BSL Shocker – A List of 75 Dogs That Are Banned Or Restricted

July 24th, 2008 by Dan

While most people know that breed specific legislation (BSL) can spread like wildfire when decisions are made by non-canine experts and stories are sensationalized by the media – I’m betting you’ll be shocked by some of the breeds on this list of 75. All of the dogs on this list are either banned or there are restrictions on owning them *somewhere* in the United States. Some of the breed names on this list may sound odd, but they appear here as they are written in the actual bans (including misspellings!). Some of the breeds here are being banned in communities due to blanket bans on canine physical traits (for example, the pug is stocky, broad and has a short muzzle- thus sharing some of the same traits as the “fearsome” bully breeds).


Photo by Gary Pore

Absurd- definitely. All dogs need responsible owners who understand that keeping their dog safe and controlled is their job as a caregiver. If individuals are failing to do this, let them face the consequences. Don’t blame all the other dog owners who are stepping up to their role and keeping their dogs in check.


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115 Responses to “BSL Shocker – A List of 75 Dogs That Are Banned Or Restricted”

  1. Leah Says:

    Good grief…I have an Aussie, who’s a wimp, and the biggest lovable lummox you’ll ever meet. Dogs aren’t bad, it’s poor ownership that’s the problem about 99% of the time. My neighbor’s dachshund, a breed not on the list mind you, bit my other neighbor’s four year old girl the other day. When the police came to check it out, they told US that our dog was too aggressive, for barking and whimpering at the door, not at them, but because he had to pee!

  2. Chad D. miller Says:


  3. amber Says:

    This list is made up by a bunch of morons. I dare the bitches who created this list to do volunteer work at any Humane Society in their area and tell me their views have not changed, it’s complete madness!

  4. melody Says:

    This list just gets my blood boiling. I was so outraged at the list. Are we all suppose to just get labs and little toys? I’m not saying labs aren’t good but come on now. What the hell is this? I completely agree with Chad. this is just madness, it’s so unjustified. There should be no way this law will ever pass, there will be riot if it ever does!

  5. Kari Says:

    It makes me sad to see this list, seeing as Dalmatians aren’t anywhere on it. And they hold the numbers for most dog attacks per breed every year. I have a pit bull, and she plays with my two cats and my two ferrets! The ferrets actually pick on her! And she’s seven years old…hasn’t even gotten crotchety with age. My three year old son sleeps on her on the couch. What an evil dog…*sighs* This brings to mind a poem I once heard…”When the rivers are dried up, when the forests are gone, when the animals are all extinct, then and only then will man begin to realize the mistakes he has made.” The same can be said here. When homes are left with nothing but the option of goldfish, will the majority of Americans understand what rights have been taken away from them. And by then it will be too late…sadly, it will just be too late…

  6. Masy Says:


  7. Roderick (TX) Says:

    There is nothing I could say that has not already been said in the six prior posts. This just needs to be protested by every concerned dog owner so here’s my submission. I wish I could turn my dogs loose on every one of them – to give each one of them the big tongue licking they deserve so they’d know how stupid this list really is. And yes, they’re both listed and you could call them “aggressively friendly”.

  8. Roberta Hendricks Says:

    These people that came up with this list are damn morons! Its not the dog that needs banning its the owners that don’t train the dogs that should be banned..What next, start banning people from having kids. omg what is this country comeing to.

  9. minz Says:

    @ masy: There are alot of dogs that are bred for protection and guarding. Not just Bully breeds. Its people like you why we have these lists. You are stereotyping a breed right there!!!!!! How ruthless of you. I have been bitten pretty bad by a LAB and you wonder why they are listed on here, you need to do more research before making an assumption like that. Its not the breed its the deed!!!! Ban stupid people, not dogs!!!!!!!!!

  10. Carolyn Says:

    WTF??? I have a Blue Heeler x Border collie mix. Why is that breed on this list, in fact this entire list is stupid. All these dogs are gorgeous!!

  11. Jeri Smith Says:

    Guys…please check out our website We are the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation (MCABSL) and fighting to overturn the inane BSL in Miami-Dade County passed just over 20 years ago.

    This fight is not just for Pitbull lovers, it is for all dog lovers…no matter what you think about “pit bull type dogs”, this is legislation that you do NOT want coming to your town. The way this law is written, any number of breeds, mixed breeds, mutts, or designer dogs could conform to be “substantially a Pitbull” depending on very arbitrary physical characteristics on the “checklist”…and the sad truth is that these dogs (pit/pitmix/or not a pit at all) get confiscated from their families EVERY day without even having done anything wrong. The way most of these dogs get brought into Animal Control is that a neighbor complains of a “barking dog”…if the officer on the scene determines that your dog conforms to enough items on the “list” (more than 50%), the dog gets confiscated and you get fined $500 per day until the dog gets euthanized or taken out of the county. It doesn’t matter if you have papers from the Breeder or Pet Store you got the dog from showing that it is an American Bulldog, or a Boxer, or a Mastiff, etc. etc. It doesn’t matter if you have a $400 DNA test from your vet that shows there is NO Pitbull, APBT, Staffordshire Terrier, whatever in your dog…your dog will be confiscated…you will be fined and if you own a house the fine will be attached as a lien…the only choice you will have is to pay the fine and have your dog moved out of the county (if you can find a home or rescue for it), or if you are “lucky” they will keep the fine at a single day of $500 if you agree to have it euthanized. Most of the County Commissioners LOVE to say that there is no dogfighting in Miami-Dade County because of this ban in order to appear that they are successful in “protecting their citizens”. However, it is no secret where the dog fighting rings are…the evil people involved in this are proud to brag about their winning dogs to anyone who will listen…parading them through the streets with their fighting scars…and they are just as proud to tell you how they tortured the dogs to death who “lost” the fight. Why don’t the authorities concentrate on busting these criminals and try to save these victimized dogs from their horrible fate? Are they afraid? Do they have better things to do? I don’t know, and I don’t care. What I do know is that the public is not being “served or protected” by this law. The only ones being “served or protected” are the POLITICIANS who are too afraid of not being re-elected to stand up for the innocent victims here…

  12. Kurtis Says:

    I found it rather amusing that 7 of the dogs on this list are also on the 10 best dogs for families with children list, too. I don’t think who ever made this list is a dog person, because if they were, they would know what it’s like to lose one of your best friends in the world. I am against anything and everything to do with BSL. I say throw the bad owners in jail…not MURDER the dogs that weren’t taught any better.

