The Best Family Dogs – 10 Breeds For Homes With Children

May 5th, 2008 by Dan

I often receive questions about breeds that will do well living in homes with children. These questions are difficult to answer because there is not one single breed where I can say each and every dog will be child friendly. However there are many breeds that generally *are* great with children! Here is a list of 10 breeds of all shapes and sizes that do well in growing families.

“Is that a bear or a dog?!” Be prepared for that question if the Newfoundland is a dog that grabs your attention! Newfy’s are a giant breed of working dog who are usually all black. They are known for their placid nature and their natural ability to swim. In fact, they are so “made” for the water that the breed has webbed feet! This breed is very laid back – a true gentle giant. They are known to be easy to train (though some are a bit lazy at times), however they have a tendency to drool due to their large jowls.

Toddler Leans On Newfoundland

Photo by deltm

The Pug is the only member of the toy group on our top 10 list. These stocky little wrinkled dogs have been described by breed experts using the Latin term “multum in parvo” (“much in little”). This breed is incredibly sociable, preferring the company of humans over other dogs or pets (though they usually do get along with them). They seem to have a special bond with children and love to play. In all my years working with dogs I have yet to meet a human aggressive pug! (This isn’t to say they don’t exist, but it does say something about the breed and their personality)

Pug Shares Birthday Cake

Photo by efleming

Staffordshire Bull Terrier: The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a breed that has been known historically for their reputation as a family dog, especially their trustworthiness with children. They are incredibly affectionate with their families and while they may alert (by barking) to danger – the breed is not one that is prone to human aggression. However it must be said that Staffy bulls are not dogs for those who want their dogs to socialize with other pooches. These are not “dogpark” dogs. Due to their dominant nature they have a tendency towards dog aggression and will not back down when challenged. They make ideal companions for single dog households with experienced dog owners.

Boy With Two Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Photo by Marta Stefan

Labrador Retriever:
The Labrador Retriever is probably the most popular dog in the world currently (as far as registered ownership numbers show). They have a reputation as wonderful family dogs and while that is mostly true, this doesn’t come as automatically as some people assume! Labs aren’t bred to be placid. They are working dogs and need to be trained. An untrained, under exercised Labrador is going to be hyperactive and boisterous (and could knock down a toddler by accident!). However, a properly trained, well walked lab is going to be a great family companion. Labs mature slowly and often retain puppy-like behaviors until they are about 3 years of age.

Boy And Lab Hold Hands

Photo by eraki

The Keeshond is a medium sized fluffy breed that often looks like it is smiling – it actually earned the nickname “Smiling Dutchman”. Keeshonden (the plural) are stocky dogs who have an affinity for learning tricks. They even tend to pick up things that you don’t mean to teach them, so be careful! They are great companions for children, as they love to explore and will happily partake in any games that kids will play with them. Keeshonden will alert to visitors with a loud bark, but will then happily allow them into the house!

Keeshond and Toddler Play

Photo by jpdoyle

Golden Retriever:
The Golden Retriever is right up there with the Lab as far as the stereotypical family dog goes. These hunting dogs are overly friendly (meaning they are *not* watch dogs!) and will retrieve almost any item for as long as you will throw it. They are often boisterous as puppies and need to be supervised with small children to keep them from knocking them over by accident. Goldens are an extremely intelligent breed and are commonly used as service dogs. They are highly trainable and pickup commands quickly.

Golden Gets A Hug

Photo by acornchief

Collie: The first thing most people think about when we picture children and Collies is “Lassie” saving Timmy when he fell in that well! Collies are gentle family dogs and although they may not have the psychic knowledge that “Lassie” did about danger, they are well suited to life with children. The breed is active and gentle and any aggressive tendencies would be a huge personality fault. The long coat needs brushing to prevent matting.

Kids and Collie

Photo by Airplane Lane

Standard Poodle: Poodles are such multifaceted dogs, you’ll see me recommending them in so many situations! Though they have a frilly exterior poodle comes from the German word “Pudel”, which is short for “Pudelhund”, that translates into “splashing dog”. This breed can work with the best of them – hunting, swimming and retrieving! They are also extremely intelligent and do well in all dog sports. Their affectionate and patient nature makes them a great choice for families.

Little Girl And Silver Poodle

Photo by Grizzly & Jiggs

Bernese Mountain Dog: The Bernese Mountain Dog is another “gentle giant” – they usually range from 80-120 lbs and have a kind and gentle look about them that gives great insight into their personalities. The breed is generally very stable and trainable but requires a patient hand and lots of positive encouragement. They make excellent companions for children and other pets. Bernese Mountain Dogs were used to pull carts in Switzerland and the The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America holds trials for this activity!

Baby and Bernese Mountain Dog Get VERY Close

Photo by foulkefamily

The Bulldog is one of the characters of the dog world! They snort, they snore – they’re stubborn! They’re also very docile and loyal pets who are known to do well with children and other animals. This breed needs a minimal amount of exercise, but they should not be allowed to become obese. Bulldogs are prone to many health issues (including skin issues, cherry eye and hip dysplasia) so it is very important to seek out a reputable breeder if you are interested in one of these dogs.

Bulldog Pillow

Photo by jess911baby

For more information on teaching your children to be dog savvy, check out my piece “Is Your Child Safe For Dogs”

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  9. Jon Says:

    I am looking for a good family dog. I have two kids,two ferrets, a cat, and a Dachshund. I am looking for a big dog one that would be protective and loyal. A family guard dog I guess. I have been thinking about a Saint Bernard or a Great Dane. But the Bernese Mountain Dog has the same size and says that they are good with kids too. I would prefer something with shorter hair but that is the lowest thing on my list. Just a good dog. I work a lot of hours and need someone to keep my family safe when I am away. Thank you, Jon.

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  11. Hammerstaff Kennel Says:

    we are Hammerstaff kennel from Romania.We breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier.It was a pleasant surprise to find our photo with our dogs and child on this site. And for the picture to have a name, there are Zupa, Pispis&and our son Petru in the picture you published. You may find more beautiful pictures on our website.
    Best Regards!

