Ask The Dog Guide: What Small Breed Is Good For Apartment Living?

May 7th, 2008 by Dan

I want a dog to keep me company in my apartment. I also want to be able to travel. I’d like to be able to have this dog be intelligent enough to pick up training quickly. This dog should be friendly with other dogs, and people. I’d like for it to be agile, because I like to run and play and exercise, and I would like for it to accompany me. What kind of dog does this sound like? I was thinking it sounded like a pug … what do you think?


While I am a big fan of Pugs, and it sounds like the breed would fit most of the specifications you are looking for, there is one thing Pugs are not too good at- that is exercise! Pugs are not active dogs by nature – they do like short romps, but due to their brachycephalic build (short snouts) they overheat easily and absolutely CANNOT stand high temperatures. Also Pugs are only second to Bulldogs in incidents of Canine Hip Dysplasia. All of these traits don’t make them ideal dogs for running or those looking for an activity companion. I would take a look at the Brussels Griffon (they are very sweet, excel in agility and have a big dog personality in a little dog body) or a Miniature Poodle (I can’t say enough good things about well-bred poodles!).

For tips on locating a reputable breeder, check out this article! Good luck!

Brussels Griffon in Shirt

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  1. Pai Says:

    I’m horribly biased, but a <a href=””Chinese Crested Powderpuff also sounds like it could be a good candidate. They’re very smart and are gaining popularity in Agility and other sports. Plus they’re cute little fluffy things. =)

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