American Company To Auction Off Dog Cloning Service

May 21st, 2008 by Dan

Today BioArts International made the announcement of a worldwide auction that will be held on June 18th. They won’t be auctioning jewels or antiques. No. The company is offering the general public 5 cloning slots to be used to reproduce dogs. BioArts dog cloning program is entitled “Best Friends Again“. CEO Lou Hawthorne says, “This auction will give five very lucky people the ability to clone their family dogs. Given how challenging it is to clone dogs, this is a very rare and special offer.” Hawthorne himself has a personal vested interest in this project. He and his extended family own 3 perfect clones of his dog “Missy” who died in 2002.

Missy and Clones

(Missy on the Left – Cloned Pups on Right)
Photo by

I have to say, this whole thing is creeping me out a bit. While I am deeply attached to my dogs, they are individuals who can *never* be replaced. I would not want to scientifically recreate them. When their time comes, I will open my heart and home to another one of the dogs out there who has a unique personality – who won’t have to attempt to live in the footsteps of my dogs past.

More on BioArts and the Dog Clones as it comes.

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