Product Review: Canine-Camper Portable Soft-Sided Folding-Tent Dog Crate

June 13th, 2008 by Dan

I like to travel with my dogs, especially in the summer! While Reef hasn’t used a crate in many years, Lucian still needs the confines of a crate at certain times, especially in unfamiliar places. Lugging around his giant metal crate is not only tedious, but extremely heavy! Last year I discovered the Canine Camper soft sided crate by Midwest and it made the process of traveling so much easier!

The Canine Camper is made of 600 denier woven polyester and is very strong – it does not feel flimsy at all even though they are considerably lighter than metal crates! (the Extra Large weighs-in at about 30 lbs!) It sets up easily in a matter of seconds and folds down into a neat travel tote with a handle for easy carrying. The “tent” has great ventilation with large windows on both sides as well as on the back and on the door. Each of the screened openings also has a shade you can roll up or down. The crate comes with a soft faux-sheepskin mat that covers the floor to make things cozy inside and the whole thing can be wiped down with a moist towel. For you “hardcore” campers, the tent even comes with tie-down stakes and storage pouches on the side for extra gear. While the crate is well made, it shouldn’t be used for dogs with chewing issues or puppies who are still in that chewing stage.

Wiem In Canine Camper

The Canine Camper comes in a variety of sizes to fit every dog! Midwest even offers a 1 year warrenty on this product.

* Click Here To Purchase an EXTRA LARGE Canine Camper (48 by 31 by 35 inches)

* Click Here To Purchase a LARGE Canine Camper (43 by 28 by 32 inches)

* Click Here To Purchase a MEDIUM Canine Camper (25 by 18 by 21 inches)

* Click Here To Purchase a SMALL Canine Camper (18 by 15 by 16 inches)

* Click Here To Purchase an EXTRA SMALL Canine Camper (12 x 10 x 10 inches)

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