  13. Donnie Says:

    This is just plain stupid, that’s pretty much every dog in the world on that list. An English Mastiff?! They aren’t even known to attack people, I bet you it was thief or robber that reported the EM. Lab on the list too?! give up hope, I guess I’ll go get a monkey.

  14. doug fish Says:

    what states are they banned in i rescued my blue heeler from the pound in wyoming it she was banned why could i adopt her?

  15. Jay Says:

    @ Doug; these aren’t breeds that are banned, but more dogs that people are TRYING to ban. I doubt that this crap will actually happen, it’s insane…

  16. Linda G. Says:

    This list is utterly ridiculous! I’ve had 2 different Labs, a German Shepherd/Keeshond mix, a Fox Terrier, an English Mastiff/German Shepherd mix (who was the sweetest dog ever) and a Lab/German Shepherd mix. Not once did any of these dogs EVER bite anybody. Yes, some of these breeds are very protective of their families and if they feel threatened may bite. But that would not be an unprovoked act. Any dog that bites just to bite or because it’s mean, well that’s the owner’s fault for poor training and socializing.

  17. Carol M Says:

    This is silly! The problem is not the breed, but the wrong people having the dog. Some dogs – regardless of breed – require experienced handling.

  18. Barbara Hansen Says:

    I own pitts, they are the best dogs around. I wouldn’t change anything for the world. I don’t understand why this is being done. The people that owned these are the blame. I would own anyone of the dogs on this list and would love every minute of it. All they need is good owners and a little TLC. Quite picking on the dogs and start on the owners, it is the owners fault.

  19. kathy Says:

    I think the list is plain stupid,I don’t think ant breed should be banned,people are the idiots here
    Instead of wasting time creating this stupid list spend time going after those bastard that abuse,kill or mistreat dogs,go after those bastards that get does poor animals and force them to fight instead of getting a real job,
    That’s the reason this country is the way it is they spend time creating stupid ridicules laws instead of catching those a***** that do those terrible things to innocent animals I never had a pitbull or rottweiler but I will something all I got is a golden/cocker mix and a pure cocker spaniel and I love them to death but if I had a pitbull I will protect him no matter what against this idiots that instead of working and doing something good they spend time wasting tax payers money making stupid laws,stop banning breed and start banning owners ,you say that is not right discriminating a person but you are doing the same thing with these dogs
    I would go to jail first than letting this bastards take my dogs no matter what breed they are we live in a free country,we pay our taxes,we support our pets so they have no right to tell us what breed we can or can’t have

  20. kathy Says:

    Sorry for the mispelling words I am writing from the blackberry and can’t see half of the stuff I write don’t know why,I just check and saw the mess I wrote lol I know how to spell I just couldn’t see it haha

  21. Marla Says:

    GERMAN SHEPHERDS???? You mean police dogs should be on this list too???? The whole list is VERY stupid!!! I guess the people who are behind this list think police who need their dogs to help put criminals away should let the criminals go free and put these dogs away as criminals instead??!! None of these dogs are criminals!!! Why are they on a list like this and treated as if they are??!!

  22. Noah Says:

    St. Bernards?

    The dog bred to save and perserve human life in extreme conditions, and has done so – so successfully over the course of a century or more that the Saint prefix is no longer thought of as merely an indicator of where they were first bred, but has become a well earned title?

    (that was one rambling run-on)

    No one, and I mean no one will take my St Bernard from me.

  23. Chelsey Says:

    No, this list need to be burned. NONE of these dogs are evil, only the evil people who made the ‘bad’ It’s not the dog but the owner. This whole BSL sounds too much like what the Nazi’s did to the Jews and so to this I say the people who made this list are Nazi’s and should be treated as such. You leave our dogs alone you monsters, they have died in wars to protect us, they have died in the police force and all for love. They are not evil, they just have something the poeple who made this list don’t have, heart.

  24. sam Says:

    MY rotty is the sweetest darn dog you’ll ever see. Almost every dog on this list is a sweet and loving dog. Golden retrievers are considered one of the smartest breeds and are very popular seeing dogs for blind people because they are so easy to train. The only reason a dog bites is because it feels threatened, feels like its protecting its family (like every other living creature on the earth. We gonna ban them to?) or because it has been trained to. (Ie a police dog, WHICH happen to be great family dogs after work.)

  25. David Says:

    This list is so stupid. There are no bad dogs, just bad owners. My beautiful Tess is a staffy crossed with a german shepherd. She is sweetest and most timid dog. Very affectionate and perfect with my nephew and niece, even when they were toddlers.

  26. Cassandra Says:

    WOW!! I am stunned! This list is stupid. Saint Bernards are a soft mouth dog for one thing. And for another you can not blame any breed, its the owner!! We recently adopted a young boxer and he is the sweetest most lovable dog! He is so gently when it comes to taking food from the kids. It seems to me as I read through that list some one is a dog hater!

  27. Paula Says:

    This list and the restrictions that RESPONSIBLE pet owners face due to cruel, irresponsible owners is infuriating! It goes without saying that responsible dog owners & lovers are the ones that are penalized if they happen to own any of the “Bully” breeds. While the other irresponsible owners slide by! I own an Akita and a Rottie, and at one time had 3 Akitas, due to this my homeowners insurance is 4 times higher! I elected to keep my dogs and “pay the Price” rather than have them put down. But, unfortunately even tho I love these breeds when my two old dogs pass I wont be able to continue to have the breeds that I love. It infuriates me that my town is plaqued with pits as a status symbol of our youth, and no one suffers the consequences of this except responsible owners.By the way, I have nothing against any breed,I know pits to be sweet loving dogs, but in my area, the owners (not all) use them for fighting. It is very sad, my rights of choice have been taken from me and I highly resent it! Something needs to be done. My Rottie is an old girl and I love her dearly and would very much like to own another my Akita is a lap dog (he still believes that) protective and loyal. When you outlaw guns only the outlaws will have guns. The same is true with dogs. When you outlaw specific breeds only outlaws will have these breeds.

  28. Raydex Says:

    My pit bull cross is the sweetest, most timid, loving dog you’d ever meet. We often joke around about how if thieves came, he’d run up to them with his tail wagging (which, ironically seems to be true). He’s a total lapdog (which can be a little awkward, he’s about seventy or eighty pounds).