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  20. huha Says:

    Wish you included Great Danes.
    If a Newfie is in the list, a Dane is a natch.
    Great with kids, Scooby Doo, Marmaduke, and known as the ‘Gentle Giant.’
    I have two, and we take them hiking every weekend and everyone loves them!
    Obama should consider one, or two from a GD shelter!
    Feed them BARF tho!
    Take care.

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  22. Becky Kimbrell Says:

    I have been breeding Weimaraners for 4 years, and my husband has had experience with them for many, many more years. Our dogs are gentle and kind hearted, and love to hang out inside with us and watch TV. With the exception of one pup that was too rowdy for children, all of them have been great with kids, including infants. They are also very good guard dogs. They are pretty active when they are outside, so they need a big yard, although my son has one as an apartment dog, and he does just fine with a regular run on a walking trail or at the park. We have 3 Weimies, 2 Dacshunds, a big black Lab, and 5 cats, and they all get along just fine, but in general, they are not especially friendly to dogs that show up outside our fence. Inside, they don’t shed much and they enjoy staying clean. They are incredibly smart and easy to train. Like Labs and Goldens, they mature slowly, taking 2 or 3 years to develop completely mature behavior.

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  25. susan Says:

    We are looking for a family pet. A medium sized dog that is friendly and protective. We have a five year old who frequently has friends over. Maybe a baby in the near future. I would like a dog that can socialize with other dogs as well as family guests. Are there any breeds that are low on the drooling and shedding? We are looking at labs. What other suggestions do you have?

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  27. Paul Retherford Says:

    Great article. Love your blog. I own a Vizsla and a Blue Weimaraner. You can see them on my blog a lot.:-)

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  29. melody Says:

    I love this list, many of the breeds on here may be a surprise for some. My co worker asked me what kind of dogs are good with kids and family and I told her some of the breeds you listed, she didn’t believe me that a mastiff, staffy, or bull dog would be good with kids because of their size, or rep. Good list you have here!

  30. Julie Says:

    These are all good breads. Don’t forget that many “mutts” in the shelters also make wonderful companions for kids and families!!

  31. mary Says:

    I had a golden retriver for 12 years who passed away last year…They are great dogs but the one i had was aggressive and was very protective dog when it came to his family.

  32. Juli Rinefort Says:

    They are all wonderful dogs, but I think dalmations and wheaton terriors are the best family dogs.

  33. seattle girl Says:

    I learned a lot from this post – I’m thinking of adopting a friend’s dog, a mutt, so she’s not falling into any of the breed categories you describe. But it was interesting to read how you described the good “family” qualities of the breeds. I believe this dog I may adopt does have the qualities of loyalty and gentleness. I wonder how easy she’ll be to train, though. Any suggestions on good training DVDs?

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    [...] Newfoundland puppy poses in [...]

  35. Bonnie Miller Says:

    If you ever have the erge to feel LOVED, get a Boxer. We have 2 (the boys) with great all around personalities, there’s a time to play, a time to kick back & a time to just get lovin. excellent watch dogs, fantastic with kids of any age, they really think that there human at times, short hair, normally loves any water, they love to play, some can be pretty sloppy kissers & there love is unconditional, better then some relationships. the Boxer is my choice got the past 40 yrs.

  36. Lorri Lemieux Says:

    Our children grew up with a Keeshound named Keesha. This breed is a great dog for a family and especially children. She alerted us to strangers in the yard at night. She even chased thieves up the street. She woke us to an unexplained open door during a storm. She was the “nanny” in our household as well and when the baby would cry or even move, she would alert us. Very protective of her children/family. She would wait for the boys’ school bus to arrive at the corner of our street (how she knew the time was beyond me)and then greet them happily while walking them home. She always got between strangers and the children. She picked up on our changing family routine quickly. Good breed to train, very smart and with alot of patience, love and understanding became one of our family. She lived to become 13 years old and is greatly missed.

  37. Joseph Grover Says:

    The best kids dog bar none…. Smooth Fox Terrier, hands down. Some of the breeds mentioned above I would trust at all, and I have shown dogs for many years so I am familiar with each breeds temperament. Smooths don’t shed much, they are very active so they keep themselves in shape. When they come inside they calm down and become couch potatoes. I have bred Golden Retrievers for more than 20 yrs and I always recommend Smooths!!

  38. marianne twombly Says:

    I had a yorkie/sheltie mix.looked like a small Benjie. She was sweet tempered and loved everyone. Well mannered in the house. She trained well. It took a little while to get her trained /6mo. but at the 6mo. she was as good as gold.

  39. BDBerzerker Says:

    I have raised Rhodesian Ridgebacks for close to 20 years. They are very clean, short haired dogs. They are very gentle around children. Raised 3 girls with them. They love to be with their people. They are VERY loyal and VERY protective, making them excellent protection/guard dogs. These are dogs that walk the walk and talk the talk,so to speak. I have seen them act as baby sitters while camping or similar activities often frustrating their “kids” by not letting them stray. I have also seen them protect, you don’t want to be a bad guy around my place. Another aspect I love about them is they rarely bark. They are known as the silent hunter so if they are barking there is a reason, go check it out. Ridgies are very smart and can get bored sometimes turning to destruction or escape. Being hounds they do love to roam following scent, so be sure your area is secure. They can be intimidating because they have piercing amber eyes and the ridge of hair down their back, one might think they are aggressive. Well you would be right, especially if you are a bad guy or not properly introduced. They seem to read people well and know if you are up to no-good. I rely on that trait frequently, if my dogs don’t like you then there is probably good reason. Mine regularly play with all the nieghborhood kids, jumping on the trampoline and getting sprayed with the waterhose. VERY HAPPY DOGS.

  40. Bearlyyours Says:

    Recommend Australian Shepherds. They are loving and loyal, always wanting to do your bidding and eager to learn. Don’t take a heavy hand, just consistant training. Have a two year old and an eleven year old Newfoundland Cross. Both are very gentle with the grandchildren to the point that the little ones can walk them on leash and obey the commands.

