Product Review: Big Mean Kitty Dog Toy

April 4th, 2008 by Dan

Both of my dogs love stuffed toys, however Reef is not so kind to them. She often chews off an ear or a limb and leaves the innards spread across the house. Lucian, though giant, is much kinder to his plush toys. With him the issue is washability. He does have a slobbering issue so his stuffies need to be able to survive trips through the washer and dryer. When I come across a stuffed toy that lasts for longer than a month in my house, I have to write about it! Enter the Big Mean Kitty!

Big Mean Kitty Toy

The Big Mean Kitty measures in at 16 x 14.5 inches, which makes it a good sized toy for larger dogs and puppies. It is constructed out of a heavy canvas material and has a squeaker inside (to make your dog happy and make you a little crazy!). I think what my dogs like so much about this toy is the floppy limbs. Lucian loves to shake the Big Mean Kitty around and hit himself on the side of the head and then stand there “grinning”. The toy has been through the wash 3 times and is no worse for wear at this point.

The brand that makes the Big Mean Kitty also makes kittys with other facial expressions:

Dirty Rotten Kitty

Dirty Rotten Kitty Toy

Awful Mad Kitty

Awful Mad Kitty Toy

Here is a great photo of a Big Mean Kitty standing up to some rough tug-of-war play between 2 bulldogs!

Bulldogs Vs. Big Mean Kitty

Photo by fanny mae

*Click Here To Purchase A Big Mean Kitty
*Click Here To Purchase A Dirty Rotten Kitty
*Click Here To Purchase An Awful Mad Kitty

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