1000 Dogs Rescued From West Virginia Kennel

August 28th, 2008 by Dan

Unfortunately it seems like I have been reporting too much about puppy mills recently. Thankfully this story is about one closing. Whispering Oaks Kennels has been operating since 1961 in Parkersberg WV, owned by Sharon Roberts. This weekend Roberts turned over her approximately 1000 dogs after a search warrant was executed on her property. She also has agreed to never operate a business breeding dogs again. Roberts stated she was being targeted by “animal rights activists”.


The buildings where the dogs were kept were not air conditioned and the kennels had wire flooring – when the dogs were placed on solid ground, many of them were unstable as they had never walked on a surface like it before.

The majority of the dogs are Dachshunds, ranging in age from 1 day old to several years. Most are in fairly good health (though some were suffering from skin disorders, heat exhaustion, etc), though one dog was partially paralyzed. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary has already agreed to step in and care for that dog for the rest of its life and is planning on outfitting it with a cart.


These dogs will need extensive socialization and lots of patience to recover from the traumas they have suffered in this environment.

If you might be interested in fostering one of these special needs dogs you can contact fortdox@gmail.com

Animal neglect charges will not be filed against Roberts’ because she agreed to turn over the dogs.

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