Zoomie Fest! 12 Videos Of Dogs At Their Craziest!

May 24th, 2008 by Dan

I have no explanation for the behavior I like to call “zoomies”. It’s what happens when a puppy or dog decides that the only way to express its sheer love of life is to do so in a kinetic fit of energy that usually results in rugs being tossed across the room, pillows uprooted from the couch and leaves us humans looking at our dogs wondering what exactly it is we’re missing out on. (or laughing hysterically!)

I’ve collected some of the best examples of these rituals that leave us with our heads turned in confusion (looking similar to the perplexed way our dogs look at us sometimes)!

Greyhound Zoomies:

Note the dramatic pause with the squeaky ball.

American Eskimo

Zooming Cotton Ball!

Pit Bull Zoomies:

These dogs have lots of energy and muscle mass enabling them to zoom for long periods of time!

Great Dane Zoomies:

The Dane in this video is deaf (as many white danes are) – she doesn’t seem hindered by her handicap!

Golden Retriever Zoomies:

Around and around the table he goes….again and again…

Coton De Tulear Snow Zoomies:

The cold weather is enough to get this Coton De Tulear zooming…

Saint Bernard Snow Zoomies:

When a Saint Zooms, it’s a little slower – but there is power behind it!

Corgi Zoomies:

You could get dizzy watching this Cardigan Welsh Corgi! She needs a refreshing drink post-zoomies!

Shetland Sheepdog Post Bath Zoomies

This is a produced clip set to music about a Sheltie named Shelby and her post bath Zoomies (with the cat looking on).

Chinese Crested Zoomies

This little Chinese Crested zooms from the couch to his toy and back…

Basset Hound Zoomies In The Yard:

This Basset Zooms around in the fresh air.

Pomeranian Zoomies:

You can hear grunting and panting as this Pomeranian Zooms around – inticed by her owner!

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