Recalled Heartworm Prevention Back On The Market

June 12th, 2008 by Dan

Fort Dodge Animal Health just reintroduced ProHeart 6 after the drug was voluntarily recalled in 2004. ProHeart 6 is currently the only heartworm preventative that protects dogs for 6 continuous months. It is administered via injection. Due to the fact that owners don’t have to remember to give monthly heart worm preventative pills, it was a popular choice when it was available. Unfortunately the drug was causing some very serious adverse reactions in some dogs, including seizures, bleeding disorders, loss of coordination and even death.

While the FDA is allowing the drug back on the market after additional studies, testing and reformulation by Fort Dodge, it is done so with some restrictions. Veterinarians who are interested in carrying ProHeart have to register with Fort Dodge and undergo a special online training session.

While It may be more convenient to give your dog a 6 month injection so you don’t have to remember that monthly chew, I would rather stick to a safer product for the time being.

Dog Takes Heartworm Preventitive

Photo by Sonny and his Humans

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