Mud Puppies! Images and Videos Of The Craziest, Dirtiest Canine Romps!

June 7th, 2008 by Dan

Most dogs love getting dirty (less love getting clean!)! Mud is a substance that seems to be irresistible to our canine friends – is it the cool feeling they get while wallowing? The look of horror on our faces as they shake off in our general direction? Whatever it is – give a dog some mud, and you will have a happy mud puppy! Enjoy these images and videos of dogs getting down and dirty!

Muddy Borzoi:

Muddy Borzi

Photo by myriorama

Malamutes After A Mud Romp:

Malamutes Post Mud Romp

Photo by malamutechaos

In the Mud:

Chihuahua In The Mud

Photo by Wes Vasher

Posing Muddy Border Collie:

Posing Muddy Border Collie

Photo by Tuchuck

Wading Mud Dog:

Wading Mud Dog

Photo by a.k.a. Flash

Smiling Muddy Lab:

Muddy Lab Smiling

Photo by marj k

Mud Face!:

Mud Face

Photo by Günter Hickstein

I Don’t Think This Dog Was ALWAYS Brown!:

Dog Takes A Mud Bath:

Extremely Muddy Dog Resembles A Hyena!:

Bearded Collie
Plays In The Mud:

Dogue De Bordeaux Wallows (check out from .45 on!):

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