No, I’m Not Kidding – 15 Photos Of Dogs With Dye Jobs.

May 13th, 2008 by Dan

I wish I was. Some people feel compelled to dye their dogs. I can’t say that I understand this. Spare me the “I need my dog to match my outfit, couch, car” argument. It’s a DOG – not an accessory. Maybe, just MAYBE if it is Halloween, I might give you a pass, but only then…..

Multicolored Papillon:

There is no rhyme or reason to the color scheme on this Papillon.

Multicolored<br />

Photo by eiscube1978

Pride Pooch:

I am all for Pride, but this is a bit much.

Pride Pooch

Photo by nkaray

Pink Pit Bull:

Prissy Pink Pitty.

Prissy Pink Pit Bull

Photo by heathernana

Blue Poodle:

It reminds me of cotton candy.

Blue Poodle

Photo by jillbeninato

There Are No Words:

As seen on late night Cinemax….

So Wrong- Dog With Mohawk and Thong

Photo by Carolyn Rita

Pekingese Lion:

This little dog looks like a sad mini lion statue.

Pekingese Lion

Photo by Owl Cottage

His and Hers Poodles:

A perfect gift for any couple.

His and Hers Poodles

Photo by hanleyemmac

A Brighter Shade Of Pink:

This Wheaton gives a new meaning to the color pink!

Bright Pink Wheaton

Photo by “jenny horror”

Some Dogs Have Reason To Bite:

This one would have an excuse…

Little Periwinkle Dog

Photo by eepie


I am finding myself getting more and more exasperated as I continue to write this blog…

Pink CottonBall Pup

Photo by lainie on the road

Olympic Poodle:

Someone got a little *too* into the Olympic spirit.

Olympic Poodle In Japan

Photo by Zoom Zoom

Glam Rock Chinese Crested:

Reminiscent of the 80′s….

Glam Rock Chinese Crested

Photo by duckymilo

Poodle With Yellow Bouffant:

She looks like a country singer to me…

Yellow Haired Poodle

Photo by Farang Noi

If Looks Could Kill:

I think we might have a dead owner….

Pink Dog- Dirty Look

Photo by Chloë N

Enough Already!

The wink put me over the edge!

winking orange poodle

Photo by JDWnyc

104 Responses to “No, I’m Not Kidding – 15 Photos Of Dogs With Dye Jobs.”

  1. Vid Says:

    The 4th pic down….. (Blue Poodle)… looks like the dog is saying:

    “Please kill me. Kill me now. End my suffering.”

  2. AA Says:

    LOL at the winking dog.

  3. Rover Says:

    Meh. The introduction to this post is pretty bad. It makes it sound like this is a political thing. What’s with the self righteous indignation? People don’t dye their dogs to match things, they dye them for events, or for fun.

    Do you even own a dog? The dog doesn’t give a crap that its fur is any color. It’s happy to be somewhere with its owner. All those dogs look happy.

  4. Ryan Says:

    Maybe it’s me, but I don’t see the problem in any of this. If the dog loves a bath, it’s going to love a dye job. If it loves attention, then it is going to get lots of it.

    I’ll agree that it may not be for every dog but it sure isn’t hurting anything. The dog has no idea that it is dyed (it can’t even see the colors!) so I really don’t see a problem other than it being tacky.

  5. Myke Says:

    I want that pink dog! He’s so cute! Though I like it i think this could be dangerous to your dog’s health.

    When I was a kid I actually hand-painted my dog. I added black spots so he’d look like a Dalmatian…he licked the paint and he died…

  6. Newbornstranger Says:

    All this poodle painting, and no mention of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Poodle?

  7. mandie Says:

    I really hope those are vegetable dyes… or else that is just inhumane on top of being utterly embarrassing.

  8. ohwolfman Says:

    That “Pride” dog was in Cleveland 2007. I took a similar pic. Couldn’t believe that poor dog was subjected to that.

  9. KC Says:

    Hey Vid (#1),

    They are *all* saying that.

  10. deb Says:

    The 4th one down, the blue one, isn’t a poodle. The tail hair is straight, it’s likely a havanese or a cocka-poo

  11. blah Says:

    I sure hope that crap is non-toxic. Dogs lick their hair a hell of a lot more than people do.

  12. blah Says:

    Well, most people, at least.

  13. Maria Says:

    Dogs are not fashion accesories!!! If you love your dog you will love it the way it is, like this you torture the poor puppy… People are such idiots!!!

  14. Chrissy Harrison Says:

    How do you even come up with this? I know someone who decided to paint her bathtub back in the 80′s purple. I guess it wasn’t dry. She fills it up with water. Her White cat jumps in. A thus a purple cat for 6 months.

