First Cloned Dog To Father Puppies?

April 27th, 2008 by Dan

That’s right- Snuppy, an Afghan Hound who was the first cloned dog (produced from a male of the same breed back in 2005), has impregnated 2 female cloned Afghan Hounds through artificial insemination. The pregnancies are being carefully monitored via ultrasound and researchers say that both litters are progressing well. Pups are expected between May 16 and 20th. If the pups are born without issue, it will be the first time second generation cloned animals will have reproduced without genetic abnormalities (such as birth defects) taking place.

Snuppy the Afghan Hound and Scientist

Photo by matthews_world

With the huge issue of pet-overpopulation today, I can’t see why spending millions of dollars on cloned *litters* of animals is a logical investment of time or finances.

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