    Our other dog, a Lhasa Apsa Maltese poodle, not on this list, is a vicious psycho (at seven pounds, thank god) who we work tirelessly to calm down and train. She’s getting better <3 It's not the breed that really matters. Pit bulls were traditionally bred to be extremely nonviolent to humans, important, considering the treatment they were put through. :/

  29. Wends Says:

    Samoyeds? Really? Puffy white fluffballs of death. Who knew?

    Meanest dog I ever met was a flippin’ Chijuajua. Why aren’t they banned?

    BSL is retarded. My 14 pound tabby cat is more dangerous than a lot of these breeds. But of course, in an era of lacking personal responsibility, we have to blame the breed rather than the sh*t-for-brains owners who have not the time, dedication or resources to properly care for the dog they purchased. Feh.

  30. Cheri Stone Says:

    I can not believe that this list is even here or being consider. I have a boxer that is the biggest baby you would ever want to meet. When she meets anyone she wiggles from head to toe and cries :) This list makes me sick. I think we should have a list of people that should be banned starting with Micheal Vick! I can not understand this list and why someone would want to ban these beautiful animals.

    May heart goes out to all these babies. Ban the owner not the breed!!

  31. Erin Says:

    I find this list the stupidest list I have ever seen. I’m only in high school, but even I see the stupidity in this list. At my school, my vocation is Animal Management. We groom pets, mostly dogs. We get all breeds of dogs in. Including a mastiff. He was the nicest thing ever, a bit hyper, but lovable.

    Our teacher brings in her two dogs. A rottie and a Doberman. They’re nice dogs. They like begging for food.

    We’ve had labs in. One of which was a rescue dog…he was nervous around people, but was still the nicest dog ever. A giant great Dane came in too. Nice girl. Rescued as well. Wary of men, but never once tried to bite anybody.

    In fact, the only dog that I’ve seen try to bite us when we groom them is those prissy little ugly ratty dogs.

    This list must have been created by some prissy little idiot who carries around a prissy little dog in their prissy little purse. They want to ban the “big dogs” because they scare their “precious babies” and they won’t fit in their purses.

  32. Maria Says:

    People who make lists like this scare me. Why? Because it shows how bad our country is getting when it comes to animals.

    I am the daughter of a groomer, so I’ve seen a lot of dogs in my lifetime. Most of my favorites are a breed of dog on this list. I’ve never met a nasty pitbull that growled at me right away (there was one that growled at me, but I’d accidently sat on his tail.)

    I have no hope of ever counting the times that dogs on this list have licked my face until I cried. Most of them are really sweet unless they were abandoned/abused. When I was really little, I’d lock myself in crates with dogs like these and sleep with them.

    It just makes me really sad to realize there are people who believe these breeds are dangerous in one way or another. Me and my mom always say the same thing; ‘Lock up the owners who don’t train their dogs, as well as the idiots who continue to extend a hand to a dog growling at it. They’re the ones at fault, not the dog.’

  33. M Says:

    You don’t discriminate against something just because what you have heard about it from the media or what you hear from other ignorant bias people or because of the ones that weren’t raised in a good environment. It shouldn’t be up to you or anyone else who gets to live and die. Pit Bulls, were once the faces of USA. Bully breeds has out RANKED most other breeds of dogs in the ATTS Temperament Test –

    Proud owner or a American Pit Bull Terrier, Siberian Husky & Cat.

    People are always finding something new to be afraid of. You only got one chance at life.

  34. Michelle Says:

    Why isn’t the Yorkie on this? Or the Cocker Spaniel? Or the Dachshund? These dogs ARE vicious by NATURE majority of the time…As a groomer and have worked with almost all of those 75 breeds several times this list is SO WRONG about them and none of them ever tried to lay a nail on me I”ve been in a pitbulls, dobies, faces lovin all over them and they did nothing but give kisses an tail wags back..Its Owners NOT the dogs.

  35. Arawn Says:

    I have had akitas throughout my life. I now have 2. Can they be aggressive? Yes. Do they have high prey drives? Yes. Have any of my akitas ever hurt anyone? No. I know my dogs and I know their nature; therefore, I take appropriate precautions (i.e. training, leash, etc.). BTW, one of my akitas caught a neighborhood criminal for the police a few years ago. On the flip side, my current male helped a little girl in NY get over her fear of dogs. They’re big, they’re strong, they’re protective, and they’re the sweetest, most accommodating members of our family!! As for BSL: More often than not the breed of the owner is more of a problem than the breed of the dog.

  36. Rettopyrrah Says:

    This is absurd. People are much more violent than any dog, and we don’t go around killing them. Someone intentionally shoots your child… and you kill them, you get a life sentence… while they probably would only get two years. A dog bites the hand of a child while playing, it is an accident, and they still kill the dog. I would kill someone before I would let them take and kill my animals, because of some BAN!

  37. Rettopyrrah Says:

    I don’t have a dog, but my family does… we’ve always had shepards and pits… never have any of them been aggressive towards anyone. People passing these laws are the ones that need put down, not the animals.

  38. Sanguine Says:

    I have a husky of my own who loves people, and personally have never met one that was aggressive. My parents also own a pit bull who is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. I don’t believe that this was put together by people who actually interact with dogs. By looking at the comments so far, I think many agree.

  39. Leslie Says:

    Sorry, I’m cracking up right now. I have a breed of dog that I’m pretty sure is more aggressive and stronger than any of these breeds except the mastiff. And Guess what, he is not on the list… I would say his breed but I don’t want it added to the list. Let’s just say lions are no problem for him. Who made this list????? I can think of 4 others that should be on a list like this that are not. Can someone please tell me the last time they heard of a Golden Retriever mauling????? What are they doing on this list????

  40. Kelly Says:

    Oh the irony… First we can’t dock their tails, now they are going to ban our dogs.

    The freedoms of America are being taken away….. It’s time to pack my bags and move to London. Along with my VICIOUS rottweiler.

  41. Em Says:

    This ban is flipping retarded. I’ve owned Chow Chows, Australian Cattle Dogs, and Siberian Huskies. I’ve known Labs and Pits that were the sweetest animals you could possibly meet! My Siberian Husky plays with my Rat Terrier and he has never hurt her. He’s so gentle and just a big, fluffy oaf. My ACD loves people and has never been aggressive toward strangers. It’s ridiculous… really it is.

    Something I noticed… Blue Heelers and Australian Cattle Dogs are both listed… they’re the same breed. Blue Heeler is just another name for the ACD. The ACD come in blue and red, but they are the same dog. Much like a black lab and a chocolate lab are both labs, just different colors. Someone REALLY doesn’t know wtf they’re talking about…

    I do not have kids. I have dogs. If they come for my dogs… I will do everything in my power to prevent it. If I fail, they’ll have to take me, too.

