Doga – Yoga For Dogs

April 2nd, 2008 by Dan

So you think you have heard of everything when something new comes along! The newest trend slowly creeping into large metropolitan cities is Doga or Yoga for dogs! In Doga classes, dogs and their human companions work as one unit (how very zen) – the owners help the dogs into different poses and in some cases the dogs are used as props while the two footed members of the pair are posing. The classes also incorporate chanting (in the direction of your dog, since the dogs can’t chant) and canine massage.

Dog and Owner Doing Doga

Photo by mr kinsely

Over 13 million Americans practice Yoga within their homes, I don’t doubt that Doga may begin to catch on! The activity is sure to help owners and pets bond in a new and interesting way and both dogs and humans can reap the benefits of yoga (increased flexibility, relaxation, lowered blood pressure, etc).

Golden Retriever Relaxes During Doga Class

Photo by mr kinsely

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