Inventions Of Evil – Videos Of Dogs Taking On Vacuum Cleaners and Roombas.

April 4th, 2008 by Dan

My own Dogue De Bordeaux, Lucian, isn’t a fan of vacuums; Or maybe I should say that he is too much of a fan. He play bows at them, swats at them with his giant, oafish paws and mouths at their attachments. Dogs have such strange and severe reactions to these everyday household appliances! Here are a collection of videos I’ve found capturing the antics of canines who’d prefer to have things stay messy (as well as a few clips of the rare dogs who have strange love affairs with vacuums!).

Evil Vacuums:

Jack Parsons Terrier vs Vacuum:
Jack Parsons Terriers (aka Jack Russell Terriers) are fearless. This dog will take on a vacuum 10 times his own size!

*LOUD* Shiba Inu vs Vacuum:
Shiba Inu’s are very vocal dogs and this one is trying to get her point across. She is not happy about the dangerous monster in the house!

Great Dane vs. Vacuum Attachment:

You have to wonder how many attachments they go through in this household….

Pair Of Bulldogs vs. Vacuum:

Two is better than one when dealing with such a worthy opponent!

Neat Freaks:

Great Dane *Really* Loves The Vacuum:

Bella, a fawn Great Dane, enjoys a unique style of grooming in this video clip. She is definitely a unique dog!

Scooter Loves The Vacuum (Even When It’s Off):
Scooter can’t wait for the next time the vacuum gets turned on. For now he’ll settle for some quality time with it off.

Cello Rolls For The Vacuum:

Cello the Shih Tzu will tumble to impress his electric friend.

Roombas: These round little robotic vacuums have such an alertness about them that they almost seem like they have a personality and life of their own! For those of you who don’t know about the Roomba, they are amazing little devices that suck up dirt in patterns around your room – following walls, spiraling and avoiding obstacles (including dogs!). You can see why our dogs would have many varied reactions to these high-tech gadgets. In the next section you’ll see a gamut of canine emotional expressions toward the Roombas!

Evil Roombas:

Shiba Inu vs. Roomba:

This Shiba looked like she was trying to sniff the Roomba’s “butt” but when it turned around to head towards her, she wasn’t too happy.

French Bulldog vs. Roomba Red (With Musical Soundtrack!):
Staring a little Frenchie named Hazel and a Roomba Red. Apparently the Roomba Red met an untimely end- Hazel eventually destroyed it by jumping on it over and over again.

Loud Maltese Puppy vs Roomba:
Bob, Bark and Weave is this little Maltese’s motto when going up against the Roomba!

Roomba Is Your Friend: Some dogs don’t seem to mind that Roomba almost seems like another pet, in fact, they might like it. The following clips show some of the less defensive reactions to Roomba….

On The Other End Of The Roomba Spectrum:

Naps are very important to this canine. He can’t be bothered by the Roomba, even when it cleans around him.

Sadie’s Peace Offering:

Sadie is a little nervous about the Roomba. She’d like it to play ball with her to make her feel a bit more at ease.

2 Dogs First Impressions of a Roomba:

This is a well produced video about 2 dogs and their first impressions of a Roomba.

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  1. Ikenbeea Suckarupparar Says:

    It is such a shame that my kind and dogs can’t get along. The other day after the wine incident, I was suffering a pretty severe bout of suctionitis. Not only do we suffer at the hands of, or paws rather, of these four legged, hairy beasts but we are forever cleaning up the hairs they shed and trust me you haven’t seen hairy carpets until you have seven Labradors going to town in your lounge room. So anyway I was carrying out my duties of cleaning up the lounge, whilst being bitten, scratched and snarled at when something went terribly wrong. I couldn’t suction onto anything and a hideous sound was being emitted from the end of my nozzle. I though I was a goner until the owner had some sense and cleared my tube – begrudgingly. What was removed was not only dog hair there was also bits of bubble wrap and instructions for some machine. Which is strange because I don’t remember a package showing up… – but that’s another story. – Mr. Suckarupparar

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