Product Review: The FURminator

May 29th, 2008 by Dan

Love your pet but hate shedding? That’s the tag line on the FURminator’s website. I didn’t believe it myself until I bought one for Lucian. While he is a short coated dog, his red fur stands out when he does shed, so I wanted to see if this “wonder tool” really works – it does! Now when I say it works for a short coated breed, I will tell you that my friends that own long haired (or thick coated dogs like Norwegian Elkhounds) say that they remove GROCERY BAGS full of hair with this tool! They all have told me that it removes more hair than seems possible, and I have to agree with them. I never guessed that much hair could come off and I wouldn’t have a bald dog! Lucian’s coat is much shinier looking after being “FURminated”!

After The FURminator

Photo by benjiej

Most pets seem to enjoy the feel of the FURminator, you just have to be sure to avoid using it on animals who have mats or tangles in their coats. Remove those with scissors or another grooming tool before using the device.

King Charles Spaniel Post FURminator

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A Note: I highly recommend purchasing the large Furminator – it will make quicker work of grooming your dog, unless you have a toy breed. The device should also not be used on curly coated dogs like Poodles, Bichons, etc

With the warm weather here, shedding is only increasing – pick up a FURminator and keep the tumbleweeds (and allergies!) to a minimum.

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