  42. nikole Says:

    I dont even know where to start, i saw someone say the bsl is stupid and then say they can see why with the bully breeds… if you look up the history of the pit bull you will find several interesting facts. petey from little rascalls was a pit, they were military dogs, they were farm dogs, they are the dogs the settlers brought with them as hunters, herders, protection and companionship. with out the pit bull and breeds like it there wouldnt even be a usa. also, as vicious as the idiots who fought them were, they only bred dogs who they could rip apart from the fight and “take care” of them, also the men would swap dogs and handle them to make sure they werent greased up (cheating) dogs who showed any aggresion were taken out back and disposed of so a traditional pit bull is very NON aggressive towards people, the book also stated that the breeders of true pit bulls would have to have other “guard” dogs on teh premises so their dogs wouldnt get stolen because they would go with anybody.
    my sister has 3 pit bulls. none of them have ever made me think twice about being around them. my baby nephew lays on them jumps on them you name something a child does and these dogs have gotten it and never once has any of the dogs reacted in a negative way. ive watched him take a bone out of the dogs mouth walk over and hand it to the other take it back and hand it to another. ya real bad dogs…
    weve also had shepards great danes boxers in our family. among other dogs. ive worked in a vet hospital. had a chihuahua try and kill me slamming its head in to the steel bars of his cage making a noise ive never herd before. and all i did was walk by the room he was in. meanwhile a large male german shepard comes out of surgery misses his human so wont eat or take pain meds so hes in pain and im sitting in his cage with him petting and hugging him…
    to all those who are shocked that retreivers and labs are on the list? check your facts because they have WAY higher numbers in the bite department then the pits!
    i can go on and on for days but i wont…

  43. nikole Says:

    … i get so blood boiling angry i lose my head. totally forgot to mention my 2 favorite dogs ive ever owned. my 2 rotties. our first was female and the BEST dog ive ever had the pleasure of knowing. only time i ever saw any kind of aggresion was a man who we later found out had been arrested for rape. he got too close and she protected me. my second, a male, chased my cat out of curiousity and came out of it full of blood. his blood. from the gash in his nose. screaming running away. ya real vicious dog..
    bsl is bullshit. its a bunch of political idiots who know NOTHING about dogs. ive heard atleast one case of them either reversing or putting actions in to start a reversal on a bsl because they tested the knowledge against dna and most people who were saying o this is a breed thats banned or this breed is vicious they tested the dog and it wasnt even the breed they said.
    and ok forget about the fact that its stupid. why are we letting government have so much say? where does it end? when we are living in a world like the book 1984? or the giver? are we going for total government control? america is built on freedom and government not having total control and yet here we are letting them tell us what dogs we can own? dogs? i totally understand the lion/tiger/wild animal bans. but dogs? they have been our constant companions for thousands of years!

  44. Caitlin Says:

    I… just wow…
    I can’t believe some of these dogs are even on here. It really is the owner, not the dog. My mom had Chihuahuas growing up, and none of them were aggressive. My dad wants a Yorkie, and my mom is getting another Chihuahua and with the way they raise dogs, i know neither of them would be mean in anyway.

    I work with the owner of a Pit Bull, and when we talk about pets, she just sounds like the sweetest girl in the world.

    My cousin used to live next to someone with a male cocker spaniel with a nasty attitude (barked a lot, NEVER EVER BIT), but their rotty was a very sweet girl.

    I myself love and would hope to own a Shepard one day. This reaaaaaly stupid list gives me all the more reason to search the country over for one in a shelter.

  45. Caitlin Says:

    the chihuahua and yorkie comments were in reference to the commenters above that said they were more aggressive then the larger dogs XD
    just further proving the point that it is the owner, not the dog.

  46. Matthew Says:

    You know i think a man by the name of Adolf Hitler was doing this to. He hated Jewish people so well you know the rest.. Just cause you hate a breed of dog does not give you the right to exterminate it.

  47. Abby Says:

    Golden Retrievers?!?! They’re the sweetest dogs I’ve ever seen in my life.

  48. Nana Says:

    Oh get a grip! This list is stupid. Hey, I could turn a Chihuahua into a public menace and safety hazard if I treated it poorly enough. It doesn’t matter what the breed is. If you train it into an aggressive dog, it’ll be an aggressive dog regardless of if it’s a toy dog or a Mastiff. I suppose this list should be regarded more as an indicator of which breeds are most commonly poorly trained. And this is so discrimination against the GOOD dog owners who have kept their Rotts and Retrievers in good shape and have lovely pets.
    And what good will banning them do anyway? Why not pour all the money that’s going into this little insanity project, to providing free (and potentially compulsory if a pet is deemed “dangerous”) dog training and rehabilitation instead?
    Nitwits. Whoever came up with this BSL idea needs to get a life.

  49. Christina Says:

    I was very upset when i read this.. people should get their facts straight not all dogs that are these breeds are bad …. i bet if they had a day with my APBT they would fall in love hes lives with 3 young childern and another dog.. They are best friends and he is so calm and he loves people i have 2 daughters and a son and they lay on him and when my babahh cousin come over shes doesnt understand that she can’t be rude to him and she can’t bite him pull on himm her favorite thing to do is pull his tail and he just lays but looks at me with puupy eyes like mommy help .. and he is a funny dog and would never bite a person dog ect. i dont understand why your destroying the breed and not the deed … maybe you should go and see how many people in this world fight dogs and make them mean and then make you choice but you have no eduaction on how these people (dig fighter,abusers) treat these dogs and bring them up to be mean … PUNISH THE DEED NOT THE BREED !

  50. Satan Says:


  51. Kat Says:

    WOW – all those banned breeds – boy am I in trouble now, lol. My Saint Bernard is such a killer – he snores, drools and snores some more. Yeah, ban him from existence – NOT!

  52. James Says:

    Did anyone actually read the story? No one is putting out a masterlist of banned breeds, it is simply a list of dogs that are banned in at least one place in the country.