  15. The one who let him go Says:

    I love the pekingnese lion♥♥♥

  16. SpilltoJill Says:

    they are all adorable….in general (not necessarily with dye)

  17. Heather Says:

    oh my gosh I want the dog with the purple and black rocker look that is so awesome I wish I could do that to my dog!

  18. Julia Says:

    hey, i was just wondering how they dyed their dog’s, i have a dalmatian and i want to dye her orange for halloween so if someone could get back to me ASAP that would be amazing! thanks

    ~Julia Roberts~

  19. Vanessa Says:

    I think that these dogs (well, most of them) look so cute! I can’t wait to dye my little terri-poos!

    Julia if you want to dye your dalmation than just get some food dye (it is edible and safe for both of you!) You can mix the dye in a spray bottle and spray him or just put it in the bath tub and put him in!

  20. Rachael Says:

    I buy my dog dye at The dye for some of you that are concerned is made with vegetable dye. It is completely safe and non-toxic. I do pet therapy with my dogs and patients get a good laugh when my pink Chihuahua comes prancing in the room in her dresses. She loves the attention she gets from young and old people when she is dyed pink. Definate thing you should know..WEAR GLOVES when you do it. I didn’t the first time and my hands were pink for a few days lol. Also one small container of dye from that site makes 2 very pink good coverage applications on my 7lb Chihuahua so if your dog is bigger be advised. If your interested you can also look at local pet salons..this is the newest fad so many have gotten into providing the service at a descent price. I’ll be doing that from now saves the clean up and mess.

  21. Hilary Says:

    What the-… Is that dog wearing a thong?! O_o
    Weird… lol I put coats and boots on my dog in the winter because she’s wimpy about the cold when it gets below -20C. But a thong? Seriously…

  22. Aimee Says:

    The thong dog took it too far, however the rest of them are actually quite adorable.

    His/hers <3
    Laine on the road, very cute
    80′s hahaa

  23. Paige Says:

    I don’t understand why people get so upset over what other people do to their pets. Dyeing your dog is totally harmless, and some people just think it’s cute. You admit you became “agitated” over these pictures. Chill out; it isn’t hurting anyone (except people like you, who have nothing to do with it whatsoever). Getting emotionally involved in the benign activities of others is a waste of energy.

    Maria, this is in no way “torture”; if anything, an idiot in this case is someone who judges other people based on information they made up themselves (eg, calling a harmless practice torture and then calling people idiots for doing it).

  24. Alyssa Says:

    We like the dog flashing everyone in the thong.
    Prettttty funny.
    <3 Alyssa S. and Alyssa M.

  25. C Says:

    The dogs probably love the attention they get after wards. My mom’s poodle patiently tried on clothes for us at a store and pranced happily in them. She gets a lot more attention with clothes on and is really cheerful when she wears them. Dyeing, like dog clothes, can be fun for everyone. As long as the dye is not toxic, there is no harm.

  26. Elizabeth Says:

    Very nice post, I share the same position about this.

  27. Candy Says:

    These dogs look happy, well fed and obviously loved by someone who took the time to fancy them up.

    Anyone looking for an injustice to right should go straight to almost any website regarding Haiti and the starving, sick, homeless children there. They are just 600 miles off the coast of Florida. There, now you have a real cause to do something about!

  28. Margaret Says:

    I have a black/Tan Pomeranian and I would like the tan t6o be darker on his tail and pants.
    How do I make it darker

  29. kristy Says:

    i have a white and cream pomeranian will any colour dye over take the cream cause i wana dye the cream plz help

  30. yvette Says:

    yes it is a vegetable dye and the dogs we do absolutly love the attention they get when people see them its done for show and fun you can get it done at any good groomer but the best i know is in woollara they are fantastic there start thinking outside the square and have some fun the dogs do !!!!

  31. Nikoli Says:

    I gave my dog a pink mohawk for a march of dimes event and he absolutely loved all the attention he got. He had people petting him and taking pictures, he couldn’t have been happier. I see nothing wrong with dying your dog as long as its safe for them. Its just some harmless fun

  32. Cree Says:

    Love the punk rock dog. Can’t wait to dye little designs into Kage(my Belgian Shep)

  33. princess Says:

    People should really comment on what they know about. Please stop the hating and making negative comments about unique people and individuality. I love my dog to death and yes, he has punk rocker blue hair (just on the top of his head). I used completely safe and dog-edible kool aid to dye his hair. There are also many products out there that are safe for dogs. I did it because he looks cool, not to match my outfit. People give him tons of attention which he enjoys and he loves to be bathed and groomed. So what’s the harm in that? My advice to humans and canines alike… live free and happy!!

  34. Dorothy Says:

    Dogs are color blind. They couldn’t possibly care what color they are – they can’t even see it!

