Can’t Afford A Full Time Dog? Rent One?!

May 13th, 2008 by Dan

That is the concept behind Flexpetz. Their website states ” Flexpetz is a unique concept for dog lovers who are unable to own a full-time doggy pal, but miss spending time with a canine friend”. For $100 a month you can join Flexpetz and then be eligible to “rent” a dog in a variety of cities and then you are charged $45 additional per day you choose to spend with a “Flexpet”. You are charged a minimum of 4 days of “usage” of your pet even if you don’t rent a dog so that comes out to about $280 per month to belong to Flexpetz.

Then lets talk about the dogs. The website boasts that the some of the dogs were rescues- adopted from shelters. Being creatures of habit and thriving on routine, I would say that the last thing a shelter dog (or any dog!) would need is to be shuffled from home to home like a rental car! This seems to be a purely selfish endeavor only aiming for financial gain – but the “goods” are living beings. While Flexpetz claims that the visits with members are just filled with treats and fun time, they fail to realize that random trips to various locations away from a stable home environment can be damaging to a dog and cause anxiety issues. I’d would hope that individuals would think this service through and realize why this isn’t a good idea before they sign up on the client list of Flexpetz. Volunteering their time in a shelter would be a better way to spend time with dogs- and they don’t have to pay that $280 a month. (though I’m sure the shelter would appreciate it!)

Pirate The Boston Terrier

Photo by flexpetz

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