Owners Of Banned Breeds in Dublin, Ireland Get A Second Chance

June 14th, 2008 by Dan

Owners of 10 banned breeds in Dublin, Ireland are getting a second chance at lawfully keeping their pets. The ban was enacted last July and in order to get a reprieve, owners must have had their dogs before July 1st, 2007. The new plan promotes responsible pet ownership. In order to keep one of the restricted breeds, owners must license their dogs, have them neutered or spayed as well as micro-chipped by September of 2008. They also must be muzzled and always leashed when in public. The restricted breeds in Dublin are as follows: American Pit Bull Terrier, Bullmastiff, Doberman Pinscher, Bull Terrier, German Shepherd, Japanese Akita, Japanese Tosa, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rottweiler and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Pit Bull With Muzzle

Photo by franknorquay

12 Responses to “Owners Of Banned Breeds in Dublin, Ireland Get A Second Chance”

  1. Neil Bartlett Says:

    Its great they are starting to seriously promote safe and responsible ownership.

    It is everyone’s rights to own a dog but they should always make sure they don’t harm others. I hate owners that are not responsible and even neglect to train their dogs.

  2. Juan Says:

    I think that it’s not right to neuter a dog that is not aggressive. How would you like it if they cut off your testicles like these dogs?

  3. Curtis Cunningham Says:

    @Neil Bartlett – the article says that dogs should be leashed and muzzled. It’s says *nothing* about those dogs being trained.

    Exactly which part of the article do you think is great and are agreeing with?

    I have a pit bull mix, and she has never even looked at a human being in a funny way, let alone growled or threatened to bite anyone. I take her out into an open park every day to socialize her and I don’t have any problems at all. I trust her completely with children.

    She needs *NO* muzzle around humans, at all. Why should *MY* dog have to suffer with a blanket ban. Why is there no emphasis on the *HUMAN* owners to be properly monitored.

    I seriously question your judgement.

  4. Kathleen Says:

    And parents should be required to train their children not to tease dogs and other animals. Then there would be no problems.

  5. Rebecca Says:

    I agree with promoting responsible ownership, but forcing animals to be muzzled is NOT the answer! Breed specific legislation is a serious slippery slope, and opens the door to increasingly discriminatory laws.

  6. Royp Says:

    3 of the dogs on the list are in the top 10 of dog intelligence 2 in the top 5 i.e. Doberman and German shepherd. Ironic in the nature nurture debate that Dublin council want to discriminate against the Einstein’s of the dog world, these dogs are owned because they are the elite of dog breeds, and they are the Mercedes and BMWs of the dog world. Also Akita’s were introduced into the west by Helen Keller as a blind dog and the Dog Whisperer uses a Pit bull as a rehabilitation dog. Ireland should copy its intelligent European Neighbours like Germany and France where these dogs are not restricted if they pass a good canine citizen test that promotes training and responsible ownership, Ireland just plagiarized the reactionary hysterical UK tabloid laws, and their unmarried mother antisocial feral children culture, if they cant raise their children correctly what hope have their dogs. The Government should if anything strengthen the restricted dog laws, but at the same time allow an exemption for Dogs that have passed the IKC good citizen test , this test already exists, and this is the standard practice in Continental European legislation and also in some American states.

  7. gregory s Says:

    Hmmm… Dublin.
    And the Irish wonder why the Anglo-Saxons have wipped thei butts for 1000 years, lol….

    restricting and *neutering* German Shepherds??
    my german shepherd is more intelligent and self controlled than most Irish. i am sorry, but I honestly believe that.

    Maybe they should ban the Irish setter because it is such an inherently stupid dog.

  8. Craig Says:

    ban irish settler?
    cripe about 3 years ago it WON a Top Dog title in a National televised Dog Obedience competition,in New Zealand

  9. Adopt Says:

    Whatttt?…pitt bulls are great dogs..its the owners..they get a bad rap because the authorties arent getting the stupid abusive owners..dont hurt the dogs hurt the owners..dogs r innocent!!!..in California every week 200 Pitt Bulls r killed because they r not adopted because ppl think they r vicious but they r not..something has to be done to save these helpless dogs!!!!!

  10. nina Says:

    I have a german shepherd/akita mix and a pit bull… they’re completely docile beasts and in fact are bullied by snippy, vicious small dogs at dog runs. I’ve also been bitten twice very badly by small, obnoxious little dogs whose owners coddle them and reinforce their bad behavior with babytalk when they’re acting insane. If there is going to be a law it needs to apply to every breed and every owner.

  11. Nat Says:

    the only dogs that have ever tried to bite me were….dauchsunds, bassetts and a couple of vicious labs (really. I have never had any of the above breeds try to nip or bite me when I walked by. Breed ban restrictions are stupid. More people are bit by dauchsunds (including owners) than any other breed.

  12. rocky p Says:

    OMG thats my dog!!!! and my backside….
    this is in Toronto. his name is apollo and hes 10 and still living under the ban :(

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