Motion Sickness Drug For Dogs!

June 2nd, 2008 by Dan

Did you know that about 17% of all dogs suffer from motion sickness? It’s not because they’re helping you by reading the map in the passenger seat! Pfizer Inc recently introduced Cerenia, an FDA approved motion sickness pill for dogs. The pill is only available through a veterinarians prescription and when used, prevents vomiting without sedation. Pfizer says that the injectable form of the drug will be useful in treating vomiting caused by other serious illnesses such as parvovirus, kidney disease, and pancreatitis. It could also be used in canine patients undergoing chemotherapy.

With more and more pets traveling with their owners on pleasure or business, this new medication may be a big help and prevent some hardships for everyone involved!

Boxer Puppy On Boat

Photo by strongstuff

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  1. Pai Says:

    Ginger helps too, and it’s natural. They sell caplets of it specifically for motion sickness, or you can even get it in cookie form.

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