  41. jessica Says:

    As an owner of a Bernese Mountain dogs, what is said above it so true. My baby jack may be pretty large, which intidmidates some, but he’s always SO happy and loves to greet people with his ‘hugs’(aka almost jumping on people, and although he means well we’re trying to calm him down. :)

  42. MARY Says:

    When I saw Newfoundlands were on the list, I wasn’t surprised.Our Newf, Molly was a wonderful member of our family for 11 years.You must be prepared to handle a giant dog because like our Molly who was 160 lbs.they grow before your eyes and are very strong.We needed a van to take her to the vet and a large yard.As for Newfs and children, when my twins were born there was never, ever a second that we worried about her being with the babies.She was an exceptional pet.
    So if you have children , patience ( with drooling and grooming) ,room and love–get a Newf!

  43. Autumn Says:

    Golden retrievers are very good dogs. They love to play and are around kids if trained properly. I recommend them highly to anyone who wants a family dog. We have two, and they have good personalities

  44. Jennifer Says:

    My boyfriend and I are also owners of a Bernese Mountain Dog, Charlie. He is on the smaller side for this breed, but I do not mind. I also have to agree with everthing posted about this breed. If you are looking for a loyal canine companion, A bernese should be considered an option. My Charlie likes long walks and socializing and he loves kids. If you are looking for a guard dog I would consider looking at other breeds, the Bernese is just to friendly and social.

  45. Monika von Fedak Says:

    hey, a good list, but you overlooked one of the best>>>>the “boxer”! We had one when I was a toddler, went to his “house” and chewed on his beef bone, my mom said he just sat there with a sad face…almost the same happened with my own kids! Have had many different breeds, as I’m a grandma now, but he was one of the best, and almost immediately “housetrained”, he did it by himself and was only 2 months old! Not messy at all, and the kids could ride on him, also protective of them! Quite safe for children.

  46. Robert Long Says:

    I would recommend a German Shepherd. These are the boy scouts of the dog world. Obedient, Loyal, True Blue and absolutely obsessed with protecting children from danger. Take a German Shepherd to the beach and watch what happens if very small children try to go into the water. Without training a German Shepherd will instinctively try to herd any child out of the water, just like its shepherding ancestors would herd sheep away from dangerous places. German Shepherds where bred to “protect the flock” so they are suspicious of strangers, but they understand that any child – stranger or not, is not a threat to their family. Their combination of obedience and intelligence that made them the first “seeing eye dogs” makes them the dog of choice for most modern service-dog jobs and also makes them great family pets.

  47. Concerned! Says:

    You are joking about the staffordshire bull terrier as a great dog for children, right? Maybe when they rip off a child’s or your ear or kill another dog, cat, in front of the child or you…yes great family pet! Under no circumstances should this animal be on a child friendly list.

  48. abby Says:

    I, personally, don’t think poodles are that great of dogs. All of the ones I’ve met are aggressive to my dogs. There’s not a problem with my dogs, they are raised very well, except, one of them is still a puppy. The puppy is 2yo. and is a Lab mix. The older one is a lab/collie/australian sheppard/dingo/ dalmation. She is 10yo. I think that the title “mutts” should be an addition to the list.

  49. Dan Says:

    Hi abby,
    Thanks for your comment! I completely agree that rescuing a Mutt is a fantastic option. However, because all mixed breeds are different, it’s impossible to discuss their personality traits within a post. Families should seek out mixes that include “child friendly” breeds and ask the advice of helpful shelter workers. Make sure to bring the entire family along to meet the dog at least once as the pooch is going to be a part of your life for a long time!

  50. Kristina Says:

    Above as you can see “concerned” writes a horrible comment on my breed, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. It is obvious that “concerned” has never met a Stafford.
    I wrote the Dog Guide piece. I have never had a stafford attack anyone or another animal in 32 years. I have no clue where this person had gotten this perception of the “Nanny Dog” but I can guess its a media infused opinion. Again, from someone who has obviously never met a Stafford let alone researched anything about them.
    “Concerned” are you aware that the Stafford is a small compact breed weighing less than a Bulldog? That the Stafford tops out at 16 inches, about the size of a cocker spaniel, height-wise?
    Let me add as well that the Stafford is NOT related to the pitbull or Amstaff, but in fact those breeds were created at the turn of the century (1900) by americans who wanted to make the Stafford a larger working dog. So a hundred years ago, the Stafford was used to create these dogs, not vice versa, and is no way related to either of them at this point or in the last century. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is esssentially a pure-bred, rare breed here in the US, with AKC registrations topping about 375 each of the past few years. Comments like this speak of terrible breed racism and sound a bit PETA-esque, or in layman’s terms, paranoid and delusional.

  51. Kimberly Says:

    To “Concerned” – In regards to your statement about Staffordshire Bulls I can only say maybe you did not have a purebred Staffy Bull! Actually no matter what type of Bully breed you had Pitbull, Staffy Bull or Am Staff if it was agressive towards people it is the owners fault not the breed! What did YOU do to make the dog behave that way?! I have owned and bred staffords for 16 years and I’m the first to say if one of my dogs is acting aggressive towards people for no reason and has grown up in a good home with proper training then it must be put down because this is not the breed. Staffy Bulls are YES great with kids that is why they are known as “the Nanny Dog” and PREFER to be around people.


  52. cristina Says:

    i have a bernese mountain dog and is so pretty and is friendly

  53. ariel Says:

    my dad has been wanting a bulldog since forever.but i did have a golden Retriever he was the sweetest dog.I do have a beagle and she is a wonderful dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. natalie Says:

    Oh my gosh Concerned! You are so incredibly misinformed! staffys and american pit bull terriers are AMAZING family pets! I have a 16 month old son and a three year old american pit bull terrier. They LOVE each other and I’ve owned goldens, labs, springer spaniels, border collies and a maltese. This dog is my favorite and I would recommend it over the others in a heart beat!