  53. Dee Says:

    BSL Who do you think you are naming all these dogs i have 2 Pure bred American Pit bulls that are friendlier then snot. I would take them over some of the other dog that haven’t been named for it don’t matter what the breed is it all depends on the surrounding and the up bringing and the training that owner presents. I have a 18 month old and these dogs are as gentle as dogs can be at the best. For some one that always thought bad things bout pit bulls bulls dogs u name it I personally can say that its all crap and you guys need to wake up and realize what this is doing to the dogs and owners. BSL you are only making the dogs and owners look like they are not worthy and they are it takes alot of guts to be apart and once apart you never let go so stop writing shit about dogs cause the only people that are making fools of them selfs are you guys

  54. Brooke Says:

    This list is absolutely ridiculous. So what they want us to do is own small dogs only? Great danes, labs, and retrievers? C’mon people. Those three are some of the most loveable big babies ever. I have a great dane and a golden retriever. Both of who sleep IN BED with me. My dane is a huge wuss and runs from just about everything.

  55. LG Says:

    I can somewhat understand why people would be afraid of big and strong dogs, but come on… PUGS?!

  56. melissa Says:

    Even GOLDEN RETRIEVERS are on this list. WTF? And labs? Really? More small dogs bite then big! OMG. this is…absolutely ridiculous…

  57. Robin Says:

    THIS is an OUTRAGE! I think we should take all of these banned breeds to a new doggy park at 1600 Pensilvania Ave. and let them romp around on the White House grass!!!

  58. someone who can read Says:

    To half the people commenting, READ! This is not a list of “bad dogs”. This was not written by someone who doesn’t like dogs. This is a list of dogs that are either banned or are in the process of being banned in various (NOT ALL) parts of this country, AS WE SPEAK! That means RIGHT NOW! They’re not asking your opinion if they should be banned and if you think the list is stupid, then you don’t even know what the list was for. If you think it’s not right to have these dogs banned, quit bitching about the list and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! TAKE ACTION! CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN! PETITION! For God’s sake, do something other than sit at the computer and whine about someone doing the research and compiling the list for you so you can gripe about life not being fair. I’m pretty sure that’s not what the list is for. QUIT READING ALREADY! GO!

  59. Jana Rade Says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing ever. We are heading to what I was saying – to time when no dog bigger than Chihuahua would be allowed. Let’s stop this nonsense!

  60. Aderik Says:

    I hope you all know what your saying about blaming the owners. Cause the flip side would be that instead of blaming the breeds, they would have to blame the owners. Which means you will probably have to register your dogs with the government, have them have all the shots and all the requirements to keep them healthy. That means that any and all breeding will have to be registered and where the pups go to will have to be registered. So with costs for registering, making sure every dog has their shots, costs for accidental breeding, then the costs for a course or two that certifies you as a capable owner, which would be required, you can say good bye to all the young and poor pet owners who can’t spend 1000+$ on a pet in one go.

    I agree with everything you all say, blaming the animal for it’s inherent traits is silly, but if your going to ‘stop the nonsense’ then you should really start coming up with an alternative that will not prevent teenagers or middle-income families from owning these dogs, resulting in further and more widespread outrage when unregistered or slightly unhealthy dogs are taken from their owners because they failed to complete their require course or follow the proper procedure.

    The reason this list is here is because there is an inherent danger, not just now, but of when the dogs live past their prime and get frightened of going blind, deaf, or getting hurt and end up snapping.

    Lets stop this nonsense, lets think, and come up with an ALTERNATIVE, cause the only one I see is further limitations on who can own the dog, which dips into your precious ‘human rights’. Think of a plan that won’t cost millions, submit it to the government, and hope for the best.

  61. Tisha Says:

    The problem is with the owners and not the animals. The need is in educating owners of dog and specific breeds behaviors. I have two dogs on this list, a Australian Cattle Dog (aka Blue Heeler) and a German Shepherd. Both these breeds are highly intelligent and are known for their protective behavior. We live in the mountains and our dogs protect our farm from coyotes and such. Our Cattle dog would never hurt any person or other dog, but she will hurt other animals, especially chickens. For this reason she is not allowed in the fenced area of our farm yard. Our German Shepherd would not hurt any other animal but does not like strangers, especially men. I know this because of their behavior when in these situations. When we have someone come to our house we meet them outside before they get out of the car to insure their safety. Once we accept someone into our home, he also accepts them too. I did not train these dogs to be this way, it is part of their disposition/personality. I have never seen such dedication and love these two dogs have for our family, especially my youngest son who is 11yo. I got them for these reason.

    Info on dog behavior and body language is very helpful. When you can understand their language, even the very smallest ones, it significantly helps to train the dog to his best behavior.

    My solution: Education requirements for dog owners or maybe breed specific owners before purchase, including dog behavior and breed characteristics. This could make better dog owners and detour the wrong owner/wrong dog combination.

  62. Byron Says:

    These bans are pure stupidity. I owned a Greman Shepherd that was only dangerous if my wife or children were threatened. The next door neighbor had a black Lab that tried to bite everyone he could reach. He managed to get into our yard one night and we didn’t know it until our six year lod son let our Shepherd out. The Lab went after our son, and the shepherd killed him. The first time he had ever shown dog aggression. I had to hire an attorney to keep our shepherd from being put down as a public danger.
    That is when I decided that the politicians that set rules on dogs are idiots. I can see doing something about a raging beast that wants to kill everything it can reach, but to paint a dog that is protecting it’s family with the same brush is total abuse of power with no thought of common sense.

  63. Susan Goddard Says:

    Curious about the source or sources of the list? Know pitbulls were/are banned in Denver. Response is: The bottom line is dogs aren’t the problem… People are. If you don’t want to put in the time, the training, the clean-up duty, the love, the devotion, the money, the heartache, then don’t get a dog – or any pet for that matter.
    These lists are ridiculous.

  64. Layla Says:

    I have a beagle-pit bull-boxer-bulldog mix named Bandit. He is the sweetest dog I’ve ever seen, besides my Chihuahua. Bandit is a loving family dog and if this ban is passed, which I don’t think it will be, I will never give up my dog because the “law” says so. It’s the owner’s fault, not the dog’s! Who’s ever idea it was to ban these 75 dogs obviously have no brain.

  65. max goodman Says:

    wtf these dog need loving homes and the homes that need to love them and then this list’s would be smart. are they going to ban cats they bite, and claw you all the time

  66. TheDefender Says:

    Do not worry TOO much, word of this has spread. I only know of one place, but it’s a big one: The Dragon Cave Forums. I plan to spread it too. This is outrageous. This is taking a dog’s life without appropriate “due process of law.” BSL IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL! ELIMINATE IT! And do NOT let it get to Maryland! Because Rotweillers are on that list, and one of my NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS has one. And PUGS? That is such an OUTRAGE!

