Massive Mastiff Gets Stuck Going Through Cat Door!

July 9th, 2008 by Dan

Lucian, my Dogue De Bordeaux, loves my 3 cats. He lets them drink before he does and he can often be found trying to bat at their cat toys. This story makes me glad all my cats are indoor felines!

Moses, A 187 lb Dogue De Bordeaux who resides in the UK got himself into quite a pickle when he tried to follow his feline friends out the cat door. His owner, Lisa Saberi, has 4 cats and only had the giant Dogue for a week when got himself into the jam. Lisa had left Moses in the yard while she went to run some errands – the dog saw his cat friends, Hunni, Clover, Paddy and Marley, go through the cat door into the house and figured he could do the same. Poor Moses! A 12 year old neighbor heard the dog’s whimpers and peered over the fence. He was greeted by the site of Moses’s back end on the outside of the door. He attempted to free the dog, but when it didn’t work, he called his mother who came home and decided it was a job for the Fire Department.

Moses The Dogue De Bordeaux - Stuck

Fireman arrived and drilled holes to remove the plastic and some of the wood around the flap. The process took about 45 minutes. Moses was stuck for a total of 2 hours and was taken to the vet after his ordeal. He has a grazed neck, but is otherwise fine.

Moses The Dogue De Bordeaux With Cat Flap

Lisa says, “He was very worn out and distressed, but he’s much better now. I’ve taken the cat flap out and will board up the hole so it won’t happen again.”

Moses and Lisa

We will never have a cat flap!

(photos by The

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