  55. ariel Says:

    we have a beagle she can be protective and then a loving dog!!!!even thoght she does dig holes she is the most funniest dog ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. DLS Says:

    My family had many dogs over the years. Currently they have Boxers. You’ll need a big yard and lots of energy to keep up with this breed. Also is protective of property and the family.
    But of all of the breeds the German Shepherd the Bull Mastiff are my favorites. Both are loving, loyal and very protective of family. Do Not like strangers. The Bull Mastiff is special beyond anything we expected. He was like a person, understood when you talked to him. He would give us a nip on the butt as he walked by. As if to say “Hey, what’s up?”. Great Apartment dog, they’re happy to just lay around all day. But Obedience Training A MUST, as soon as you get them home. They’re BIG and extremely smart. Need to learn who’s boss ASAP, cause in 8 or 9 months they will outweigh you. Tug-a-War not recommended. No pools or boat rides, they can’t swim. Due to their mass, they’ll sink like a rock. Caution feeding bones. Will swallow things whole. That includes my Scrunchy one afternoon. With all that to consider, they’re Great with kids. I’d love to have another one. They’re an awesome breed of dogs!!

  57. Grace Says:

    Sadly, there are still misconceptions about staffies. I have a staffie and a 3 year old and they are the best of friends. I would highly recommend a staffie as a family dog. And I don’t agree with the dog park comments. My staffie is a well-loved regular out our dog park. He’ll lie on his tummy and play with the small dogs and of course play with all the big dogs. But he has been socialized from very early on. If you socialise and train your dog, I can promise you that you’ll NEVER have a better family pet than a staffie.

  58. brandon Says:

    I cant believe Beagles didn’t make the list?!?!?

  59. Jordyn Says:

    Pitbulls are the best ! they are great family dogs, i grew up with them.
    they are very loyal, and good natured animals.

  60. julia Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to compile this list. We’re in the market for a new family addition and are encouraged by your knowledge of several breeds…I’m also curious as to what the next 10 or so on the list would be. I am a dog trainer which I’d have to say is really training the owners, not the dog. I’ve had several dogs in my life & can say the scariest breeds can be very gentle with the right responsible owner. A good example is the rottweiler. I had one that I would’ve trusted with any child. What a gentle dog that one…unless it’s in the wrong hands. Recently I’ve had boxers; recently being the last 10 years. I wouldn’t call them the most highly trainable dog because they’re just plain goofy and loving. They’re almost like having another child because they’re so affectionate it’s just ridiculous. I can’t say enough about the boxer because they’re absolutely excellent dogs to have around. My 2 year old jumped, pinched, kicked, sat on, and grabbed our big males ears and tail and he didn’t even bat an eye. It took longer to train the kid to quit this behavior…poor dog. The only time he reacted was when our son stuck a finger in his eye, and even then the dog just got up and walked off. What’s your opinion of the bullmastiff with children?

  61. Dan Says:

    Hi Julia,
    Thanks for reading! I think teaching children how to behave around a dog such a huge part of the process as well, but this can only be done with a safe, tolerant breed. Bullmastiffs are fantastically loyal and loving family dogs who do very well with kids, however their giant size often leads to them knocking over the smaller set by accident. I usually suggest them for homes with children who are out of the toddler phase and who won’t be harmed by the bumping of such a large breed. Obviously, discouraging rough play and chase games is also a good idea!

  62. tonya Says:

    hi,i have two catahoulas there names is jake and lil bullet thay are the best dogs ever thay are really god with kids.i have 2 kids and thay watch the kids if i am not around thay always wont love from the owners.thay have pasion the best dogs and god gaurd dogs with kids for sure! thanks for letting me in…

  63. Jenna Smith Says:

    I have a terrier who is so patient with my lil’ girl. My lil girl will grab our dog’s hair and he (elvis) would’nt complain. Of course I immediately remove my daughter’s closed fist to elvis’ hair. My daughter is just a year old. I know when she grows up she’ll love Elvis.

  64. nikki Says:

    i think the best family dog is the nova scotia duck tolling retriever, they are not very well known but wounderful family dogs, medium size and a beautiful red coat(red is standard but there is also a “buff” color that is a light tan and just as pretty) they love to swim, are pretty easy to train and get along wounderful with children. i have one and shes been pulled on by a couple younger kids and puppies(wounderful mothers) and never bitten of growled will bark if she sees somthing interesting(bird) or feels a threat id=s near but not exessive will play when everyones exited but if you want to watch a movie she’ll lay at your feet and fall asleep. sheds a bit but not bad and doesnt need exessive gromming. what our family calls the “perfect” dog

  65. gilaine Says:

    we are thinking about getting a scottie, we have a 5 year old daughter. what are your thoughts on this breed with reguard to children and cats?

  66. Nikki Says:

    I bought my son a cavapoo. Cavalier King Charles Poodle mix for those who are not familiar. She is very gentle and loving. We have had her over a year now and things have worked out great. Because she is small, we supervise them closely to make sure he is gentle with her as well.

  67. carolyn Says:

    Any dog will be great if you give them lots of love, lots of attention, and treat them as a member of your family. We have a 9 year old Dalmatian who has grown up with my two boys, very protective of them but not aggressive, two labs who are very intelligent and sweet, and an English setter, who is also a great addition to our family. Breeds that are treated horribly will of course turn out to not be a welcomed addition to your family. Treat a dog with love and they will return it 100 fold.

  68. sue Says:

    We have had boxers for the past 18 years. We first had a female and now own a 6 year old male. Both genders have been wonderful dogs. Grew up with our three boys. Very gentle and loving. Great temperment. Hardly ever bark and I have never heard him growl. Our male is part of our family. Ready to play or just lay around. I would recommend a boxer without hesitation.

  69. Sarah Says:

    I have 2 small kids and really love the look of a Newf & everywhere I read they are listed as one of the tops breeds for kids. I would like to hear from experienced Newf owners how bad does the hair shed (I’m willing to brush 1-2 week & bring to the groomers a couple times a year) Does the grooming require more than that. Also how bad is the drooling? Is it all the time? Sometimes? Does it get on everything? Do you let it roam everywhere or just in a restricted space? I was thinking of having a nice sleeping area in my finished basement and I have a fenced in back yard to hang out in & in my kitchen (where there’s tile for drooling!)…I just need more info! Thanks

  70. Rajut Says:

    I Want A Dog :( Im Trying To Find One Thts Sutabile For Me Im OnlY 11 Lol

  71. crystal hackett Says:

    #9 guy mentioned considering a great dane, which I now have one. they are awesome with family members. I love animals in general, but have to admit are my pick whether farm, pet or anything else. However, they need humans and do not like to be alone AT ALL. RESEARCH many resources before choosing a breed, and when possible, adopt from your local humane society. there are many danes dumped or turned over because people dont think about the specs of a breed, danes dont need lots of room, they DO need u and lots of your time!!! If tethered or chained, they end up stressed which will cause health problems, behaviors and lead to aggression, which isnt fair to such a perfect breed.

