This Is Not Your Dog’s Bathroom! 10 Anti Pooping Signs!

May 28th, 2008 by Dan

With the news of the drastic tactics being taken in the UK to catch those who fail to pick up after their canine companions, I felt a strange urge to compile a collection of photographs of those “No Pooping” signs you stumble upon occasionally. As someone that walks my dogs in the city, I see these signs every so often and stop to ponder, “Do you think my dog can read? Do you really think I’m going to pull him OFF your small patch of grass if he starts making “the shape” on it?” Probably not. Now, I’m not going to let my dogs tromp through well groomed gardens or freshly planted flowers, nor do I fail to clean up after them – ever. I often wonder if these signs cause more chuckles than poo-free lawns! Here are 10 anti-pooping signs, from far and wide!

No Pooping- Outside NYC Public Library

Photo by nickherber

No Dog Pooping

Photo by SweetWolf ::UltraTrixie

No Pooping Anywhere - Taiwan

Photo by Badger 23

Bulldog - Japanese Sign

Photo by jonyskin1

Notice To All Dogs

Photo by Project BS

I pooped, you scoop - Bristol, UK

Photo by bartmaguire

If I had hands…or thumbs - Dublin, Ireland

Photo by discokev

Dogs Can’t Flush

Photo by ayckbourn

The Poo Fairy

Photo by Turtblu

Get A Gerbil

Photo by ckirkman

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15 Responses to “This Is Not Your Dog’s Bathroom! 10 Anti Pooping Signs!”

  1. Ken Says:

    Anti-pooping signs didn’t work? At least mark the poop to show your displeasure:

  2. russ Says:

    Here’s another for your viewing pleasure :)

  3. painful-back Says:

    I’m pretty sure the dog isn’t gonna take much notice, and the owners even less so

  4. Dawg Says:

    An apartment building in the next street used to have a hand-written sign on their fence. It was so atrociously written I’ve never forgotten it, word for word:

    “Please pick up the poo! There is babys here and they pick up the poo and eat the poo.”


  5. Gern Blensten Says:

    The Japanese dog in picture 4 is saying,
    “Stop!” in English . . . .

  6. sabz Says:

    that so funny lol
    but still PICK UP DOG LITTER!!!!

  7. Nina Says:

    These are great. Dog poop signs are quite creative. I really like the “Dog’s can’t flush… scoop the poop” sign. Funny stuff.

    Check out this blog. There are more funny signs here.

  8. California Native Says:

    My friend has the white dog pooping cutout sign and she says it works…still, it’s hard to believe this is a worldwide problem — owners who don’t pick up!

  9. Vic Z Says:

    dog poop is not only gross, but an environmental hazard.
    some signs may work…but this one may just be
    the most effective and attractive no dog poop sign to come along.

  10. Christine VanderLeest Says:

    Where can I get the “No Dog Pooping” sign? I desperately need one!

  11. Lgains Says:

    Try this site for signs:

  12. SignsWithAnAttitude Says:

    This web site has many exciting No Dog Pooping Signs to choose from:

  13. Jane Says:

    I like the ‘I pooped it you scoop it’ :-)

    Have you seen the new ones from Keep Britain Tidy, ‘There is no such thing as a dog poo fairy’ hopefully we will see heaps of these about.

    I still can’t believe people think they can get away with it, I stepped in dog poo yesterday right outside the playground, how irresponsible is that. There is a child who lost the site in her eye after falling in some, poor thing, she will have to live with that for the rest of her life and it is just because someone was too lazy to pick up after their dog.

    Have a look at the campaign, it is being supported by a company who makes the best pooper scoopers -


  14. aki Says:

    there are some really cute signs from Japan

  15. Dog Poo Says:

    Why these signs are – A dog can’t understand if he isn’t with this owner.

    But some of them are nice for the dog owner.

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