    Countless dogs are killed because no one cares about them. Countless other animals are seriously abused and negelected. With this backdrop how could anyone have a problem with an owner pampering and enjoying their pets unboundedly?!

    If it makes their humans happy – it usually will make the doggies happy. Dog’s can’t see color – but they do understand attention and adoration.

    If you have a problem with dying a dog safely because of what the dog feels or thinks, then you actually only have a problem with giving dogs baths and getting them groomed, because as far as the dog knows – that’s all that happened – except that their owners and other people smile at them more.

    If it makes YOU happy, it will likely make your dog happy – and that’s really what it’s all about.

    So – go to a shelter and adopt a dog and make it whatever color makes you the happiest and pamper it in every way possible – the dog will be eternally grateful.

  35. Revenwyn Says:

    The fourth picture down, the blue “poodle” is most likely a Bichon Frise that was not powder puffed and the ear hair allowed to grow.

    Still inhumane for the dog. My bichon doesn’t even like getting a bath!

  36. Dan Says:

    Thanks for your comment! As far as the dyed Poodle goes, I’m only reporting what the tag said along with that photo. It does look quite “Bichony”, but the blue makes everything a little abstract!

  37. kaylinm Says:

    as for the person who said its dagerous because of what happend to your dog, the diffrence being that this dye, you used paint.

  38. evil_tennyo Says:

    I’m lovin’ the 80′s (black and purple colored) dog! I dont see a problem, so long as the dye is non-toxic. Some of these are cute, though the brightly colored ones are too much! I don’t agree with dying thier noses either thats a bit much.

  39. Emma Says:

    Yeaah…dogs aren’t fashion accessories. I know in America a lot of people like to think they are by stuffing them in their handbags, painting them to look ridiculous to get attention etc but they really aren’t and you should show more respect for your pets and if you can’t then maybe you should consider rehoming them to someone who is mentally stable. The thing that angers me about all of this is that whilst the dye used for these monstrosity creations may be safe but what’s next – doggie cosmetic surgery? Piercings? Tattoos??? That’s the problem when people invent new ways to amuse themselves; after a while it gets boring and samey so then they have to be more drastic to keep themselves entertained. Why can’t you love your pet for what they are? Would you paint your whole entire body multi-coloured? No, ‘cos that would be retarded. Think about it.

  40. PuppyLover Says:

    Maybe I would if my whole body was covered in thick fur! Doggie cosmetic surgery, tattoos, etc. are things that you have made up so you would have something (imaginary) to complain about. Comparing plastic surgery to coloring your dog’s hair with non-toxic dye doesn’t even make sense. So I guess YOU are the one that’s retarded.

  41. Emma Says:

    I can tell you are low on brain cells. Cosmetic surgery, tattoos, piercings and hair dye are all relative as they are for changes in physical image so yes it does make sense and no these aren’t ‘imaginary’ ideas that my over-creative mind has thought of as these are available for humans so the same could easily happen for animals; for example, only recently a woman was charged with animal cruelty for selling ‘gothic kittens’ with piercings in their ears, necks and tails. The use and popularity of pet fur dye makes way for more drastic image changes. What’s wrong with your pet’s coat as it is (or was)? Do you think your pet’s ugly without all that cheap looking dye? As for wanting a thick coat of fur on yourself – send in the men in white coats PRONTO! Lol

  42. Hachiko Says:

    Well as the saying goes, ‘Dogs look like their owners,’ and if people want their pets dyed with disgustingly bright tacky colours – then hey, good luck to them, I just hope they remember to rinse the colour out when the circus act is over.

  43. PuppyLover Says:

    Yes, I guess you’re right, aside from the fact that one is completely harmless and one is potentially life-threatening. Other than that, they are totally the same thing.

  44. Emma Says:

    I’m glad you understand now though I’m not sure if you understand fully but well done for using your brain. If you want to dye fur then make sure its your own and not some poor animal that doesn’t have a say.

  45. jac.rabbit Says:

    Wow to everyone who has an issue with people dying their puppies (safely may I add), I feel bad for you. To honestly waste your time getting angry over something like this? There are way more horrible things going on in the world right now to be stressing over. So anyone want to give me an actual reason why a dog would be bothered by his fur being dyed? Cause I really don’t see how the dog is losing out with this.

  46. jac.rabbit Says:

    Emma I understand where your coming from but this is why I’m writing this, you should try seeing things from other people’s point of view too. Yes, with humans, hair dye, tattoos, piercings, plastic surgery can be shoved in the same category but I have a dog, and though I’d consider making a dye out of koolaid to make a heart shaped patch on him, I would never actually tattoo, pierce or subject my dog to plastic surgery, why? cause that would hurt him. The dye does NOT. SO it doesn’t make sense to be angry over this although I’d be on your side 100% if people did start piercing their pets like what that lady did to those poor kittens.

