Taxi Cabs and Dogs? How To Catch A Fare With Your Pooch!

April 19th, 2008 by Dan

If you are a city dweller, cabs are a routine part of your scenery. These vehicles make life a lot easier for many people, but what about dog owners? Some cabbies are never willing to stop if you have a dog that is larger than a breadbox, but we came up with some helpful tips to make hailing a cab a more feasible option.

Dog Enjoys NYC Cab Ride

Photo by rabbit57i

* Play Hide The Dog – When hailing a cab, position your dog behind you in a “sit” while you try and flag one down. When the taxi stops, enter quickly and confidently and put your dog at your feet right away. The cabbie may reject you and your companion, but if you have an air that this is routine and your dog is well behaved, it is more likely to be successful.

* Small Dogs Are A Bonus – If you have a dog that *is* smaller than a breadbox, get a carrier that looks like a bag – not like a dog carrier. If your dog is quiet, it is likely that your driver may not know that there is a third party in the cab at all!

* Practice Vehicle Etiquette – If the driver does accept your fare, be a good passenger! Bring a towel for your dog to sit on, keep them on your lap, in a carrier or on the floor. Dogs should not sit on the seats of the cab. They should be housebroken and should be recently walked before getting in the vehicle.

Happy Dog Rides In Taxi

Photo by hirefrank

* Tip and Tip Well – If you come across a driver who seems to be wavering on accepting your fare, it is not uncommon to discuss a tip ahead of time. Remember that it is his cab and he does have the right to refuse you and your dog (unless it is a service animal)

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