Fantastic Frenchies! 18 Facts About French Bulldogs!

July 22nd, 2008 by Dan

I have been a little obsessed with French Bulldogs for the past 10 years or so. I’m not sure if it’s their stocky looks or their snorting, clownish appeal that draws me in, but something about these little bulldogs is so completely comical – I can’t help but love them. The breeds popularity has been growing exponentially in the past few years and I often receive questions about these little dogs. Here is a list of facts and tidbits about Frenchies!

Smiling French Bulldog

Photo by *Anu*

The Historic Frenchie:

* Frenchies have been fancied by a few very famous individuals throughout history including King Edward VII, Toulouse-Lautrec, the family of Tsar Nicholas Romanov and Empress Aleksandra, and the author Colette.

An unfortunate French Bulldog was a passenger on the Titanic. It is said that the dog was insured for $750! An enormous amount at that time (1912)!

Old Westminster Cover - French Bulldog


* French Bulldogs were in the top 5 most popular dog breeds between 1909-1914.

Frenchie Factoids:

* Originally Frenchies had both “bat” (the upright, rounded ears we are used to) and “tulip” ears (folded over ears). It was American fanciers of the breed who insisted that the “bat” ears were actually the correct confirmation, which carried over into the breed standard.

* French Bulldogs come in a multitude of colors. According to the AKC standard, recognized colors include brindle, fawn, white, brindle and white, and any color except those which result in disqualification. Colors that result in disqualification are solid black, mouse, liver, black and tan, black and white, and white with black.

French Bulldog Puppy

Photo by I Love New York City

* Because of their Bull and Terrier roots, some Frenchies can be prone to dog aggression. Often this comes in the form of dislike of the same gender (but not always). Socializing young French Bulldog puppies with other dogs is always a good idea. Spaying and Neutering can also aid in curbing hormone based dominance.

* French Bulldogs can be stubborn during training, but they respond well to positive reinforcement. Make training into a game and you’ll have more success!

French Bulldog Wearing a Toupe!

Photo by jvworldwide

* Frenchies are companion dogs and thus make great companions for apartment dwellers. They do require a few short walks a day and will be happy playing in the house. They will be happier relaxing with you on the couch!

French Bulldog in Spain

Photo by jhfoto

* French Bulldogs are generally good with children, but because of their compact, muscular nature they can knock unsteady youngsters over. Any dog should be monitored with young children.

* Most French Bulldogs snore due to their flat faces.

French Bulldog Closeup

Photo by orewa_ken

* French Bulldogs can NOT live outdoors! Because of their brachiocephalic (short nosed) build they are unable to regulate their body temperature and can easily overheat. Care must be taken to keep them cool in the hotter months. They are better off walked in the cool hours of the day then left at home to hang out in the comfort of the A/C or a fan.

* Care must be taken to keep your Frenchie safe if you have a pool. Because the breed is quite top heavy, they have a very hard time swimming and will often drown. Pools need to be secured and devices to alert that your pet has fallen in can be placed on the collar. Pet life vests are also a safe way to protect your pet from drowning. Pets should never be left unattended poolside.

Frenchie with Lifevest

Photo by Tonni H.

* French Bulldogs have earned the nickname “Frog Dogs” due to the way they lay with their back legs splayed out behind them.

French Bulldog Doing “Frogdog” pose

Photo by jackpotfbd

Frenchie Health Facts:

* French Bulldogs are prone to hip dysplasia, luxating patellas,Von Willebrand’s disease (a clotting disorder), allergies and eye disorders. Reputable breeders will often CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) screen potential breeding dogs to keep from passing optical issues on to puppies.

French Bulldog On Wheels

Photo by equinaut

* French Bulldogs can be sensitive to anaesthesia. Make sure you discuss this with your Veterinarian before any procedure that would require your Frenchie to “go under”.

* Since Frenchies are prone to allergies, they should be fed high quality diets with no artificial colors or preservatives. Fillers and low quality ingredients should be avoided as well.

French Bulldog Plays With Giant Ball

Photo by VanLesley

Famous Frenchies:

* You can spot Frenchies in a ton of Hollywood movies! (Those faces are meant to be on camera!) Some of these titles include: “From Hell” (Johnny Depp), “Secondhand Lions” (Michael Caine and Robert Duvall) and “Bringing Down The House” (Steve Martin and Queen Latifa). Also there is a shot of a French Bulldog in the movie “Titanic” – the dog is portraying the Frenchie that actually did travel on the doomed ship.

Agility French Bulldog

Photo by *Anu*

* While most people picture “Toto” from The Wizard Of Oz, to be a Cairn Terrier, in literature the dog was sometimes illustrated as a Frenchie! R.A. Neill who drew the pictures for the books “The Road to Oz”, and “The Emerald City”, pictured Toto as a French Bulldog

The Road To Oz (French Bulldog Cover)

28 Responses to “Fantastic Frenchies! 18 Facts About French Bulldogs!”

  1. Susanna Kane Says:

    At what age do there ears stand up? Is it normal for one to stand up before the other???

  2. Sherry Says:

    Ears will flop back and forth between standing and being floppy. Let nature take it’s course – they’ll stand up in no time.

  3. LordFluffyEars Says:

    This is a great website! I love frenchies! I enjoyed reading all these fun facts.