    And the fact that some of the people on here assume that a person who dyes their dog, carries them in a purse or puts clothes on them doesn’t love them, your sitting their judging people you don’t even know. My little sister has a pomeranian and she takes him in her bag everywhere she goes, why? Because the dog WANTS to go in her bag because it means it can be WITH her. And she would totally consider dying him blue (it’s her favorite color) but he’s black so it wouldn’t show. None of this changes how much she adores her baby. So stop being so narrow-minded and uninformed.

  47. Hachiko Says:

    Sorry but I agree with Emma. As quoted by Dan at the start of this discussion – ‘It’s a DOG – not an accessory’ If you like dye so much, then dye your own hair a bright disgusting colour.

  48. Emma Says:

    Well I’ve said what I’ve had to say. Its vanity gone mad. Dogs shouldn’t be customised to suit their owners because they don’t like their natural fur colour. You don’t do it because your dog wants you to; you do it because it makes YOU feel better (trendy, happy or whatever buzz you get out of it). If you want a bright/colourful dog then why don’t you go get one from the toy shop and I suppose you can even buy one that interacts with you and you can throw one in your handbag too (don’t get me started about people that carry dogs in their handbags). In fact, the fact that your sister brought a pomeranian shows how much she knows about bad dog breeding. Toy dogs (in which pedigree dog category they fall in) come with serious health problems because of how they’re bred. I think that its disgusting some dogs are bred to look a particular way regardless of any health problems that could result from this and your sister buying one is like accepting this type of breeding. Dogs shouldn’t be bred to even fit into a handbag! So with this in mind it shows what sort of mentality she has – she’s already brought a customised dog so hey may as well customise the dog even more!

    Yeah you’re right, there are far worse things going on in the world so that doesn’t mean no one is allowed to debate other things such as these.

  49. Vickie Smith Says:

    Very cute and creative!!! I’m sure it’s much better than being tied to a tree in the back yard !! Dogs love attention and love to entertain. My Italian Greyhound told the dog whisperer when I dress her up in Halloween costumes, that if it makes me smile she’s happy !!
    A cute way to take you mind off the worlds problems and bring you back down to earth ….

  50. Frenchie Says:

    Oolala! Both sides are right, and both are wrong. Some breeds of dogs have been bred for literally thousands of years to be fashion accessories! To be small, cuddly, carried, and groomed. They adore the attention and if someone wants to add a bit of color, the dog doesn’t mind. On the other hand, if your dog was bred to be a working companion, but instead is sitting in a corner moping because you’re busy complaining about someone else’s foofy dog, then who is the real fool here?

  51. Haha Says:

    Emma, stop making fun of people because of what they believe. You are making yourself look like a fool by doing so.
    Dogs love attention. At least the ones who are treated humanely do. I would be suprised if you even had a dog.

  52. Audita Says:

    I have a Bichon Frise that loves baths and loves attention. I recently gave her a haircut (she has to be clipped every 4 to six weeks) and left her three inch long fur in a mohawk that goes from her head through her tail. Petco groomers dyed her for me with pet safe vegetable dye. She is pink with a blue mohawk. She loves loves loves all the attention she gets. I think wearing her own fur in different colors is the best most comfortable holloween costume ever. She doesn’t know what holloween is except that she gets to go with the kids and get attention galor. Shegets to ride in the car with Mommy (pretty much her favorite activity) if she gets tired of walking. She is adorable. I think you have to know your dog. What is good for one dog may not be good for another.

  53. Maggie Says:

    As a groomer that competes in creative grooming i would like to say it can be fun and safe.Any idiot useing toxic paint to be it should be charged. We use animal safe products only(veggie dyes) and even then are very careful. If you don’t know what is safe DON’T TRY. Ask someone who knows. Futher, all the dogs knows is that once your done they get so much attention who cares. I had a poodle that HATED getting a hair cut but would stand for hours no problem if i was chalking or dyeing because everyone made a fuss over her when she was done. I loved my dog a lot more than most thats why if i was giving her a hair cut i made sure to dye some part of her. She took it as a treat. I would NEVER dream of using anything toxic at all. And to the idiot that “handpainted spots” on his dog the skull and cross bones means posion if injested for animals to stupid.

  54. Korey Belanger Says:

    People who think this is Cruel:

    Use pet safe dye, and whats the deal?

  55. Monk Says:

    Dosen’t anyone remember the “Pink Poodle” of the 1950′s? As a child,I thought all Poodles were pink,until I saw a white one. Just a phase,it will go away. Just have fun with it.