  72. LifeSpace Community Says:

    Thanks for posting such a great article and even better pictures. Priceless. We liked this enough to include on our daily recap on and our readers loved it as well.

  73. brooke Says:

    I have had Bernese Mountain Dogs my entire life, and they are amazing. They are beautiful dogs and love everyone. They may not have the longest life-span (they’re prone to cancer and usually average 7-8 years), but you will love every minute you get with them. I would recommend them to any family.

  74. Charlotte Says:

    Oh my gosh where is the boxer? :-( they’re the best.

  75. Lisa Says:

    I’m surprised and disappointed the Greyhound did not make the top 10 best dogs with kids.

  76. Rhiannon Says:

    Agree 90%.
    But where is the English Springer Spaniel?

  77. Christy Says:

    Thanks for including Staffordshire bull terriers! They get such a bad rap and it is a shame because they are wonderful family dogs, and the shelters are FULL of them, at least in NYC where I live. (I think people mistakenly assume they will be tough guard dogs, and when they turn out to be sweet and friendly they are abandoned.)

    Our family has a rescue dog that is a bull terrier / rhodesian ridgeback mix. When our son was born many family members recommended I “get rid” of our dog for safety concerns! I knew they were completely off base and it is refreshing to have others acknowledge the same. Thank you!

  78. Daniel Says:

    Pointers are also very great family dogs. They are very even tempered and patient. The are smart and trainable. We have had them since I was a child and we have always loved them.

  79. liv Says:

    boxers are the beeeeeeeeeeest.
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
    (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (:

  80. Michele Says:

    i have a black lab/pit bull mix named roxy and she is the best dog ever! she is patient, kind, gentle, smart, and LOVES kids of all ages. she has been poked in the eye and had her ears pulled and all she ever does is give kisses. the kids in my neighborhood ring my doorbell to ask if she can come out to play…she has more friends than i have! she is very well behaved with other dogs too. we bring her to the dog park all the time. puppies always seem to love her and give her kisses and she is very tolerant of them. the only dogs she will ever snap at are large dogs who try to hump her or try to put their heads over her shoulder to show dominance over her…and even then, she will only give a quick turn of her head and bark, and then walk away. i have also never seen her try to show dominance over any other dogs. she has a quiet confidence about her and is very secure in her place in the world. she won’t hesitate to step in front of me and growl when we are walking and encounter a stray dog though…she is very protective. and her bark could scary anyone away…even though i don’t think she knows how to bark without wagging her tail! and she only ever barks when people she doesn’t know come over, to alert us, or at night when we are walking and can’t see who is coming…like i said, she is protective…but she is anything but aggressive. she has a great personality and was very easy to train. whatever dog you decide on (i would hope it would be a shelter dog!) make sure you take the time and effort to train them and socialize them with all types of people and other dogs early…that way, you will wind up with a very friendly and secure dog who will always be a joy!

  81. SEB Says:

    I am so pleased to see Staffordshire Bull Terriers on the list. Our Staffy is four years old and is the most lovable dog that I have ever seen. People are grossly misinformed about this and other bully breeds. Everyone who meets our dog is completely crazy about him and visitors to your house will quickly become your staffy’s best friend. This is not a dog to buy if you plan to leave it for long periods and they do prefer humans to other dogs.(Mine has a small chunk out of his ear due to the bite of a vicious miniature Schnauzer. He did nothing to the dog in return)He has a great time playing with my six year old twin nephews and likes to lounge with them on the sofa. I think that all people looking for a dog need to chose a breed who has a great reputation with children. However, no one should leave small kids with any dog, even a teacup breed.

  82. Nancy Says:

    Eng. Springer Spaniel… gentle, sweet dog that will never leave yourside. Midsize with a loving disposition. Great with kids and people.

  83. Smooth Fox Terrier Says:

    Smooth Fox Terrier…

    Your post on The Best Family Dogs – 10 Breeds For Homes With Children … was informatiove when I was seeking Smooth Fox Terrier info….

  84. Fla-Dap Says:

    I think I’m going to get a Boxer. I’ve seen quite A LOT of reviews on them-along with the Staffies. I’ll definitely consider the two. Thank so much for this helpful forum. :)

  85. carter Says:

    what about an alaskan malamute? i love them!

  86. kulube Says:

    pointers numberone

  87. Bridget Says:

    What about Boxers? they are friendly, great with kids, loyal, clean, and short haired. They respond well to training, even invisible fencing. They need exercise and are very loving.

  88. small dogs Says:

    Love this list of dog breeds that are great with kids that I would love to share at my blog… Thanks

  89. köpek Says:

    Pointers are also very great family dog

  90. Freya Says:

    I think the Golden retriever is the best dog for a family.
    Because they are very good with kids.
    I said this because I had one, he was called Oscar and the kids loved him!

  91. Jon Says:

    Thats a great example of the bernese mountain dog. Ive had them before and they are amazing family dogs and love to just be with people. Calm nature, pretty smart, loves kids of all ages :-)

  92. Kelly Says:

    I cited your blog in mine, thanks!

  93. Terry C - NJ Says:

    Boston Terriers are great with kids.

    I’ve been owned by two of them in the last 25 years.

  94. Mens Fashion Says:

    This is a great dog list. I’ve owned a golden labrador, a golden retriever and a pug. My neighbor owns a pair of Bernese Mountain dogs and I am impressed how great they are with kids.

  95. EMail Blast Software Says:

    You mention the collie but do not forget the minitaure collie either – they are wonderful companions especially if you have ative kids. Had one growing up and she lived for 17 years.

