Is Swimming Allowed In Here? A Collection of 10 Dogs Romping In Fountains!

May 31st, 2008 by Dan

I think on those sweltering hot days almost everyone has looked at a fountain and thought that taking a dunk would be a *great* idea. However as humans, we usually can’t get away with this. Dogs, on the other hand – often can! Enjoy this collection of videos of pooches creating mischief and having a great time cooling off!

This Lab Enjoys Wading while his Great Dane friend has a drink:

This Pit Bull is enjoying some live music as she plays and cools off in a ground based fountain:

This Saint Bernard seems to enjoy the stream of water on her back…she isn’t going anywhere:

These Belgian Malinois are using teamwork to try and foil this jumping fountain:

This Border Collie didn’t make it INTO the fountain, but went around and around and around…:

Dogs in bubble filled fountain at “Woofstock” 2007:

This nice big fountain is in Osaka, Japan. It leaves plenty of room for wading and romping:

This little guy thinks fountain diving is a great game:

Fountain Zoomies!:

This Lab Puppy is enjoying a game of Fountain Fetch:

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One Response to “Is Swimming Allowed In Here? A Collection of 10 Dogs Romping In Fountains!”

  1. Linz Says:

    Ahh, some nice videos to watch now that summer is coming. I just wish it’d heat up a bit in my part of the world! My dog hasn’t dabbled in any fountains, but we are quite fond of rivers and large mud puddles. :)

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