  56. Harley's Mom Says:

    i don’t see anything wrong with dying dogs. they love the attention and it just makes them have a little something extra. they have pet hair dyes at many pet stores that are perfectly safe for dogs and even made for them! its so cute.

  57. Emily Says:

    i think that this is absolutely adorable and dont see the problem with it. all i can say is im going out to buy pink hair die and its not for me.

  58. jazmine Says:

    how can u get those dogs like that they are the cute dogs ever

  59. jazmine Says:

    the one with the pink far that is is sooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Stoast Says:

    Wow you all need to lay off. They make dye just for dogs and it is a totally safe vegetable based dye. Like the dog cares what color it’s hair is. Do you guys dye your hair or is that inhumane too? These dogs are probably the most pampered well cared for dogs around. Go worry about people who beat and starve their dogs and leave the people who feed their dogs top quality food and love their pets alone.

  61. lynn bergeon Says:

    WOW! How cool are the dyed dogs. I always wanted to try it. Is the process difficult and how toxic is the food coloring? I wonder how easy it is to color the face without getting color in eye area.

  62. Beth Says:

    They all made me smile. It is a shame that some people are so judgemental and negative about something that is light hearted and fun.People that find fault about something like this are most likely unhappy. The only joy they know is when they are severely critizing others and trying to make them as unhappy as they are. How sad.

  63. Patrice Thach Says:

    I love the winking dog! Very Funny! Totally looks like a Vegas Show-Girl…. I mean Dog.

  64. Sarah Says:

    That is too funny. It gives dog character. This is not animal abuse its fun for both dog and owner…Dog gets more attention and owner gets a laugh out of it. I just did my pit/husky mix blue and he gets so many looks. I used non toxic human dye and he is ok. Just make sure you dont put it around the face and private parts. [IMG][/IMG]

  65. nikki Says:

    I work at a pet salon and we do change the color of their hair it looks great on some dogs, we own a poodle and it has a mohawak that is dyed pink their are other ways like blowing the paint on which is more a nicer way than to let them sit in the tub for a while so think about it befor you knock it. Its just a change and can turn out cute!

  66. Caitlin Says:

    ok i think this is adorable and theres notthing wrong with it dogs are colorblind so they wouldnt even know most of them just think they taste funny it gives them personality ad is great for those little attention hogs like y shi tzu which i might get dyed like superman or purple the only one i have a problem with is the one right above the last one his nose is dyed which could be a big problem his ears dont look good he is really wet so if it got in his ears it could be infected but if your carful these things wont happen

  67. Fran Says:

    I cannot express my horror ! I cannot see anyone doing this to a beloved pet !

    My dogs would take my arm off if I ever did this to them.

  68. Xesta Says:

    Wow, you have to be kidding me. You’re actually COMPLAINING about dogs having their hair dyed- a perfectly HARMLESS procedure if done right- when there’s someone beating a dog somewhere?

    I can’t tell you how much that infuriates me.

    Sure, dying your dogs is a little odd… but there’s no harm in it. The animal doesn’t know, hell it probably likes the attention it gets from having unusual colors. And if the dog likes grooming it’s a bonus. There is literally NO harm done. At all. Do any of these dogs look upset to you? Do they look harmed? Tortured? No. They look like perfectly normal dogs save for the color.

    And I can’t even believe you complain about people carrying dogs in their bags too. PEOPLE ARE PHYSICALLY HARMING ANIMALS EVERY SINGLE DAY AND ALL YOU CAN DO IS COMPLAIN ABOUT SOMEONE LOVING THEIR DOG.

    Oh my, that girl is carrying a dyed chihuahua in her purse! Ohhh, poor thing, it’s so tortured! She’s torturing it! Oh my god! It hates it’s life so much to be loved and smothered with attention!


    THE TRUTH IS, most dogs that can fit into a purse are meant to. They’ve been bred to be lap dogs, cuddly and clingy and loving to their owners. Hell, if I had a dog, a chihuahua no less, I would take it with me everywhere. And to prevent it from getting worn out from walking so much, I would carry it for a while. What is the difference of a bag and a crate?

    “Dogs aren’t meant to be fashion statements” No, they’re not. But I can tell you that, despite how odd they are, owners who dye their dogs are usually INCREDIBLY caring for their animals, and go the extra mile to make their dog beautiful and happy. Dogs usually like the attention- I know I’d rather be dyed neon pink than be ignored.

    I understand your views on the whole breeding animals to suit our needs thing, I can rant off for hours about human’s treatment towards other creatures. But what I cannot see is how on earth you or ANYONE would think this is animal cruelty. To think you’re complaining about this when you could be doing something to help a beaten or homeless dog.

