Pug Owners Do The Strangest Things….. 17 Photos of Dressed Up Pugs!

June 23rd, 2008 by Dan

I have noticed that Pug owners are a special bunch. Besides being passionate about their little grunting companions, they also seem to have another obsession – dressing their dogs up. Does clothing make the pug? These people certainly think so! Check out this collection of “well dressed” (and some not so well dressed!) Pugs! (these are some TOLERANT dogs!!)

Butterfly Pug:

Butterfly Pug

Photo by troy junkin stuff

Pug in Burberry:

Pug In Burberry

Photo by TxTamz

Pug Puppy in Fleece:

Fleece Pug Puppy

Photo by my_eye

Michael Jackson? Pug:

Michael Jackson Pug and Friend

Photo by istolethetv

Pug In Pink Dress:

Pug In Pink Dress

Photo by blamstur (on the road for a couple weeks)

Pug Dressed As An Espresso Machine:

Espresso Machine Pug

Photo by dslrnovice

Poncho Pug:

Poncho Pug

Photo by libby_porker

Chinese Take-Out Pug:

Take-Out Pug

Photo by istolethetv

Cozy Pug in Pink:

Winter Pug In Pink

Photo by curtp

Jack Sparrow Pug:

Jack Sparrow Pug

Photo by thisissue

Pug Pup In Cow Dress:

Pug Puppy in Cow Dress

Photo by romeo’s mom

Hoodie Pug:

Photo by stacykay

Mexican Wrestler Pug:

Mexican Wrestler Pug

Photo by chris_wass

Pugs In Rain Gear:

Pugs Ready For Rain

Photo by djdau

Pug In A Sweater Vest:

Sweater Vest Pug

Photo by bex743

Lion Pug:

Lion Pug

Photo by fasita

Oscar The Grouch Pug:

Oscar The Grouch Pug

Photo by eightdotthree

9 Responses to “Pug Owners Do The Strangest Things….. 17 Photos of Dressed Up Pugs!”

  1. breanna Says:

    you guys need more pics of black pugs and holloween costumes

  2. Atiana Otero Says:

    The pug that looks like Jack Sparow is so cute i wanna pug so bad!!!!!!!

  3. ishita Says:

    pugs r jussss soooo cute! god they r so adorable!!!!! but black ones r not as cute as da rest but i’m proud 2 b a pug owner!! luv them!!

  4. Naria Says:

    Awesome baby! I love pugs like the morning sun!!!

  5. cait Says:

    so cute!!!!!!!!!!!
    love it

  6. laura Says:

    i have a black pug and she just as cute as any other one. i love takin care of her. they say its hard to train a black one but its not i trained her fast. i showed her 4 times and now she does it. they r all cute. love them all. goin to get another one which will be a fawn one. cant wait.

  7. IKnowAnimals Says:

    oscar the Grouch pug looks frightened, and looks like he got a bad person.

  8. juanita Says:

    so cute dress up i have a pug he is so cute……….

  9. IamLizzzie Says:

    i have a fawn pug =] shes so funny and stuborn! im still looking for clothes for her i want a pug outfit!! i saw a piccy on the internet of a fawn pug dressed up as a fawn pug!! LOL!! =D

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