  67. Diane Says:

    I believe to get started on fixing this problem is find out if your mayor, governor, senator or congressman has a dog. Find out if {their} dog is on this list. I think if we political backing, and stricter laws for the [bad owners} we may get somewhere. This list was put together by people that don’t understand that it’s not the dogs fault. It’s the owners fault. Plain and simple, any dog can be trained to be vicious. Schools that train dogs to lead the blind use German Shepherd’s, Golden’s and Labs. What will they do if those dogs are all eliminated.

  68. Leslie Says:

    Huh? That list is just outrageously ridiculous, like a bad joke. Most of what’s listed there are good, loving dogs. If implemented, soon they’ll add each and every breed till dogs are extinct. Which makes me really wonder, who made the list?

  69. Zig Says:

    How come Cocker Spaniels aren’t on the list? They can be very, very aggressive and several trainers and vets concur.

  70. Jennifer Says:

    OK, I have a Pug, in the past I have also owned 3 Pit bulls, I had gotten the Pit Bulls when I was living in Baltimore in 2001-2003. 2 of the 3 I had were in the shelter and I had to have a pissing contest with the shelter, I sat there one day for 9 hours until they let me have Vega, he was 5 years old, non-aggressive and was being put down simply because of his breed, then there was Gizmo, a blue nose pup, he was about to be put down at 10 weeks old simply because of his breed, then the 3rd was a little girl name Diamond, she was a lab/pit mix, she followed me everywhere and I do mean everywhere, she even hoped in the shower when I took one. Anyways, every person in America has heard of racial profiling, this is that at it’s worst. You are going to point out breeds simply because you feel as though they may hurt someone. Not one of my 3 Pit bulls died alone. I was right there beside them like they were beside me for so many years. My Pug Asa is an only child here with me back in Maine, I would not change a thing about him….So Sad, dont let Lennox’s death be in vain. We need to stop the need less slaughter of dogs because of their race. It is sooo crazy.I pray that there will be no more killing of innocent animals, give them a test to see if they are adoptable, and let families have a chance to adopt them.

  71. Jamie Says:

    Don’t these yutz people who invented this crazy list realize that its how the dog is raised? Im a proud owner of a bulldog who has never had a mean hair on his body. People should no the number one rule with ANY dog is don’t approach or try to pet without permission first. I also don’t see greyhound on that silly list. I was once bitten by one of those. Any animal is capable of biting.Its horrible how they could just kill a dog just because its on some list…come on they have labs and golden retrievers on that list…ridiculous I’ve never even heard of one attacking any one They are such sweet dogs. It seems like its the big dogs that are on that list. I know different types of small dogs That are mote aggressive then that. We should have rights as americans to own whatever breed We want. The person who invented this idea is downright DUMB!

  72. aj Says:

    what the hell..a siberian husky and alaskan malamute on the list, i own a rescued 9 month old siberian husky and hes the loveliest dog..doesnt jump up and is daft as a brush. I think this list is just bs.

  73. Linda Says:

    We have raised Labrador retrievers for many years, they are listed number 55 on this ridiculous list. Labs are one of the most mild mannered dogs in the world and are notorious for being gentle family dogs. They may bark, but they rarely will bite, if ever. However, any dog will bark at strangers in which they do not know. Not one of our dogs has ever been vicious or bitten anyone, and labs are great with other animals such as cats and bunnies. We have 3 dogs, but only one stays inside, and I have a house rabbit as well, the dog will often cuddle with the cat or rabbit. They love each other and are no threat to one another, except my bunny bit our dog on the tail before, and all the dog did in response, is get up and move to another spot. The bunny was just play nipping.we have never witnessed the dogs ever be vicious. They simply do there job of barking at a stranger, they respond to their owners, if the owner reacts, then the dog reacts because the dog senses something is not normal. This list of so called vicious dogs is clearly written by a person who dislikes or fears any and all dogs. Perhaps the author of the list had a bad experience, but it still does not excuse the poor lack of knowledge. I suppose any dog can scare a dog shy person, but let’s get real here, most of the dogs listed are not Vicious.

  74. Melissa C Says:

    Pfft. Beagles are worse than pit bulls. Want proof? Go to where they test hundreds of dogs for human interactivity. BSL is just plain BS.

  75. Becca Says:

    So basically , they just put all the big breeds on there including all the Terriers? WOW! How stupid…

  76. Dominique Says:

    RIGHT, now you ALL care because your special “BREED” of dog is on the list.
    My American Pitbull terrier and man others have been framed, taken from families just because of what they LOOK like.

    Hey , welcome to our hell.

  77. jamie Says:

    Seriously… labs? I’ve owned labs my whole life and they are the best family dog. My coon Hound, who’s not on the list, worries me alot more t

    hen my labout.

  78. Roxanne Says:

    THIS LIST IS COMPLETE BULLCRAP ! I had 2 Rottweilers and a German Shepherd, that were gentle giants. However Pomeranian is not on the list and it should be – my pomeranian is more visious, unstable and unpreditable then all three of my big dogs put together….

  79. Judith Loudon Says:

    What absolute bulls!!! there are breeds on here nearly all of them that shouldnt be on the list, I have had aussie shepherds, keehonds, sheepdogs, what absolute rubbish, you should be looking at owners not the dogs. You might as 2well banish ALL dogs as that looks like the way your heading. Complete rubbish. Whoever wrote this list must hate ALL dogs.

  80. deb Says:

    My besutiful Blue Heeler boy was a loyal and gentle baby from the day I was lucky enough to have him in my life, unyil 14 years latet when he passed away. He never ever was aggressive, but if he decided he didn’t like a dog or a person, he p….d on their foot. He did this on at least 5 – 6 occasionsin his perfect life. I believe he was the most special friend I could of ever had. When he was about 9, hr made babies with another bluey. we got the runt of that litter, as he was a runt also. We now have a second perfect beautiful Blue Heeler….. I believe I am lucky to have these dogs in my life. My blueys are loved by all who meet them.

  81. VioletWhirlwind Says:

    These legislations are absolutely rediculous…Goldens? Labs? Ausies? Seriously? Why don’t we just outlaw ALL breeds while we’re at it? *sarcasm*

    I have worked as a groomer’s asistant…More often it’s the smaller breeds that end up being unmanageable…There was a yorkie waiting in one of the kennels that went crazy, mainly because I was new and he didn’t recognize me. I was bitten (not hard enough to break skin) by what looked to be some kind of basset-mix. I don’t see either of those on that list.