  69. amber Says:

    lol ok i have to say when i was about 14 and my sister was about 16 we got mad at our mom because we wanted our hair cut and she said no and went out the next day and dropped 90 bucks on getting her poodle groomed and whitened so she would be pretty so when our mom left right after dropping the dog off we dyed her with koolaid. lol lets just say our mom wasnt to happy to see the pink green and blue dog for the next 2 weeks

  70. Eris Says:

    I think some people just need to relax… and more to the point; be informed before making rash and unreasonable statements. To Emma who believes that all toy breeds are inbred, mistreated, and deformed; understand that certain dog breeds are naturally small. Just as other breeds are ;large in nature. There are bad breeders (aka. puppy mills and backyard breeders)who will breed a dog to size despite health, but they are the few and not the majority. I have to agree with an earlier post that your behavior leads me to doubt whether you possess a dog, or any animal for that matter. But then everyone is entitled to their opinion. As long as the dye is safe and the animal is not being put under stress, then it can be fun for both owner and pet. I am chinese and our zodiac contains 12 animals. Few people know that each animal is then tied into 1 of 5 elements(fire,metal, earth, water, wood), and only repeats once every 60 years. My mother is the metal tiger. This is her year, so i thought about temporarialy dying my 4.5 lb pom like a little tiger for her birthday!

  71. wandy Says:

    Lol, this is hilarious, mostly cause dogs are colorblind, they couldn’t give a crap what they look like.

    And the process is no more irritating than a shampoo and style. Some dogs even really like the pampering and love the attention they get during and after.

  72. liv Says:

    i think its cute. some of them are a little overdone.. which i wouldn’t do personally. i like the purple rocker looking one. he’s cute:D

  73. Victoria Says:

    If the dog enjoys attention and doesn’t mind being groomed, what part of this is inhumane? I think they’re adorable.

    And to the person attacking toy breeds, please step back and do some research on the topic. Any dog can be a genetic disaster. That’s why it’s important to seek out a responsible breeder, a breed rescue, or an animal shelter.
    A responsible breeder puts time, money and thought into the puppies they produce. They test their breeding stock for whatever genetic diseases the breed is prone to, and affected individuals are removed from their breeding program. The puppies they produce should fit the breed standard, and should be guaranteed to live a long life free of genetic disorders. Thanks to my excellent breeder, I know that my rough collie will never develop hip dysplasia, collie eye anomaly and thyroid problems. They are all common problems in collies, but thanks to the effort of responsible breeders, they can be avoided.
    The same goes for any breed, including pomeranians. Handbags and animal strollers aren’t cruel; a small dog doesn’t have the boundless energy that a large dog does, and if it becomes tired, it is convenient for the owner to have a purse or stroller handy.
    You are extremely fast to judge, but you haven’t bothered to learn anything about the topic at hand. If you’d like to argue, have some valid information to spout off, not simply a harsh opinion.

  74. Dorothy Says:

    @Emma, what the heck are you talking about!?

    “I know in America a lot of people like to think they are by stuffing them in their handbags, painting them to look ridiculous to get attention etc but they really aren’t and you should show more respect for your pets and if you can’t then maybe you should consider rehoming them to someone who is mentally stable.”

    You need to get a clue. BTW people all over the world do this to their dogs, not just Americans. I get my dog’s nails painted to match her bows. She doesn’t understand that her nails are a different color, but she loves the attention. I shave, bathe, brush her hair (she is a poodle…poodles have hair not fur), and brush her teeth myself. She loves being pampered and there is nothing wrong with it. She is such a loving dog, and I try my best to let her know that she is appreciated.

  75. person Says:

    i love how people dye their dogs..its awesome and creative. I’m thinking about using splat to dye my chihuahua blue :P it says on their site that its safe but i havent saw it anywhere else..guess ill see :\ [but i seriously hope it is safe on dogs..]

    and all you people that say dyeing a dog is just need to get a life. dogs cant tell and as long as its the right dye its fine.. like everyone else said.. they love the attention and some look amazing yeah

  76. Sierrra Says:

    I personally think it is adorable!

    Why do people get their panties all in a bunch because some people like to have fun and create opportunities for their pets to get ooooodles more attention?? They are probably the same people who try to feed their dogs a vegan diet to prevent cruelty to animals used for food too. Morons. Dogs are carnivores and colorblind, I say meat and dye them up and let them be happy as pets.

    I plan on dying my creme colored pom pink jusg so she gets extra lovins out in public(not that she is hurting for attention as it is!)

