The Bullmastiff SO LARGE He Was Picked Up By Google Earth!

July 11th, 2008 by Dan

It seems like this is a week of molosser news! Boris the 3 year old Bullmastiff is quite a hefty example of his breed – weighing in at 196 lbs (give or take). Boris probably takes in lots of treats from visiting guests at the Tudor Grange Hotel in Bournemouth, Dorset (UK) where he resides with owners, Bob and Carol. Bob’s brother wanted to check out the couples property via google earth (which enables you to view various locations via satellite imagery). When he zoomed in a bit he saw a brown blob in the grass, lying close to a sundial. Her brother called the rest of the family over to check out the image.

Boris Via Google Earth

Carol says, “Then he realized it was Boris. He was in his favorite place. He loves lying there because it is a bit of a suntrap.” “We all had a look and couldn’t believe it. I knew he was big but didn’t think he was big enough to be seen from space.”

Boris The Bullmastiff Lounges

She also adds that Boris is a big hit at the hotel, “Boris gets on brilliantly with our guests because he is so gentle and beautiful.” Apparently there is often a line for photos with Boris, who spends most of his time lazing in “his” spot in the yard. The big dog has some problems with his cruciate ligaments that prevent him from heavy exercise, but he does enjoy swimming.

Impressive google satellites! Impressive girth, Boris!

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  1. SnoopyMaster Says:

    All I can say is WOW. Boris is a big dog. Am looking into a mastiff adoption not as big as Boris but as adorable.

  2. Vince Stead Says:

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