Ask The Dog Guide: Excessivly Salivating Dog.

June 30th, 2008 by Dan

I have 5 yr old female lab, and I recently got an 8wk old Airedale male. My lab is not displaying aggression, but is salivating excessively and getting ‘frothy’ at the mouth- she is up to date with shots. Could excitement be causing this behavior?


Dogs often salivate when they smell something new or have a “strange” taste in their mouth. If she is salivating after licking the puppy, it is probably due to his scent being something new in your home. Dogs also salivate when they are anxious – big changes in her environment could also be the cause. Other causes of salivation are tooth issues and nausea. If both of these are ruled out, I am betting the behavior will wane as she gets used to your new pup. Good Luck!

Drooling Lab

Photo by stop.down

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  1. Sue Agnew Says:

    I have a 10-year-old female Lab mix who has always licked herself a lot–grooming paws and legs, licking genitals, etc. But recently her licking has become excessive, often for several hours during the night. We’ve noticed large wet areas on the rugs and mats where she lies when she licks. Any ideas or suggestions?

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