  77. Felicia Says:

    My dog is purple and It’s helpful for me to socialize him, expecially with children. If you are worried about hair dye what about the cropping of ears or docking of tails just to follow breed standards. I spend time with my dog, I love my dog and would do anything to help him including microchipping him….which I have done along with removing dew claws and neutering. He is in training to become a Therapy Dog to help others…If coloring him (any color) makes just one person smile we have done our job and I’m Proud to be the owner of a Purple dog.

  78. Shelley Says:

    I like the rainbow dog, and I love the idea of dying therapy dogs. It is huge, encouraging an elderly person to move their hands and arms to pet a dog and talk to it is a wonderful accomplishment. A person with failing vision will notice a brightly-colored dog.

    People are sponging a little food-coloring on their dogs. OH MY GOD! Isn’t it TERRIBLE?(not) Get real folks! and lighten up. While little babies are having their arms and legs torn off you’re angry over people putting food coloriing on their dogs. How morally lop-sided is that?

    By the way, I’ve yet to see one of those dogs in a purse trying to get away. Many will happilly climb in because they know they are going out among people who adore them. A dog in a purse is NOT just a fashion accessory, for most owners, it’s a companion. Some of these dogs were bred, centuries ago, to keep their owner’s laps warm in drafty castles. I had a chi-mix puppy once, who was contented to cuddle in the front of my jacket by the hour.

    Some of these dogs are doing a wonderful thing for people. If your dog hates baths, it’s because he wasn’t conditioned to it during puppyhood. An obedient dog will not fight getting a bath. Most dogs who don’t like baths are not obedience-trained. It’s the same with these little companions. If you’re protesting about this, it appears to me you care more about animals than people. What good deed have you done for a person lately?

  79. James Says:

    Wow these dogs are awesome! A little too trendy for me but awesome.

  80. ZIO'S MOM Says:

    I used to not like it either until I had a dog I could color! Now that I have a white maltipoo , I just coulndt resist, and it has been so fun! My son has autism and he laughed so hard when we picked him up from the doggie groomers, and children laugh and want to pet him! He’s loving the attention and we are too! Now we have been asked to be in a parade, so now my son will get to have that experience too because of his dog,, a dog shall lead them!
    He’s so cute and this all fits his personality to have colors on him. He does NOT CARE what color he is, he knows he’s loved. Some of you need to lighten up and relax, its for FUN and our dogs are not lost, abandoned running the streets, sick or in shelters!

  81. Ash Says:

    @ ZIO’s MOM…

    Your comment made me smile :) Xx

  82. Krystal Says:

    The last picture the dog isn’t winking; you got hair dye in the dog’s eye.

  83. kat Says:

    chill out people, they know to use products that do not hurt dogs. Its a funny…

  84. Janet Says:

    I have a Standard poodle that I take to every holliday parade I can possibly get to, and I dress her to the max! She LOVES it, as soon as I pick up the brush or costume she runs over and sits there in front of me with her head lowered to put it on, then she follows me around the house jumpin up and down til we leave, if I dare take too long she will bark at me and run to the door tail wagging frantically! So dont tell me it is TORTURE, you dont know what you are talking about! And my friends Rottie is exaxtly the same way!!!!!!

  85. abeeha Says:

    your dogs r really cute fluffy and mouth watering i
    wish i ws rich enough 2 buy all the dogs!!!!!!

  86. Rachel Says:

    These dogs are adorable! Many people are saying that it is torture, and it is if the dye is toxic, or otherwise human hair dye. If it is vet approved dye, then what can anyone argue against it? The people are idiots if they are using toxic dye!

    Rachel :)

  87. Nicky Says:

    You can either use food color or Manic Panic to dye any furry friend. I see nothing wrong with it, as long as the animal is okay with it. Cats hate water so they’re obviously not going to like it.

  88. kelli Says:

    These dogs are so sweet! I have a favor to ask of you all. I am doing a pink poodle theme for my baby girl’s first birthday party. I would absolutely loooove to get a picture of her with a real pink poodle for her invitations…so if there is anybody in the Austin (tx) area who owns or knows somebody with a sweet pink poodle i would love to hear from you! Just a couple of pictures with the dog is all i am asking. Thanks guys!

  89. Heather Says:

    We do this to our 14 yo poodle. All we do is drop our little Penelope off at the groomer with a bottle of red food coloring and when we pick her up, she’s pink.

    We’ve been doing it for about 5 years now. Did I mention she’s 14?? It’s not harmful what so ever, so all those who are horrified out there, find a new reason to habitually terrified about something else in life. Or, just get a life, it’s fun, it’s harmless and she’s our sweet precious baby that is constantly spoiled by every member of this family.

    Adorable photos, new ideas!

  90. Georgia Says:

    I’ve died my dog and she loves the attention its given her more confidence x

  91. Sassille Says:

    This is absolutely horrible, why would you spend so much time and money on such a thing, if you want to do something for animals with that much effort and money donate to animal shelters, give back, do something PRODUCTIVE.

