Rare Breed Profile: The Berger Picard

April 6th, 2008 by Dan

Do you remember the movie “Because of Winn Dixie”? The scruffy looking dog from the 2005 movie was a mutt….right? Wrong! The canine actor was actually a Berger Picard (pronounced Bear-zhay Pee-car) and is one of the oldest French herding breeds.

Berger Picard Smiling

Photo by pjdecamp

The Berger Picard is exceptionally rare in the United States. Before “Winn Dixie” there were about 20 in this country. Even now there are only about 100 of these dogs in America.

This breed is medium sized, ranging from 50-70 lbs and has a scruffy looking waterproof coat. According to the Berger Picard Club Website, the coat is very low maintenance and only requires brushing once a month and the dogs rarely need to be bathed. They also claim the breed is a light shedder. The Berger’s coats come in primarily fawn and grey with a variety of other variations allowed (fawn, gray, gray with black highlights, blue gray, gray
red, and brindle). Like many of the other breeds that guard flocks, the Berger Picard is very intelligent, but can have a stubborn streak. They are protective of their family and may be wary of strangers. Oh, and they do “Smile”!

Berger Picard In The Snow

Photo by k9mom1

Due to their working nature these dogs need to be kept occupied! They excel in dog sports such as agility, tracking, schutzhund and flyball. If they become bored because they have nothing to do they can become destructive.

Now you have a little bit of trivia you can impress your friends with! You can bet they have never heard of the Berger Picard!

Berger Picard In Fall Leaves

Photo by pjdecamp

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