  96. pink lady Says:

    ….. Wheres the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel :( ??……

  97. Laura Says:

    I am the proud first-time owner of an 11-week-old “silver” (special shade of chocolate) Labrador retriever. (See him at They do need to be trained, but Shadow seems to be catching on pretty quickly. After just three weeks he can already sit, stay even with a treat at his heels, and give me his paw. He’s also making major progress in housebreaking and nipping, and it’s so rewarding to see him working it out in his head and adjust his behavior when he figures out what I want. He can certainly be hyper when under-exercised, but all it takes is about 10-minutes chasing me around the yard to tire him out for the rest of the day! I would put Labs at #1 on this list, not because they are the most popular breed, but because they are so loving (the second your lap is visible he climbs right in like a toddler), so fun to play with, and just a joy to be around in every way. Visit him at

  98. Caitie Says:

    What about Bourder Collies, or Jack russles?

  99. Nick Says:

    There were a lot of great dogs listed here. I especially love the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. For anyone who wants to see a list of small dog breeds that are considered great around childeren and family life check out the following URL:

    This list is especially good for anyone who is considering purchasing a small dog in the near future. It can give you an idea of what to look for when in regards to your particular situation.

  100. DogsRworthBlogging Says:

    This is a fabulous list of top breeds and I adore all the photos! I love dogs, especially labrador retrievers.

  101. Celine Says:

    I have adopted a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Fiona, she has a lovely nature and is very friendly with humans and dogs. Even though she has a tendency to jump so far she has proven very quite around children.

  102. LaBellaDoggy Says:

    I’m so glad you included Staffy’s on this list! They are such a misunderstood breed. Not only are they great family dogs, but they are very smart and easy to train.

  103. Jon Says:

    I’ve done a lot of research on dogs. Many dogs can do well with families if raised with the family. It seems to be mostly how they are raised. Many people blame the dogs but really it is a lack of training that gets people hurt. I hungry abused dog no matter the breed can hurt someone.

    The American Staffordshire Terrier can be a very good dog from my research. Those who refute this based on a few highly publicized attacks are wrong. The breed is good with people and they will protect a child that it has grown with since puppyhood. Most dog attacks are because of the stupidity of people. They do require experienced dog owners not because of temperament towards humans but because they are a dog with a high sense of “pack” order.

    There are a couple dogs that are not on this list. One is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I’ve talked to some owners and done research on these little fellas and they are a good family dog. Another is the Vizsla (sp?), whom by the way don’t have that dog smell. They are extremely energetic though. So you would likely not have as an apartment dog.

    Others I came across that can be good for any family with experience owning a dog. Most these dogs don’t fit apartment lifesyles. They need space and a place to play and run.

    Dogue de Bordeaux
    Thai Ridgeback
    Gordon Setter
    Cardigan Welsh Corgi
    Basset Hound

    Why I did so much research was I do not like the two most recommended which are Golden Retrievers and Labs

  104. James Says:

    I have had many dogs in my life, but I have to say that my sitter when I was a toddler, so many years ago, was an English Shepherd. As my parents got her when I was born, and she lived till she was thirteen, I have many fond memories of her…including her not allowing me to play in the road or in the ditch. My parents had pictures of me learning to walk by holding on to her long hair…and she was quite protective, warning strangers away from me with a snarl. My parents rightly had confidence enough in her to let me play outside alone when I was but three or four.
    I would also say that as a breed, these working dogs are extremely intelligent and dedicated to whatever laws are set down for their charges, and though the males can be on the independent side, the females are extremely nurturing by disposition.

  105. Rachel Says:

    I love all dogs, we had a dog from the shelter and ,I pulled a step to far and he turned around and got my arm just a small bruse and he was a labrador retriever. It all depends how they were brought up!

  106. Dee Says:

    I Love all dogs but are very partial to Pugs! I grew up with them and now have two. They are the best! All they want is love and companionship… The breed is great with children!

  107. molly Says:

    hi everyone in america my name is molly i just would like to know what kind dogs soft good for little children who are like my have of sister she want to a soft a white dog she is 4 years old and i would like to know how much does those dogs cost.thank you a lot at was nice to talk to you from molly.

  108. Sheila Clark Says:

    I am very surprised at the ignorance of some people regarding the Staffordshire Terrier Breed. I have rescued and trained dogs for 40 years. This breed is very family oriented and great with children! They often get a bad rap as certain shadey individuals have used them for fighting. But by nature these dogs are gentle and loyal to their people. You obviously wouldn’t have a fighting dog for your childs pet…I would hope!
    Also, we have a toy poodle who loves our 5 grandchildren. He loves to play with them! Our other dogs through the years that have made the best pets for children were our Irish Setter, and our Chow Chow. Although our Chow was not as friendly to outsiders, the children could climb all over her and she was very tolerant and protective of them. And again, we had a Staffordshire Terrier who was so patient and wonderful with the kids, even well into her senior years

  109. Courtney Says:

    Sooooooo glad pittys made the list. We dress ours up in tutus and hair bows. He can tolerate soo much. People come in the vet office I work in everyday telling us how their dog hates children and will eat them up. Our pit bull has never growled or even given a wrong look but other breeds can go around biting kids?? people need to get the facts! They are the BEST breed!

  110. Brooke Says:

    My mom said i could get a pup when im 16 and im only 11. also i took a binch of tests and my results are a collie but that is not my life style. please help me. :)

  111. Candi Says:

    We have Australian Cattle Dogs & from our experience they would rather be with the ‘adults’ though they never have been mean to the kids. I have been looking at getting a Swissie (shorthair & similar to the Bernese Mnt. Dog) but now think I may change to the Ridgeback for kid friendly & deter intruders.

  112. Isabella Says:

    hi, i would like to know if golden retreivers are good for a family of 7, i really like them & think they are so cute, also i was wondering if a puggle would be too.

  113. Jello Says:

    This website was a great help for us and it helped us pick the best dog in the world!!!

  114. Stephanie Says:

    I am surprised to see bulldogs on the best family dog list. I was bit by one when I was young. I was not being aggressive or out of control, and the dog had lived with a child my age. She attacked me when I was at my friend’s house for no real reason. I would not suggest getting a bulldog with small children around.

  115. Haley Says:

    I grew up with golden retrievers and they are the best dogs with children. I have never seen one show any kind of aggression. They are a lot of work-walks, grooming, shedding like no other. But they are so worth it.

