9/11 Police Dog Wins Cloning Contest

July 5th, 2008 by Dan

A search and rescue German Shepherd named Trackr won the “Best Friends Again” contest being held by BioArts International. The prize? Trackr is going to be cloned. Bio Arts International claims to hold the sole license to clone dogs, cats and other animals.

Trackr is owned by James Symington, a retired Canadian police officer. The pair were amongst the first to arrive at Ground Zero and Trackr located the last human survivor found in the rubble. Trackr is now an impressive 15 years of age, but suffers from a degenerative neurological disorder that impairs his use of his back legs. The disorder may have been caused by inhaling toxic fumes at Ground Zero. Bio Arts says that Symington should have his Trackr clone by the end of the year.

Symington and Trackr

Photo by Skynews.com

Others can have their dogs cloned by the company as well. Bio Arts is holding an auction to fill cloning spots. Bids begin at $100,000.

While this dog may be a carbon copy of this canine hero – I hope his owner (and others) realize that his personality was based on every experience he had since his moment of birth. While this dog may look exactly like Trackr – he won’t *be* Trackr.

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