Finding Perfection in Your Pup – Questions To Ask Yourself When You Are Looking For A New Puppy Or Dog.

May 10th, 2008 by Dan

You’ve decided you are ready for the serious responsibility of owning a dog! Congratulations! Dog ownership enriches our lives in so many ways; not only are canines our constant companions providing unconditional affection, they are also activity buddies, confidants and valued family members.

Now it is time to delve into some intense self-exploration about the kind of dog that will fit your lifestyle. The dog guide offers in-depth articles on navigating the adoption process as well as locating an ethical breeder, but first you have to narrow down what you want in a dog.

Sleeping Puppy

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What is Your Schedule Like? :

In a hectic work-centric society, many of us work long hours. This doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the company of dogs. What it does mean is that we need to consider what is in the best interest of our companions when we are bringing them into our homes. If you work long hours, getting a puppy is not a fair choice unless you are one of the privileged that can take your pooch to work. Even if you hire a dog walker, a young pup will need stimulation every 2-3 hours and 30 minute potty breaks simply aren’t going to cut it. By the time you get home you’re going to have an extremely hyperactive puppy on your hands. If you work a longer day, I highly recommend bringing an older dog into your life – one that is past the age where they need to be walked every few hours. This is not to say that they will not need the attention of a walker while you are working. There are many wonderful dogs over the age of 6 months that could be the perfect companions for you!

Is Travel A Part Of Your Life? :

If you are a jet setter than you might want to reconsider that Irish Setter! Or maybe not! If travel is a huge part of your life then you need to consider the care of your dog while you are away. Researching reputable kennels and pet sitting services is a task to consider when you prepare for your pooch. If you are interested in traveling with your dog via airplane, limiting yourself to a breed (or mixed breed) under 20 lbs is a good plan.

Old English Sheepdog Hangs Out

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How Active Do You Want To Be? :

Are you an active person who likes to run or bike on a daily basis? If so, choosing a brachiocephalic (flat-nosed) breed like a Bulldog or a Pug would not be the ideal exercise companion! If you like to sit on the couch all day, a Pointer or Wiemaraner isn’t going to be a good choice. Make sure you take into mind the innate instincts of the dog you are considering – weather that dog is a mixed breed or a purebred.

Where Do You Live? :

You might be surprised what breeds can thrive in an apartment setting! Check out our list of 10 breeds that do well in small living conditions here. Apartment dogs don’t always have to be tiny, but they shouldn’t be barkers. Having a house with a safely enclosed yard is a bonus for an active breed! Remember that dogs need to get stimulation on daily walks – time in the yard is not enough!

Worried Chihuahua

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Are You Willing To Groom?:

Fluffy dogs
have that teddy bearish appeal, but they do shed quite a bit and will need a lot more grooming than a terrier or a shorthaired dog. Keep in mind how much hair upkeep (and vacuuming) you are willing to do when you are choosing your dog.

Norwegian Elkhound Posed

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Puppies are adorable, but that uber-cute phase is quite short and is incredibly trying! If your life doesn’t fit in with the puppy thing, remember young adult dogs have a lot to offer. Many times they are already housebroken and you are able to discern a sense of what their personality is going to be once they are a part of your home. No matter which age group you go with, make sure you spend as much time as you are able to with your future companion before making the big decision to bring them into your family! This is the best way to insure that you are making the right choice for everyone involved. If you have any questions about this process, you can reach me here! Good luck!

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