  4. clueless Says:

    these animals are so cute :)

  5. serian Says:

    (^^^) love it!

  6. Ashley Says:

    I have a 5 1/2 month old male french bulldog, this is the frist time we have own one and I was wondering how long does it take for of his testicles drop??? (One has already drop)Thk u soooo much!!!!!

  7. someone Says:

    I love Frenchies!

  8. Eva Politis Says:


    Our Frenchie Theo (9weeks old) has troubles sleeping in his crate at night. He’ll start whining for hours and eventually we take him out caus he seems in shock..
    Is the only solution to leave him in the crate at night and eventually he’ll stop whining? We do take him out every 2 hours to pee. Or will he learn to be independent when he’s older? In other words will he be ok sleeping alone in the future when he’s older If we let him sleep with us when he’s a puppy? Many Thanks!!

  9. Michelle Reid Says:

    Do you have any advice for my Frenchie? He has really bad wind most of the time! His food agrees with him and he doesnt get anything in between meals…..its driving us all NUTS!

  10. Angela Glover Says:

    Loved this! Made my day as I was relaxing with both of my frenchies and my son. I adore my dogs and get compliments on them. I think some people get caught up in their cuteness and can’t always handle their special needs. They are so worth the extra care they may need and worth every dime and hour I spend on their needs. Awesome dogs!

  11. Elaine Says:

    My four month old French bull dog has a grade 5 heart murmur . Is there anything I can do. At the moment he’s running around , and doing fine.

  12. Susan Snider Says:

    One of my French bulldog puppies has one ear that is still not standing up ,she is 7 months old ,what should I do ? Thanks so much ,Susan

  13. lauren Says:

    these are so adorbs!!!!!!!!!

  14. lauren Says:

    i was trying to persuad my mom to get one but at the same i have to write a school paper on frenchies :)

  15. Misty Rathjen Says:

    We love our Frenchie but are a little bummed his left ear is still not up. He is 8 months old. I have heard conflicting opinions. I would love to know your thoughts. Thanks!

  16. graham & caz Says:

    We have a 4 mth old boy and his right ear hasn’t gone up yet , would like to know if anyone else has had the same and when theirs went up .

  17. stuart Says:

    I have a nine week old frenchie his left eye hasnt open as wide as the right one and look like an extra bit of eye lid but its not cherry eye

  18. graham & caz Says:

    our French bulldog is 5 months now and only one ear is up when will the other go up , has any one had the same and when did theirs go up

  19. marie and da super frenchies Says:

    my frenchbull dog,gibson,wakes up not breathing.i have to hit him on his chest.not hard just enough to get him to breathe.what causes this??? is it because of his short nose???

  20. Queen Evil Says:

    Toats adorbs

  21. Hailey Says:

    My Frenchie is 6 and I call her my Velcro baby. I have tried crate training her but honestly she just wouldn’t have it, the crying never stopped and she never became more independent. I love frenchies to death but they definitely love to be by your side all the time.

  22. Sandi Says:

    I’ve been researching breeds before getting another dog. Our 16-year-old Pom passed away a year ago and we’re just reaching the point where we feel ready for a new family member. After everything I’ve seen, heard and read, these little guys have captured my heart. However, my husband and I both work. Our teenage daughters are home a bit more, and my Mother lives nearby. Poppy was treated like a kid more than a dog & Mom spoiled him shamefully. I’m concerned, however, about the time our new dog would be home alone. Central heating & A/C are a given. We don’t mind a giving him/her special care, diet, etc. I just wonder if we could really give a Frenchie a good home. Any advice would be welcome.

  23. Jon Says:

    ^ Sandi: both myself and my significant other work full time jobs and our frenchie does just fine being left during the day. We go to the dog park in the morning + a nice walk and leave her challenging toys to play with during the day. When we get home later in the day, we make sure to run around with her again.

    We’ve kept a close eye on how she acts on the weekends during the day and she basically likes to lounge around in the cool air and play with toys.

    As long as your (potential) French bulldog get exercise and stimulation, he/she will be fine – at least, in our case.

  24. mariect40417 Says:

    My frenchie is now 18months and intermittently he managed one ear up… now, he’s a two ears down kinda guy (except when food is around and then he is in full control of those bat ears!!)
    I desperately tried overnight crate training when we got him but he cried and he was so small…. so he came in my bed from night2… He slept right thru and still sleeps on me or my daughter every night.
    He is OK being left (if you go quickly) – if you hover on the drive/with the door open he cries (loudly!) but he never cries once we’ve gone.
    He is my 8yr old daughters biggest fan – he adores her, will let her carry him around. He loves being on the trampoline with her and running round and round and round! Absolutely best temperament ever.
    Rubbish on the lead and with recall – absolute nightmare to walk, but persevering…. fortunately prefers his spot on the window seat :) <3 my little guy!

  25. Karen Keilitz Says:

    My 6 month Frenchie lays on his back and rolls around when I am trying to walk him. He does this many times on e en a short walk. Can you tell me why this is its driving me crazy.

  26. Jack Says:

    Great little article helped alot

  27. Maria Says:

    Our 51/2 month adorable French bull dogs ears aren’t standing up At times one is up for a day then right back down. Should we be concerned something is wrong with his ears?

  28. Maria Says:

    Is there a chance ears will not stand up on a French bull dog?

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