Get Your Klenex Ready – 10 Sad Dog Movies

June 4th, 2008 by Dan

Even the most stoic among us can’t help but tear up when a dog is in trouble. Some of the saddest movies of all time involve canine characters. Grab a box of tissues Here is a collection of 10 of the saddest dog movies out there.

Old Yeller:

This film is what comes to many peoples minds when they think of *that* sad dog movie! Yeller is a stray that shows up at just the right time. When Travis is left alone to care for his mother and sister, he isn’t thrilled when the dog first comes around. Soon the two form a strong bond.

Old Yeller Cover

My Dog Skip:

Based on a novel by Willie Morris, the film is supposed to be autobiographical. Willie is a small boy who is often bullied and has trouble making friends. When his father brings home a dog, Skip, his life begins to change.

Eight Below:

The harrowing story of 8 sled dogs left behind at an Antarctica research station when it was evacuated due to hazardous weather. The dogs were left behind to fend for themselves and depended on each other for food, safety and companionship.

Eight Below Cover

The Incredible Journey:
The story of 2 dogs and a cat who travel across Canada to be reunited with their family. This is the 1963 version in which the animals don’t “speak”.

Lassie Come Home:
Lassie fights to get back to her family in this much beloved film! Many many dogs have played “Lassie”, but in this movie it was a male dog named “Pal” who was the canine actor.

Homeward Bound, The Incredible Journey:
A remake of the 1963 Disney film – this one is very good as well and also featuresHomeward Bound Cover a trio of animals attempting to reach their human companions.

White Fang:

The Disney film version of the Jack London novel in which a young man hunting for gold rescues a wolf-dog from an abusive owner. The movie explores the bond that forms between the man and the animal he saved.

The Fox and the Hound:
When a young fox is orphaned after his mother is killed by a hunter, he forms an unlikely friendship with a hound dog pup in this animated Disney film. As the pup grows up he has a moral dilemma – is he a hunting dog or is his friendship with the fox more powerful than his instincts?

The Fox And The Hound Cover

The Adventures of Milo and Otis:

This film is about an orange kitten (Milo) and a pug (Otis). Milo is too curious of a kitten and ends up in a box drifting downstream. Otis follows him and together they have all sorts of harrowing adventures. The two friends help each other survive and teach a lesson about true friendship.

Turner and Hooch
While this movie (Staring Tom Hanks and a Dogue De Bordeaux) is mostly a comedy – full of drool flinging and furniture chewing there is a definite need for those tissues towards the end! My favorite part of this movie (as the owner of a Bordeaux) is Hanks explaining the “Simple Rules” to Hooch – “These are the simple rules. No barking, now growling, you will not lift your leg to anything in this house. This is not your room. No slobbering, no chewing, you will wear a flea collar. This is not your room. No begging for food, no sniffing of crotches, and you will not drink from my toilet. This is not your room. ”

Turner and Hooch Cover

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44 Responses to “Get Your Klenex Ready – 10 Sad Dog Movies”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    I’ve seen all of those (and probably cried in all of them) except My Dog Skip.

  2. natalie Says:

    haha !
    most of them are disney films :L
    doesnt that tell you anything !

  3. Jodi Says:

    My dog Hooch is really old, and I’m sitting on the floor with my sister, and Hoochie….waiting and I wonder if any of these movies will help us… get over him easier…:(

  4. _mark Says:

    thanks for this list, fox and hound.. forgot all about this one! I cried.

  5. _doglover101 Says:

    I have them or seen them all they all make me cry but why isn’t Marly and me and where the red fern grows on this list

  6. Bre Says:

    A lot of these movies aren’t even that sad. You left out Marley and Me and Hachiko. Hachiko was the saddest! I went to cry by myself in the bathroom when that one was over.

  7. Regan Says:

    Where the Red Fern Grows is probably the saddest movie i’ve ever seen and it’s not on this list.

  8. Dan Says:

    “Where the Red Fern Grows” is a great addition to the list! (Also an incredible book!)

  9. ashlee Says:


  10. Val Says:

    I cried a lot with “Fluke” have you seen it? :’)

  11. Regs Says:

    Hachi A dog story

    Saddest movie ever.

  12. Rich Reising Says:

    Howdy from Nashville TN ~ MUSIC CITY USA !!
    We want to share this colorful & emotional slideshow of “doggie art” by Seattle Artist Nancy Schutt accompanied by a heartfelt “goodtime” country tune about love & loss of a favorite dog buddy. You can enjoy DogSong2 Better with you There NOW ON youtube at
    Please feel free to share this link with other doggie fur-iends ….& have yer hanky nearby ~ Rich & Dan Reising

  13. Pamela Rodriguez Says:

    hey, iv’e seen every movie on here but there is not one movie which beats the tears you cry for the movie hachiko a dogs story thats the best movie in the world and it shows true friendship !

  14. Anyonomus Says:

    What about ” The Plague Dogs” ?

  15. jill Says:

    I really do agree with (Quote 10) Bre! & pamela .The tears you cry watching hatchi (if you can watch it to the end ,this i cannot do)…will fill a bath. This is my favourite movie ever ,also very true real life story.

  16. Osdosa Says:

    I think Flunk atleast deserves to be on the list !

  17. tmarienp Says:

    I shed tears watching all the above movies. However, nothing compares to Hachi. It is BY FAR the saddest, most tear jerking dog movie ever. I cried so hard! Satan would cry watching this movie.