    Any dog will bite if it feels threatened/cornered. That’s no reason to put a ban on any specific breed.

    The breeds listed here all seem to be either large, or short-faced…or both. This definitely seems similar to racial-profiling to me.

    And the “fighting” dogs? The poor things don’t have a choice. The owners are the ones that make them fight.

  82. Brody Says:

    i wish that they didnt do this

  83. Danielle Says:

    My mini dachshund is worse than my half mastiff and lab.. She’ll bite your ankles if she doesn’t know you. He on the other hand will push on you until he is petted.. He’s my big love able guy…

  84. Sarah Says:

    Complete idiots.

  85. Lois Patton Says:

    Any dog can be dangerous if it is raised wrong. I have had as many as 8 Boston Terriers at one time. They are very people loving and fun dogs. To ban them would be a shame!

  86. Samantha Says:

    Damn! This list is insane along with those who wrote it! I work as a veterinary technician and majority of these dogs are not a threat. Most times it is fear driven or irresponsible owner that knows nothing or trains their dog bad behavior. I have a pit mix and she is the sweetest girl – would never harm a fly unless you think licking is a danger. I also have an American Eskimo and an Alaskan Klee Kai which is a shiba inu/husky cross and they are all the exact same. People need to find something better to complain about and learn the facts first!

    *We don’t ban cars for drunk drivers, why ban breeds for irresponsible or crappy owners?*

  87. Susan Says:

    Really? My dachshunds are more aggressive than my Catahoula!! Suprised I dont see my Blackmouthed Cur, he looks a lot more like a bully than most on this list. People need to do research on animals and their personalities before making a blanket ban! Glad I live in the country and nobody can tell me what I can and Cant have!!

  88. Sara Says:

    OMG WTF i have a German Shepard i dare these bitches to come TRY and take my dog from me they step foot on my property and they will wish they hadn’t cause i’ll have every right to protect myself and my house AND my Dog THIS LIST IS STUPID!!

  89. Susan Buckner Says:

    When my children were young a female friend brought a man acquaintance over for a visit. “Judge”, my large male Rottie would not relax. Very unusual behavior for him after a welcomed greeting . His hair stayed on end, he would not lay down. He stayed close and kept this man in his sight until he left.

    Not long after, police found the diary of a child molester and in it was an entry about that specific night confessing about his feelings and noting that “only the dog knew”.

    Thank you Judge. You were a great member of our family. We miss you always.

  90. Dawn Says:

    The vast majority of the dogs on this list are large dogs. When large dogs bite, more damage is caused and more frequently reported. It goes to show (not just now but through out history) that people have a hysterical attitude towards so-called “vicious breeds” and would rather elimate the breed rather than punish the dog’s owner. “Better safe than sorry” attitude. In the 1800′s the Bloodhound was feared. Closer to our time, in the 1970′s St. Bernard’s were targeted (which is why they are on the list). This decade it is “Pitbulls” (or anything which might resemble a pitty). It amazes me that the “powers” that be in any government can’t figure out that BSL doesn’t work! They would have to ban ALL animal ownership as every animal species has the capability of seriously harming/killing a person!

  91. Everett Ward Says:

    What an absolute bunch of bull….who created this list…a bunch of morons? I have two Newfoundlands that are absolutely wonderful–I’ve had Alaskan Malamutes that were also tremendous dogs. This list is absolute junk!

  92. Holli Weter Says:

    This list is rediculous. I have a Boston and she is wonderful as are most of the other breeds on this list when properly trained and cared for.

  93. wendy Says:

    really, you should look at the owners of these dogs, some breed mixes show traits of particular breeds,each dog is different and therefore cannot be catagorized in one specific breed, best dogs in the world for me are the mixes, they may vary but you caqn determine at a young age their specific temperament, give them a chance to have a life too

  94. Pam Says:

    I am the proud owner of an English Bull Mastiff and let me tell you he is the most gentle dog in the world!!! He’s good with kids and even cats so whoever put this list together is crazy!!! Sounds like they hate animals instead you should have a list of names of people that mistreat dogs…

  95. Jennifer Says:

    This whole thing is pretty stupid. I am the proud mommy of a blue heeler/ great pyrenees mix and a pure bred siberian husky. If this were to ever get like how Denver treated pitbulls I will die before my babies die. I will fight for their rights. They are the pure souls that do not have a voice, and for this reason we have to be their voice. My father owns 2 pitbulls and they are the sweetest dogs ever. My mother owned a shar-pei/ pitbull mix who in my eyes was the greatest dog in the world. I can not believe that people are so quick to judge the breeds and they do not do their research on any of them. I have problems with my grandmother when she is so againct me possibly getting a german sheppard. However I understand that she fears that type of breed because she was attacked by a german sheppard as a young lady. That dog attack was due to a crappy dog owner. But at least she made that opinion based off of a life experience. I personally hate people that get animals (any type of animal) and can not afford to do the simple things like keeping up with their shots or take them to the vet when needed or who do not give a shit about the pet population and not opt to get their dog fixed. My father had his female pitbull breed with another pitbull. When the dog had puppies he found homes for all of them. And right now one of the people who adopted one of the puppies can not take care of that dog anymore. Since my father is a responicible person he had taken that dog back in until the other owner can reach a point to where he can take the dog back. Will the other guy come back for his dog? My father does not care, he will take care of the dog for the rest of that dogs life if that is what it takes. That is the type of people that should be pet owners. But then you get the people that want the joy of owning a pet and just tie them up in the yard and forget about them. Or you have those type of people that fight dogs as a sport. Dog fighters should be put to death anyways or at least serve life in prison. BLAME THE OWNERS NOT THE BREED!!!

  96. Lisa Says:

    This is stupid. Dogs can be aggressive, but that’s the fault of the owners for not training them. Great Pyrenees are sweet dogs, as far as the 5 I know. If they are restricted in DC, I am going to go yell are the idiotic MORONS who invented this STUPID ‘idea’.

  97. Julie JO Says:

    I saw this coming when the breed list was just at 25 of them, and warned my fiends and everyone that their would be alot more dogs added because the d People that are trying to pass BSL just don’t like dogs. I can guarentee that not one of them has owned any of these breeds, because if they did, there would not even be a list. The other thing is that the pounds and Peta, and even the Humane Society is making money from the literal extermination of our pets. They put the renderings in dog and cat food and feed them to whatever other animals that will eat them. The whole thing makes me sick. We all have got to stand up for our rights as good pet owner’s and stop BSL before it goes any further. THERE ARE NO BAD DOGS, ONLY BAD OWNERS. Write your congressmen, the mayor, whoever, to stop them from taking our rights away! Just stupid.