  116. Vicky Says:

    Hi i was thinking if a Siberian Husky would make a good family dog because we are looking forward to adopt a dog of that breed ? .

  117. Zee Says:

    What about the Bullmastiff? They are great with kids and very protective too!

  118. dana Says:

    what about the German Sheppard its good dog with family. We have one its really good with my kids.

  119. Wendy Says:

    Your site left off the most desirable and kid-friendly dog in the world, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (CKCS). Our CKCS’s have had their fur pulled out, muzzles clamped on by little hands, etc and simply try to get away and hide without so much as a nip or a growl. This breed beats all the rest as far as being kid and family friendly. We take ours everywhere, they don’t even attack other dogs. They socialize beautifully with other animals; dogs, cats, etc..

  120. chris Says:

    im glad the staffordshire bull terrrier is there

  121. chris Says:

    its my fav dog

  122. Dog Video Of The Day: Bullmastiff Wants Baby’s Toys! | Dog Reflections Says:

    [...] This Bullmastiff doesn’t understand why he can’t have a little chew on his younger sibling’s toy! [...]

  123. Momof3 Says:

    We have a 7 year old Staffishire Bull Terrier/Pit Bull Terrier he is the best dog in the world. He grew up w my kids ages 13,8 and 5. He is very obedient and polite, he waits patiently when fed, if u come near when he eats he wags his tail and looks up like “are you gonna put a treat in here?” We also have a 2 year old mini schnauzer and had a cat that he got along w but we got rid of the cat for biting the kids. Anyhow our dog is obedience trained and has responsible owners who know his limitations. He is a rug at home but he gets social anxiety around strange dogs so we don’t take him to parks or pet stores, etc. To concerned and others, it’s about responsibility and being a firm and consistent pack leader it produces calmer dogs who look to be led. When u let a dog do what he wants without correction u will create a monster, any breed. Btw I was bit on the ankle by a neighbors chihuahua last week. This is the type of owner who says in a totally non authorarive voice “come back, come back” the dog totally does not obey. So yes Concerned, if you are this type of passive, irresponsible dog owner you should should be concerned and should not own ANY dog especially not a powerful breed such as a Staffishire Terrier.

  124. Momof3 Says:

    It would be great to get a list like this of hypoallergenic dogs that make great family dogs.

  125. Meet the New Westminster Breeds for 2011: The Leonberger | Dog Reflections Says:

    [...] is a part of your family. They have a great deal of energy and enjoy having a job to do. Most Leos do well with children and other animals, but puppies can be large and unaware of their big bodies so watch them around [...]

  126. chris Says:

    i love pugs bulldogs and staffys

  127. chris Says:

    what about the beagle

  128. No Dogs Allowed « Emma and Remy Says:

    [...] to this list of the Best Family Dogs the Pug is the ONLY dog that would be welcomed at Alice Springs [...]

  129. jassi Says:

    listen i may say a lot of people agree to pugs and since i have seen so many websites by saying rotties are dangerous it is just their apperance they are absaloutely the most sweetest dogs ever i have a 8 month rottwieller pup and it looks bigger for its age and barks like a big dog it is so sweet instead of scaring strangers away it nuzzles to them so wat i’m sayin is even a dangerous dog can be trained for wat u want it 2 be u cannot predict but my oppinion is rotties are better than all good dogs put together

  130. gabby and ben Says:

    we have looked at your comments and weve also looked at the photos of the dogs. I like the labrador ratriver and are looking at maybe getting it. we also want to know how much it is. and are looking round animal care tommorow. we have a cat called arther and 2 mice white and brown mine is called lucky and my brothers is called jack. (wierd name)

  131. Child friendly dogs Says:

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  132. Dynamite Comes in Small Packages | Pet Picks Says:

    [...] Looking scary has a lot to do with the facts of biting dogs; nobody is afraid of a Daschund but would cringe at the sight of a Pit Bull coming toward them, even when displaying [...]

  133. anna Says:

    iam looking for the perfect dog and i dont know which one to get. i see my perfect dog as a playful family dog that does not bark to much and is middle size. nice to adults and children and other dogs and pets. and does not need to much exercise. and does not bite. i just cant seen to find :o

  134. RK Says:

    The best dog I have ever known or owned was a Keeshond. They are just happy, cheerful, bouncy, exuberant furballs. Kees have just a special “sparkle” about them, which I really miss since my Keesie girl went to the Rainbow Bridge last year.

    Commenter #95 mentions a mythical breed called the “miniature collie”. There is no such animal.

    It’s called a Shetland Sheepdog.

  135. Regena Demarest Says:

    Bookmarked, Interesting post!

  136. David Says:

    All these dogs are good but through my experiance the rottewieler is the best family dog.It is a great gaurd dog but at the same time gentle and great with children and everyone in the house hold.

  137. louanne studer Says:

    i loved mixed breed dogs i think they are often the most gentle loyal dogs around.

  138. Mallory Says:

    I am the owner of an 8 year old American Pitbull Terrier. This breed is very similar to the Am Staf and makes an excellent family companion. I completely trust him with my child, a three year old, as I know that he would protect him need-be.
    The only downside is dog aggressiveness. I socialized the crap out him and he still turned out dog agressive. I know my limitation as a bully breed owner and would never allow my dog to approach a dog his own size or bigger (smaller is fine for some reason), a sure scuffle. APBT are stubborn and sometimes hyper, but are EXTREMELY loving and gentle with kids (if you want to wrestle with them, they’ll do it gladly).I lived with a breeder and we had 15 APBTs and Am Staffs and needless to say we never got robbed :) . Do recommend!

  139. Kira Says:

    I am also happy the staffies are there. I love them. But I must disagree with something. All theses dogs are good with children. Also others that are not on this list. Any dog can be a good family dog. Any. But they must be socialized. Treated right. Trained. Staffies yes are known for attacks. But would you condemn the whole human race because of a couple of people. If you did… We all would be dead. Gone. Dogs are much like people. Some are good, and some are bad. You cant control that. Having a dog is hard work. You need to train them, especially ones that are strong like the staffs or the labs. Any dog can turn round and hurt you or your child. Its not because of what breed that it is. I can be illness, for example it could be skitso. Or the way it was brought up, For example it having not being with its brothers, sisters and family can make the dog aggressive towards other dogs as it might not know how to behave. Some dogs have no reason. That is true. Or is it? There can be reasons. Not always being your fault.. but there are normally reasons. Sometimes if your walking your dog and you worried. Your dog can sense that and think ” Its that persons fault. The person walking down the street. Must protect my owner!”
    So don’t blame the breed. And don’t be stereotypical. Its not right.