  18. snoopyip Says:

    hachi is a great movie! i cried for the last half an hour of it…

  19. courtney Says:

    Plague Dogs isn’t on the list!

  20. Mai Says:

    Hachi… best ever!

  21. samantha Says:

    Marley and me and hachi isn’t on the list. Made me cry for hours! Bestt ones ever!

  22. Bianca Says:

    “White Bim the Black Ear”
    This is a touching story about a hunting dog, faithfully devoted to his master, an elderly writer. The war veteran Ivan Ivanovich got very sick one day (his wartime wounds had never healed). He lived alone and had no one in the world but his loyal Bim. After Ivan Ivanovich was taken to hospital, the dog had to be moved from one house to another, to live in the families of strangers. Bim experienced a lot of suffering, for he had never known the whole truth about human nature. But among a lot of different people that Bim encountered and who tried to possibly help him, there were good Samaritans, too. Almost as good as his master…
    It’s one of those films you only have to see once to have every frame instilled in your heart forever.Awards
    * Grand Prize ex aequo at the Karlovy Vary IFF, 1978.
    * Oscar nomination for Best Foreign-Language Film, 1978.

  23. Laura Says:

    Kind of wondering about, Where the Red Fern grows? Or I am Legend. Even though it’s not a “dog” movie it’s still heartbreaking when Sam dies.

  24. alisha Says:

    where is HACHIKO??

  25. Daisy Says:

    What about Benji the Hunted? It is sure an undiscovered gem. Sure, it isn’t completely about the dog, but GOD! I was bawling 10 minutes in!

  26. Samantha Says:

    What about hatchi? That was a really good movie :/ made me cry

  27. augustin Says:

    hachiko made me cry i didn’t f0rget till now

  28. augustin Says:

    hachi the most saddest movie i want to see it again and again

  29. augustin Says:

    marley and me and hachi is not in the list

  30. Marion Says:

    Old Yeller and Jock of the Bushveld should also be on your list. What about Kujo?

  31. Amy Says:

    Plague Dogs. It really doesn’t get any more depressing than that. Trust me. Watch with caution

  32. Elly Says:

    Old Yeller doesn’t have a boy and a sister its about a boy named Travis and his little brother Arlis and when old yeller comes along things change I cried at the end

  33. Mitsuo39 Says:

    Are you kidding like any many others Hachiko is by far the saddest dog movie ever! Based on a true story and so famous in Japan that they honor Ha hi with 2 statues at two different train stations. He waited everyday at the train station for his master for 10 years everyday after his master passed away. Very loyal dog. Dont think there is anyone that would not cry watching this. Sniff sniff…..

  34. Ginger Says:

    Oh, yes Hachiko is by far the saddest! Could not stop crying. This movie will touch your heart..

  35. Blackkitty Says:

    I liked Marlo&me but yeah Hachiko is by far the most heartfelt sad movie of all time

  36. Lb Says:

    What the hell hachiko is the best eva.

  37. Eunice Schwaab Says:

    Stop saying MARLEY AND ME AND hachiko marley and me is not near as sad as hachiko hachiko I waaaaay sadder marley and me is ok but hachiko is waaaay ahead of marley and me so stop saying that. Besides hachiko is a true story and if you don’t know that learn your history also so what if marley died almost in every freakin sad animal story a dog dies. In hachiko its beautiful made me cry lot! Also hachiko a dogs story deserves a freakin award. If you have not seen it its sooo sad marley and me wasn’t even sad to me or made me cry it had no tradgety at all hachiko was sad for 10 freakin years In a row because his owner died!! And its a true story he is honored in Japan with a statue and everything!! It’s too beautiful. ???? ????

  38. Tones Mc Bones Says:

    Serious necro-posting on my part, but as to that last post, I agree, however, if you are willing to concede that documentaries are also movies, you cannot, under any circumstances, leave out One Nation Under Dog. Saddest. Dog. Movie. Period. Please challenge me. Watch it. I dare you…

  39. angela Says:

    No list of “saddest animal movies” or “saddest movies ever made” is complete without HACHIKO. I thought I cried a lot during Marley & Me…Um no. Hachiko is 100x more poignant and better. Everytime I think about Hachi, my eyes water. Never have I cried this much over a movie (of course, the fact that it’s a true story helps a ton) and that says a lot because I get emotional easily during movies. But Hachi…made my entire body hurt.

  40. Raseem Says:

    Hachi is the best forever….!!!

  41. Raseem Says:

    I cry too lot to see the movie

  42. Aditi Says:

    You missed Hachiko: A dogs Tale. It is the saddest movie ever. Hachiko is a great movie and deserves to be on this list. This list is not complete without hachi. I have not cried for any movie but I could not resist crying for hachi. Whenever I think of hachi without Ueno I cry. Even in front of everybody.

  43. Aditi Says:

    He waited for almost a decade for his owner even though he thought that he is never coming back.He waited and waited and then he died one night alone waiting for his don’t think that is sad??
    They put hachi’s foot prints on where he waited every day for his owner to come back. They buried him and Ueno near the shibuya train station

  44. Hannah Belbin Says:

    My Dog Skip ” I was an only child.He was an only dog” The only film I openly sobbed at. For truly he lies buried in my heart

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