“Designer” Breeds In Shelters

July 7th, 2008 by Dan

I am in the process of aiding a friend of mine in a search for a Standard Poodle rescue. I’ve been looking at breed specific rescues as well as local shelters. Last night I decided to log on to Petfinder.com and take a look at the dogs that are listed with them. On the first page of my “Standard Poodle” search I saw not 1, but SEVEN Labrador/Poodle (aka “Labradoodle”) mixes listed.

Labradoodle in Rescue

While some people believe the misconception that breeding a purebred Labrador Retriever to a purebred poodle, it will produce a non shedding, intellectual dog (both poodle traits) that also is playful and able to work like a lab – In essence, creating the ideal dog for families. However this is not how genetics work. Genetics work at random and crossing 2 breeds will not produce consistency in the offspring. Puppies may be shedding, moderately shedding or low shedding. They will all inherit different traits of each of their parents.

Perhaps these “Doodles” ended up in the unfortunate situations they are in due to the misconceptions about these dogs. If you are looking for a “Doodle”, check our your local shelter or www.petfinder.com before shelling out thousands for one of these designer mixed breeds.

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