteypony

Crabby Pitty:

Photo by smartpatrol

One Cute Duck:

Photo by

20 Responses to “Clothing Isn’t Just For Little Dogs….Pit Bull Owners Dress Their Dogs Up Too! (Proof in These 12 Photos)”

  1. gracie Says:

    way cuter than litle dogs!!!!i luv pit bulls

  2. melody Says:

    I love pits!

  3. Jessica Says:

    I OWN 2. They are the best dogs to have with a family. So tolerant of everything.

  4. Julie Says:

    Pit bulls are my favorite dogs ever

  5. Julie Says:

    i agree..i hate little dogs… well don’t hate, but i loooooooooove pits

  6. Jordyn Says:

    I Love Pitbulls, I have one, her name is Chloe, She is the best dog ! and she has outfits too :) haha

  7. ashley Says:

    i have 2 too! #7 looks like my pit bull, stryker

  8. ashley Says:

    #1 also looks like my other dog, keisha

  9. olivia Says:

    All of these pits look super cute. I must go buy sum for my pit but not for the look, they get cold in the winter too why shouldn’t he have something on? I do!

  10. bobara Says:

    I have a pitbull and live in Wisconsin. Does anyone know where to find warm clothes that are big enough for her?

  11. kelli Says:

    How cute! We dress our pitbull up in my 9 year olds clothes LOL.

  12. cindy c. Says: have great fleece pullovers for dogs…..we’ve had 2 pit bulls and know they have such broad chests it’s hard to find coats/sweaters to fit them……i’ve ordered 3 of the chillydogs fleece sweaters so far….they are VERY easy to go on and take off……..and can wash them……the only thing is they’re a bit expensive $55 (+ $15 shipping)……..but well worth it to me!!!!

  13. adrianna dewit Says:

    i just want to let the pit bull haters out there know that pit bulls are the best dogs you can own i have two my self.

  14. D.Santilli Says:

    I adopted a gorgeous Pit Bull a year ago, named Koda. He’s now 18 months. He’s the most friendliest, well behaved, loyal dog I ever had! He’s perfect in every way!

    My question is, does anyone know where I can get some cool clothes for my Pit Bull on line?

  15. jennyy Says:

    i wanna dress my guy dog but everythime i put something on him he shakes it off…what do i do?

  16. RuthEllen Christensen Says:

    I must have the lion mane pattern to make for our pits holloween. I dress her up all the time and our 9 yr old pit will let me. She is a most loving and fun dog and we love her dearly.

  17. Diane Nelson Says:

    It’s nice to know that other pit bulls wear clothing. I was wondering if my dog was crazy. She just loves her dog clothing. I live in Montana and she decided she wanted jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters. It wasn’t something I forced upon her or even tried to get her to do. I went to work one night and left a sweater on the bed. When I got home she was wearing it. I live alone so no one put it on her. Since then I’ve bought her a red quilted fleese lined jacket and dog boots (for snow) She won’t go out in snowy weather without her jacket and boots. When it’s really cold (like -39 F) She likes to wear layers )Sweaters and sweatshirts jackets and her Muttluk boots (they really are for sled dogs)which are really warm. When she sees her clothing during cold weather she jumps with joy and helps me put the stuff on her. The hard part is getting her to take the clothes off. She insisted on wearing her new red sweatshirt for 3 days this week. It’s been really cold. Guess my pit isn’t nuts after all. It is hard getting clothing to fit due to her broad chest and shoulders.

  18. Brittanee Berry Says:

    Cute pics. My pitbull was a rescue, he has been with me 6 yrs and I took him away from men that had fought him more times then they could count. He has been the best dog, and the best friend I’ve ever had. I have had many Pitbulls and will always love this breed. He currently has two hoodie sweatshirts and a boomer style jacket that he brings to me when he wants to go outside. And just like Diane’s comment, its so hard to find him clothes to fit. I end up having to cut and sew the chest and arms to fit him. Wish I could find something comfortable to keep his ears warm

  19. Leighvai Lawson Says:

    I love Pits! My boyfriend and I own two Pits and they are the most loving things I have ever seen. The ‘Princess Pit Bull’ looks like my Pit named Belle.
    And the ‘Easter Bully’ Pit looks like Thomas’s Pit, Bronx. Belle and Bronx are the cutest we’ve ever seen. Those two wouldn’t hurt a fly.

  20. whirly dog supplies Says:

    it’s interesting to see the pitbulls wearing dog clothes. sometimes it’s hard to get larger dogs to wear pet apparel. i make and sell dog clothes at Whirly Dog Supplies, and I have been getting a lot of people asking me to make them clothing for their dogs. Most of what I make is for the small to medium sized dogs, so I need to expand my dog clothing line.

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