Reality TV at its most absurd – Puppy Weddings!?!

June 26th, 2008 by Dan

I’m not a frequent watcher of Wetv (Women’s Entertainment Television), but I was recently informed by a friend that they are putting together what might be one of the most ridiculous examples of reality programing that I have been subjected to (though “Flavor Of Love” was pretty damn bad!).

Dachshund In Wedding Dress

Photo by geckoam

“We love weddings AND puppies, so we’ve decided to marry the two!”, is the catch phrase of “Puppy Weddings“, a web based television show on the website. You can watch the “webisode” with the full story of their “romance” and then click on their wedding album for still shots of the big day.

Enough is enough people. Did these dogs consent to be brought together in holy matrimony?

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