Product Review: Buddy Wash Dog Shampoo – Rosemary and Mint

May 22nd, 2008 by Dan

Buddy Wash Rosemary and Mint

I’m picky about what I use to wash my dogs – especially Reef – who has very sensitive skin. A few years ago I found Buddy Wash shampoo and I have been using it exclusively on my “kids” ever since. It is an excellent choice for sensitive skin and is soap free (this means you can use it while using “spot on” flea treatments such as Frontline or Advantage). Buddy Wash is made from all natural ingredients – here’s the short list:

Coconut shampoo base, aloe vera gel, essence of rosemary, essence of mint, chamomile extract, sage extract, nettles extract, rosemary extract, wheat protein extract (natural deodorizing agent), tea tree oil, vitamin E, vitamin C.

Pick up a bottle and see how nice your pooch smells after his next bath!

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