  98. melanie jenkins Says:

    Great Pyrneese REALLY???!!! They R known as The “Gentle” Giant… Whoever makes these Bull Shit Laws needs 2 get lost & found by AT LEAST 1 breed listed…. They r just Bull Shit Laws….

  99. Justin Says:

    A dog is a dog. Doesn’t matter on the breeds it all matters on how ppl raise it. That’s thats. If u do t like pit bulls them we as pit bull owners Dont like u

  100. Michele Tingley Says:

    This is by far the most insane list I have seen in long, long time!!! We are right back to basics…doesn’t matter whether human or animal, all of them react to the way they were raised, ie; if raised with love, they love back. If raised with violence, they learn violence. If backed into a corner, ANY human or animal will defend itself. The only I agree with, is that dogs should be matched with your lifestyle. For example, a dog that needs lots of exercise, should not be confined to an apartment living situation. If you do not have the room, a large dog is not for you. Some dogs are not comfortable around children\ Choose wisely!!! As far as judging by the looks of the dog, such as the pug was used as an example…why don’t we judge people the same way??? Oh, he has big nose , so he must be mean…he is broad shoulders so he is aggressive….. I could go on and on and on. I just wish the STUPID people who post these things would do their research first. Remember, in America, we are innocent until proven guilty, and this should include animals!!!

  101. amanda Says:

    This list is rediculous. I own 4 dogs and there all well trained marshmallows. My largest is my St.Bernard Jupiter. He is 227 pounds of love. I. Have a 3 year old daughter who rides him like a poney. Whoever made this list should spend some time around dogs who have good owners and then start punishing the people and stop blaming the dogs.

  102. Becky Says:

    To play devil’s advocate, perhaps the ban is not because because of the dog’s behavior, but because of the dog’s needs. Larger breeds need room to run, are protective, can break through fences more easily and cause more damage. My Aussie’s are my life, my rotties were the sweetest, most loving dogs on the planet. I’ve had doberman’s and labs. All were well behaved. All had 13 acres to roam and run too. Aussies and dobies are a bit hyper for apartment living.

  103. sharon shaw Says:

    Omg that list is insane there shouldnt be ANY list , whoevers responsible for the idea , originally of trying to get these dogs banned by law is more delusional than ive ever been and im a schizophrenic with bipolar !

  104. Bruce Clarke Says:

    My wife and I have 3 rescue dogs, A Yorkie, Cockapoo, and a Bull Mastiff/Pitty cross and the worst of all 3 is the little Yorkie, but we trust these dogs around our granddaughter. The Bull Mastiff will lick you to death in fact! These morons that make up the BSL lists are probably those that have been traumatized by such things as stuffed toys that look like dogs…or had dogs that they were not allowed to play with.

  105. Jaimi Blake Says:

    BSL is one of the stupidest things that exist it shouldn’t exist. I have a doberman/German Shepard mix and she’s a loveable girl especially with kids I also have a Rottweiler/border collie/husky mix right now he’s a bit of a wimp but very loveable. BSL was made by someone who doesn’t know or like dogs and is fearful of dogs

  106. Melli Says:

    How are pugs considered bully breed? They are the sweetest dogs that you can have. Besides that even if you wanted a pug to be a bully or a guard dog the most that would happen is they would yap at your leg. They can’t even hurt anyone. What the heck!

  107. laura Says:

    A PUG? Really? My pug as with every Pug I have ever known are lovable goofballs. It is the Owner’s who make our dogs.

  108. Tracy Says:

    This is crazy I have a pug he barks to meet you but sweetest pup ever he is a licker wouldn’t hurt anyone… This bsl is more like bs

  109. Ken Cameron Says:

    14 years ago my wife had a cat It was terrible it attacked people including it’s family. I got a dog it was a bouvier we had Milton for 10 years till we lost him to cancer he never attacked anyone or bit anyone. We then got Louie another bouvier he doesn’t attack people either He is now 8 years old and attack free We then we got a second dog Ruby she is also a bouvier 19 months old and surprize she has never attacked anyone either.Bouviers are big gentle giants that are kind and loving dogs that are trustworthy herding dogs. who made this list up the cats protection league most of the dogs on this list are not aggressive breeds. The most common bitters are those little yappie punting dogs.

  110. Shaun pelham Says:

    Wat the hell pug seriousely? We have 6 dogs all together, a big teddy bear named JJ who is a great prenises and beagle mix, a pug missy ur 2 sons and a daughter who are all chugs and a long haired chiwawa. And yea sum may bark but they ARE HARMLESS. Ive never even heard of a pug attacking any1. And i agree 99% is the owners and how they raise their pets as to the demeanor

  111. David Stimpson Says:

    I own 2 German Sheperd Dogs who are working dogs for the disabled (Service dogs)I would hate to think of my reseption if I ever visited the USA on holiday with one of them. Taking one of your list BANDED dogs into shopping malls and resurants.

  112. Donald Wiley Says:

    All three breeds in our home are on this list. RIDICULOUS! We have 5 children, 3 who are special needs. We do not leave our children unsupervised with dogs. Not because we don’t trust them, but they are animals. Every breed has it’s day.

  113. Samantha O'Sullivan Says:

    Absolutely shocking. I live in London GB and have never heard of such twaddle. However, reading the list of breeds I was Shocked to see that the Rhodesian Ridgeback Isn’t listed. After all, this was one of the breeds that was Originally on the Dangerous Dog list. Before the Pit Bulls. Absolutely absurd.!!!!!

  114. Gina Says:

    What the hell! I agree with you guys here. My sister owns an English bulldog and it is the softest dog I have ever met. My sister’s 1yr old son is just learning to walk and has fallen over onto Pearl, the dog, numerous times. Pearl even helped him to balance! She has been scratched loads of times by the cats and never retaliates. She lives for food, cuddles and belly rubs! Why is her child-friendly breed on this list? She gets along with my energetic English springer spaniel, autumn; who is also on this list though she never bites and the kids love her. What is the world coming to? English bulldogs are the number one recommended family dog! This list was made by an idiot!

  115. User Says:

    Why the hell is the Labrador retriever on the list they are one of the most calmest dogs … mine, believe it or not is actually my service dog she can be around any type human age doesn’t matter she can be around cats and dogs of all ages and breeds and she is a huge cuddlebug

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