  140. Best Dogs for Families with Kids | Free 101 Articles Says:

    [...] The Best Family Dogs – 10 Breeds For Homes… : I often receive questions about breeds that will do well living in homes with children. These questions are difficult to answer because there is not one single breed where I ... [...]

  141. Mitcham Says:

    I want to know if anyone (with children) have had a wolf cross alsation and what they have been like as a family dog. I have 2 boys and they have alot of friends that come and play. The boys are always in the garden with a ball, playing rugby, cricket and soccer. The boys swim all the time too. My question is, will this dog be protective over the whole family and see the friends as a threat when playing and tackling in the garden. I don’t want to have to put the dog in the back garden everytime friends come to play and I also don’t want my boys to feel that they can’t play with the dog.

  142. Emma Says:

    I love newfoundlands and bermese mountain dogs – though i’ve never had one, mainly because they are too big for my home so it would not be fair. I do know people who have them though and they are the most gentle animals in the world, and they love children.

    I have had retrievers and Irish Setters (not on the list) and setters are also good with children. The red and white I have currently lets my niece literally drag him across the floor, pull his legs, grab his tongue and he doesn’t even growl, bar his teeth and would never bite.

    Lots of good suggestions and information from this list though.

  143. Tracey McGookin Says:

    Staffordshire Bull Terriers are quite simply the best family dog anyone could ever have. I have a 5 year old bitch and a 3 year old male. My brother also has Staffies and a rottweiler. I have 3 children aged 13, 9 and 6 and the dogs are the kids best friends and their greatest protectors. It doesn’t matter how boisterous or rough my kids are when playing with the dogs my Staffies take it in their stride. They are so loyal, obedient and loving and are always eager to please you. Honestly if you want a great family dog, there is only one choice in my opinion – Staffies

  144. stacie Says:

    good dogs (and owners)

  145. What Type of Training do Seeing Eye Dogs Require? | Paws Kennels Blog Says:

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  146. dog collar Says:

    really pleased to see the staffy here, they get so much bad press especially over here in the UK. Poeple just see them as status dogs & never as a family pet. It’s so sad to see the negative reaction now, people actually corss the street sometimes to get away from them when in the main they are a loving family pet.

  147. livi Says:

    coton’s beet all other dogs they rarley shed, great companions, and are so cute

  148. Ashley Says:

    I think they forgot The Great Pyrenees under the Newfoundland but I guess since they are closely related it counts. Although extremely massive, they are gentle giants. I am so happy with mine and look forward to welcoming another someday soon.

  149. Keith Taylor Says:

    I don’t know much about dogs for children, as I never had any, but I have had many dogs and many other animals as well. The dogs had to learn not only to tolerate, but also protect these other animals and poultry. I have had a Great Dane, Great Dane x Labrador, Doberman x Rottweiler, Labrador Retriever, and a number of mastiff and bull-mastiff crosses, all of which did not only tolerate and protect our other animals, but would often “babysit” such diverse creatures as chicks, ducklings, baby rabbits (including dwarf rabbits), kittens and anything else we gave them. When told to leave the genets alone when the latter killed some chickens, they did so, but nothing would stop them hunting rats and leguans, which attacked the baby rabbits.
    Basically, it appears that the attitude of the owners has a great deal to do with the attitude of the dogs in their care. If the owners are noisy, the dogs also tend to be noisy, whereas placid people seem to pass this on to their dogs.

  150. Amber Boomhower Says:

    I want to recommend the best family dog we’ve ever had, our Little Miss who is an American Staffordshire Terrier (untrained eye classified under pitbull).
    We rescued her before a seizure of a dog fighting and breeding situation. She is perfect with my kids. You only have to yell at them sternly for bad behavior (huge plus is they also learn ‘the look’. Mom’s know). I have had our newborn up to our 8 year old and she loves them all. She’s extremely gentle. The kids can play with her (ever see a dog catch a balloon so softly it won’t pop. yet do a full on run and jump at it? You need to lol) and roll all over her. She watches tv and happily lays and sits on your lap (at over 50lbs). She has gotten rid of a thief, warned us of 3 gas lleaks, 2 house fires, went to school functions and even girl scout meetings without incident. Dog parks, other animals, etc she is happy around. She has ran and dead stopped in front of small kidss who had animals running at them (own dogs included) where they will literally hit her first, she does a warning growl, then walks away. She has even adopted and fed a litter of kittens yet never had any puppies of her own. She knows when to behave in public and what to do.
    I don’t think i’ll ever want a different breed. Did I mention no drooling and short coat? Ears cleaned 1x a weekk and a short brush or bath and they’re golden. Mine believes that she needs to get ready like the girls so we brush her fur, put spray on her (puppy spray or spray on lotion), and chapstick (maybe fakely adding mascara *keep it in tube or clean an old brush with nothing on it). She will then parade around to show everyone how beautiful lol

  151. Amber Boomhower Says:

    As for wolf cross, we’ve owned one and my sister now has one. They are great guard dogs but super friendly and playful. Mine was smart (my dad’s but the family dog) and my sister’s isn’t all there upstairs. The greatest toy? Thhe red dot! Friendly unless you’re a stranger. If the people don’t let you in and he knows you same thing he will follow you, bark, growl, etc (except small kids or people with booboos).

    Both shepard x wolf mixes

  152. Good Family Dog Breeds | Obedience Dog Training Says:

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  154. Taylor Says:

    I love German shepherds and wish someone put it up on the best dogs you could get because they are a family loving pet but need to be trained but it’s okay!????

  155. Carl Kruse Says:

    Love the profiles of the dogs.

    I think it should be emphasized that any dog, especially bigger ones, will need training, for their sake and ours.

    Carl Kruse

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