In Honor Of Mothers Day – A Collection Of 10 Family Photos

May 11th, 2008 by Dan

Happy Mothers Day from the Dog Guide! I hope you’re all out appreciating your family today! Here are a few adorable photos I collected that show the family bond (and in some cases resemblance) in canine mothers and their offspring.

Saluki Mom and Pup Cuddle:

Saluki Mom and Pup Cuddle

Photo by HawksView

Slumbering Deerhound Mom With Young Pup:

Slumbering Deerhound and Young Pup

Photo by Lilychip

Mothers Tolerate So Much!:

Lab Mom Puts Up With Her Pup

Photo by Ever Upward

Mom Is Seeing Spots – And Lots Of ‘Em!:

Dalmatian Mom and Pups

Photo by erl_nilsen

Enjoying Mom’s Company:

Mother/Daughter English Cocker Spaniels

Photo by Agnes Geirdal

Tiny Pug With Mom:

Tiny Pug With mom

Photo by TwoDancingCrows

Wrestling With Mom:

Mom and Pup Wrestle

Photo by theamarjeet

Chasing After The Feeding Station:

Chasing After The Feeding Station

Photo by runlama

Mother and Daughter Danes:

Mother and Daughter Dane

Photo by jamesotron

Motherhood Comes In All Shapes And Sizes (including Hairless!):

Mother and Son Xolos

Photo by xolita

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