  92. Barbara Says:

    OK! so….here it is plain and simple
    1) use non toxic dyes (duh)
    2) if your dog doesn’t like getting bathed, don’t dye them (also duh)
    3) if your dog likes baths and attention and YOU like pretty colors, THIS IS HARMLESS TO YOUR DOG! Oh you silly people…you have a brain, please! USE IT!

  93. Janet Says:

    I love all the pics!!! Is only hair, they are not been harm, I think they love the attention ;)

  94. bieber girl Says:

    well i want to dye my dog blue to match my blue hair. Before i was going to dye her pink and i turned towards my mother and said i want to dye pink tink. She looked at me weirdly. My dog`s name is tink and i meant to say pink instead of tink. But i decided on blue bcuz my hair is blue. There is an actress who dyed her dog`s hair pink. She dyed her dog`s hair with beet juice so its perfectly safe.

  95. Kiah Says:

    Its probably a bit late to post but there is one up from last year. I work at a dog grooming salon and there are dyes that are made specifically for dogs and we get a few customers in. I don’t mind people dying there dogs because it is something to do for fun just like agility, fly ball, dogs dancing and even grooming etc and there is even a competition called creative grooming which is based on dogs being dyed and groomed to look like different characters. The dye does grow out and you can just get the dog groomed until its back to normal so its not a permanent look. I have a bull Arab cross mastiff and I have dyed blue, red, green, orange but i certainly don’t dye him for a fashion accessory but for fun and practise for work and I certainly am not goin to give my dog away just for having a bit of fun and doing something different nor do I agree that people are suggesting that they give away there dogs for trying something different and having fun because it is not mistreatment to dye or have fun with it, I don’t believe some one should give away a dog just for having it groomed like a lion with out dye and the dogs are being loved i can tell you as the people are spending money on there dogs to be groomed which is more than I can say for some as there are alot of dogs that come into work really badly matted and covered in fleas And to Emma or what ever a Pomeranian isn’t a bad dog to have all breeds have there health problems and risks and they are probably having more so now than they did before because they aren’t being used for there purposes as much anymore and we pick, choose and change what traits we prefer in the dogs (probably more now based on cuteness rather than functional) but there are still really healthy dogs you just got to know what to look for in the dog when you buy it. i get alot of healthy Pomeranians come into work and any dog can be just as smart and intelligent as each other given the right training. Pomeranians probably would have been very useful back in the day like most dogs were.

  96. Kiah Says:

    So from a groomers point of few i wouldn’t be to quick to judge what people do to their dogs in regards to grooming/ dying as its not mistreatment or cruel and the dogs have probably got more respect then some of those who don’t because being dyed at a groomer people have to pay more money on top of what they normally pay to get there dogs groomed which just to be groomed can easily cost around 50 to $100 depending on the size of the dog and the dogs need to be clean before they are dyed which is more than what most people do because there are alot of people that only get there dogs groomed when they are badly matted to the skin and covered with fleas.

  97. Kiah Says:

    Sorry for commenting to much but we also get a lady that gets her dogs tail died pink as identification because her dogs either Blind or deaf can’t remember which one but when it gets out the neighbour hood knows who she is because of her tail and they return her back to the yard :)

  98. Jayne Says:

    Hi I’m a creative dog groomer…Sometimes I’ll clean and groom your pet and sometimes I’ll make him or her a cheetah….all my dogs are happy and healthy but feel free to serve me up some haterade ;)

  99. Betty Bop Says:

    No… just no. I’m not a fan of people dying their dogs fur at ALL! But… I think you’ll agree that Glam Rock Chinese Crested looked pretty badass.

  100. Betty Bop Says:

    Some of these look bad but I’ve seen AMAZING creative groomers make some dogs look on point Please only dye if you have experience.

  101. dog grooming Says:

    these look hilarious! haha i do feel somewhat bad for the dogs

  102. Karen Says:

    Hair dyes contain formaldehyde (formaldehyde releasers) which is one of the top 13 cancer causing chemicals. Why would you want to expose your pet to toxic cancer causing chemicals.

  103. Walter Melon's Mom Says:

    Get educated about dogs dyes or don’t comment. I dyed my Pom pink. To the brainiac above, yes, if you are using a dye with formaldehyde then your dog should be taken away. Thankfully the dyes are formulated FOR DOGS, namely the brand top performance. They are completely natural. My dog likes to be rubbed so he loved it. He doesn’t know what color he is. We both had a great time. The only thing that was traumatized was my tub and I was able to scub it clean.

  104. Jack Says:

    Haha the pink with that jester collar, so this creative grooming is actually a thing now..

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